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  1. What do I need the know?So I am taking a stab at building my first set of clubs. The heads are on the way but I still need to purchase shafts, grips, etc. On a very high level, is there anything in particular that I should know that I would see on a YouTube video? Horror stories? This is going to be a nice set of clubs and I do not want to screw them up by being a rookie. Any help would be great!! Thanks.
  2. This is just what I was looking for. Instead of having one tanned hand and one white hand, I will now have 1.5 tanned hands with 2 fingers and a thumb that are white. That won't look strange at all.
  3. Just curious; When you go to Pro Tourneys, there are always bags of putters and clubs sitting around from various manufacturers. Can a pro who may not be tied to a particular putter manufacturer, for example, just walk over and take a couple putters? I see them sitting around a lot but I do not see alot of people actually trying them out. Just curious.
  4. Why not the US?These are sweet!!!! They look like a slightly different sole from the lunar control but the material looks the same.
  5. This is an awesome combo. I would kill for the hat alone.
  6. It says Cell Fusion but they are obviously Cell Fusion 2. The gradient is the give-away: Thursday: Golf Performance Polo, Golf Style Pants, High Shine Belt, Cell Fusion and 210 Fitted Monoline Cap Friday: Golf Duo-Swing Graphic Polo, Golf Style Pants, High Shine Belt, Cell Fusion and 210 Fitted Monoline Cap Saturday: Golf RoadMap Stripe Polo, Golf Style Pants, High Shine Belt, Cell Fusion and 210 Fitted Monoline Cap Sunday: Golf Duo-Swing Mesh Polo, Golf Style Pants, High Shine Belt, Cell Fusion and 210 Fitted Monoline Cap
  7. TW2012 doesn't countWith it being Master's week, I was curious to see if anyone on here had ever had the opportunity to play Augusta. What was your opinion of it? This is on my bucket list, along with every other golfer on here.
  8. I'm a 15 so it is usually FJ and Ecco. I have found the eBay is my best bet.
  9. People typically do not have to ask where I went to school when I am on the course. If someone misses the 3 Auburn head covers, there is typically a visor or shirt being worn to help them out. I don't have a bag, and probably never will (think its a little too much) but will probably always have head covers.
  10. I have 2 pairs of Radars (Path lens shape) and love them. The nice thing is you can wear them off the course and still looks somewhat classy. The Jawbones are a little to edgy to wear everywhere. JMHO.
  11. Just an FYI, I spent the past 3 days doing the Coca-Cola, CLR, Salt Water process on my Oil-Quench CG-15's and nothing happened. I think they must treat them the same way as the Black Pearl where they will not rust, regardless of what you do to them. Anyone else has this happen with Oil-Quenched clubs?
  12. I was at a GG this past weekend in Brookfield, WI and they have 2 of them in the Used/Demo section. Both are 9.5 degree and are $299. They are basically brand new other than being hit a few times in the simulator.
  13. and others My Favorites: Not sure what these are:
  14. I will admit, I am a sucker for new clubs. After getting fitted to my clubs a few years ago (irons and putter only) it helped shave off a couple of strokes. After going from stock measurements to fitted, changing from one brand to another has really not done a lot. I went from Nike to TM 2 years ago. However, last year I decided to invest in lessons rather than gear. I have been working with a former Nationwide tour player and it has helped me WAY more than picking up a new driver or irons. Judging from personal experience, if you are a weekend warrior that hacks their way around the cours
  15. Good point. I love the driver head but have already broken two shafts about 4 inches up from the hozel. Both times that they broke were on clean shots. I rarely hit the ground with my driver. I am a little disappointed with the club in that perspective but they have replaced both for free. Luckily I have a spare in the garage. I'm not sure what that translates to as far as what I need.
  16. It seems the new fad is driver fittings. I am an 18 handicap. If I catch it clean, I can clear 300 but average around 285. I tend to scatter it, mainly left (mainly due to a baseball-esque swing). I am 6'9'' so getting fitted to my irons was critical (+1.5" and 4 deg. up) but I am unsure about the drivers. Question: At my current handicap, what would be the value of getting fitted to a particular shaft? I currently play a TM Burner Superfast (2010) 9.5 deg. w/ a stock Stiff shaft.
  17. Any chance we will see any of the solid colored Cell Fusions like the solid orange with white logo? Fingers Crossed!!! I believe Rickie has worn solid purple, solid pink, solid blue, solid white, and solid orange so far. Maybe others that I missed.
  18. @ladahl Do you also use your living room to practice hitting out of the rough? That is some serious shag!!
  19. I found this: [url="http://g-fore.3dcartstores.com/MENS-GLOVES_c_1.html"]http://g-fore.3dcartstores.com/MENS-GLOVES_c_1.html[/url] $35 seems a little steep for colored golf gloves but to each his own.
  20. They were actually the new G-Fore from Mossimo. You can see the logo on GL. http://www.khakicrus...gfore-and-after
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