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  1. I am lost without my rangefinder for several reasons. I am confident in the number so I am not second-guessing front pin vs back pin. For me, this speeds up my round I shoot more objects that are not the flag than I do the actual flag in a normal round. Whether it is bunkers and water hazards for carry, lay up yardages, or stuff like trees to carry a corner. I have slope enabled which takes a lot of the guess work out of the shot. I use mine on the driving range a lot. Whether shooting actual flags or an area to work on specific yardage shots.
  2. I ordered mine on Oct 30 and was told they were being built today. Nothing like timing a golf club shipment with Black Friday. My guess is that there is little chance I see them before the end of next week which sucks considered I traded my old irons in for them. Withdrawals are strong right now!
  3. How can he call a 14* fairway wood a 5W? I know in the world of jacked lofts, the club number is pretty fluid but I have not heard something that drastic making its way into woods lingo.
  4. Does anyone have a simple answer to how players get into tournaments without status, Monday qualifier, or sponsors exemption? For example, there are several players like Hunter Mahan. He has made $1.2M total since 2016 with no victories and (1) top 10. He is playing in his 4th event of the 2021 season. I have always liked Hunter so I'm not criticizing him. I am just curious how all of that is calculated.
  5. I realize that COVID has thrown a wrench in a lot of businesses but at the end of the day, as long as they paint themselves as a premium brand and charge a premium price, we should all expect a premium product. COVID could be a reason for longer lead times but should never be an excuse for shoddy quality.
  6. Live and learn. Wasn't one of my smartest moves for sure. Im just hoping they hold up there end on the timing.
  7. Ordered mine on Oct 30 and they are saying 3-4 weeks. That basically puts it in the middle of Black Friday shipments so who knows when they show up. My optimism is not very high based on what I am hearing from others. I traded my other irons in for them so I am having withdrawls waiting for them to get here.
  8. Interesting to see the sole and sole plate being ground down
  9. So I decided to bite the bullet and get a Circa 62 refinished and customized. I have always loved the simplicity of the No 1 design and I prefer a lot of toe hand. I was able to find one on eBay that was in mint condition and started the process. I was never a fan of the darker finish so went with a Matte Nickel. The logo was added, face re-milled, and paint fill added. I'm sure there are some Auburn haters that will beg to differ but I think she is pretty perfect! I had it done by Kickstand Putters and cannot say enough about how great of experience it was working with him.
  10. Hot Metals are cast, not forged. That is why they are less than the completely forged models.
  11. I went from the C130 (used for 4 years) to the Ogio Convoy. It has the full length dividers, plenty of space, and is overall an awesome bag. Like the C130, it has a single strap vs a double strap but I always use a push cart so carrying is not an issue. I got a great deal on eBay for it.
  12. https://www.golfusamanhattan.com/ I have ordered a lot from them and have always had great customer service.
  13. I think he just wears them, not endorsed by Jordan.
  14. Couldnt agree more. There are probably not a lot of high schoolers racing to get new Jordan golf shoes but they are buying out every retro release there is. I would argue there is no brand bigger than Jordan right now is the general shoe market.
  15. They did sign Pat Perez. Currently it is Keegan Bradley, Pat Perez, and Harold Varner. HV is the only one wearing the Jumpman clothing/hat/bag.
  16. Bubba has been wearing G-Fore for several years but now noticing him wearing Jordans. He was wearing 11's yesterday in the practice rounds and has been wearing several different models (as well as adding #jumpman23 to his tweets. Is he with Jumpman now?
  17. Anyone have feedback comparing the Ping i500 to the HM Tours? I am currently in the i500's and looking at alternatives. Not a fan of the hollow sound and feel. I have not had a chance to hit the HM Tours yet so looking for feedback.
  18. Shooting low scores has little to do with fun. Some of the people who love the game most will never break 100 while some of the best golfers I know are absolutely miserable to play with because of the seriousness they play with. Playing the game with friends and family, being outside and not consumed by cell phones, news and work is what makes it fun. Fun also comes from making the game accessible to all people, reducing of the stuffiness of it always being rich white guys sport, and at some point you may want to get better. There is no better example of this than Top Golf. They have
  19. Absolutely no correlation to the way he plays, what commentators say, and the golf game overall. Its similar to what people have said about the impact Steph Curry would have on kids thinking it is OK to shoot 30' 3-pointers every time you touch it. If they choose to do that, shoot 10% from the field, and get benched/cut, they will quickly reliaze that was a bad idea. Amateurs have every right to try and replicate what professionals do. However, when they see that they cannot successfully do it, they will either change what they are doing or continue to suck. I have no issue with
  20. Did you leave the heavier shafts in them? If you got those gains with the heavier-stiffer shaft, then you would really have gains with the same shafts.
  21. Good to know. I just got a 14* Bouce 58* Vokey and am waiting on a 4* bounce 60* to arrive. If nothing else, it was worth a try.
  22. I have made the decision to take out my 3 wood. I use it sparingly at-best and when I do, the results are rarely good. I now have an open spot in my bag. I play a lot of different courses that giving the time of year, can be in a variety of conditions. I am toying with the idea of carrying 2 58* wedges. The Vokey K grind w/ 14* of bounce for approach shots and 58* T grind with 4* of bounce for chipping, tight lies and hard pan bunkers. Has anyone tried this? Thoughts?
  23. Scotty Cameron California Monterey 1.5. I have ventured away from it many times and end up making the walk of shame right back to it.
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