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  1. Crown Royal bag. If you lose it, you know how to get another one!
  2. My armlock version that I built in my basement.
  3. Built by own Evnroll Armlock. Took my ER3 and with a shaft extension and a little vise work, I got what I was looking for. The 370g head is incredibly stable for this use.
  4. I just did it with my ER3 and love it. It took a little handy works to be the shaft. Also extended the shaft. I love it.
  5. Special build from the tour van for an unnamed plyer
  6. They are the new Eldrick Woods. Tiger Woods would never wear those....
  7. Stiff flex steel. Nippon AWT 2.0 After seeing yours, I am even more anxious to get mine. I went 4-SW. I have a low bounce 60* MD wedge that I cannot replace. I typically hit full shots with my SW so wanted the forgiveness.
  8. Are they priced the same as HM's too?
  9. I have been looking to make some MyJoys but want something spikeless. I really like the shield tips but nervous about the sole providing enough traction. I believe they are more for the clubhouse. Has anyone used this sole as a playing shoe? Traction issues?
  10. So I hit the Apex for the first time yesterday at GG. I tried them side by side with the Mizuno HM's. Even though it was cast vs forged, I preferred the feel and consistency of the Mizunos. I also had an issue with a couple of flyers with the Callaways. It was a stock 7 iron that was consistently flying 175-180. Then out of the blue, I would hit one 194. That happened about 3 times over the course of 50 balls. Not sure if it was the machine or the club but I wasnt doing anything different with the swing. Anyone else seen this?
  11. Anybody have pictures of the GW and SW? I tend to hit mostly full shots with my SW so looking for a little more forgiveness. Sometimes, the SW from the sets get too chunky for my liking so hopefully they didn't go overboard like others.
  12. You could write CORTEX on the bottom of the M5 and hardly know the differnce
  13. I'm not sure. The shop I go to is the largest Mizuno retailer in the Southeast and he said that he was told by the rep that he would not see anything until Feb. He did say that lofts on the long irons are 2° weaker than the HM's and 3° weaker on the short irons.
  14. Im thinking this is the M6. The one that looks like the F9? Yeah it's the F6, no I meant the M6 sorry. :D Wonder who spied on who :) I can tell you that the one with the most X's under it is the best driver I have ever owned!! They can keep the marketing story and all the other BS that comes along with TM, Cobra, and others. I will keep my G400 LST.
  15. Did he get a chance to hit the M5 too? No, just the M6
  16. I have a friend who runs a golf shop and hit the M6. He said distance and forgiveness was good but the sound was awful. He compared it to the old FT composite head Callaway driver's. Said it was a dull "thud". This is someone's opinion, not mine but thought I would share.
  17. Are they a slimmer, forged version of the 919 HM's or are they cast? Please say forged.......
  18. The lofts are very odd. A 22° 4 Iron is about normal for a players club but a 42° PW is even strong for a SGI club.
  19. I just saw that Koepka donated his 8 iron to Erin Hills. I'm sure he has more than one set of the 900's but thought the timing was interesting. My guess is that he will have the 919's in the bag sooner than later. Ryder Cup?
  20. Not a bunch of pictures, but the Mizuno Europe page has some. I still haven't seen any pics of address. https://golf.mizunoeurope.com/golf-clubs/jpx919-series/jpx919-hot-metal/#JPX919-Wedges Thanks! Glad to see they went with the same design through the wedges. I was not a fan of the blade style from the 900's.
  21. Has anyone seen the GW or SW for the Hot Metals? Pics?
  22. Yeah Tiger, you are 42. Put your double pleated khakis, mock turtle neck, and penny loafers on and dress like a 42 year old is supposed to dress. :wacko:
  23. Nobody's perfect bud Everyone has their own demons to deal with Given the option to have a beer with JD or 99% of the other pro golfers, I know who I am pulling a stool up beside.
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