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  1. I have about 5 of them and love them. The only thing i do not love is the price point. I have only paid full price for one of them. All others I got the "Last Chance" price of $75 which I feel is respectable. I am an XL Slim Tall and the are cut perfectly for me.
  2. I have 2-4 FliHi and 5-P MMC's. All have Nippon 120's except the 2i and it has a PX LZ 95g in it. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I hit bullets with it that carry around 235-240 and depending on conditions roll out to 260+. I'm certain that if I were willing to sacrifice about 40 yards vs my driver, I would drop about 3-4 strokes off my hcp. It's a fairway finder.
  3. I would pay big money if on the first green tomorrow, he pulls off the TM headcover and this is sitting under the hood. Think the world would implode?
  4. His TM contract probably has something to do with it... Knowing how much money he has made with that SC, there is no way that Taylormade put putter requirements in his contract. My guess is it is a 13 club deal and very loosely written (ie. dont use a competitor (hence the TGR irons)).
  5. All I can say is that if he finishes near the top this week with that putter, Taylormade better start loading containers full of them because they will be disappearing from shelves like bread before a hurricane.
  6. I am loving these hats but thanks to a well-endowed cranium, there will not be any in the future for me.
  7. No, orange and blue. Auburn colors. Irons are Auburn Theme, Wedges are certainly Green... Good catch. Can't argue that!
  8. After seeing Varner's, it makes you wonder why they even bothered with the mid-cut. Night and day difference. I guess if you sell out either way, Nike is not concerned.
  9. So this showed up on Raybon's IG page. Any info?
  10. I'm guessing something retro from Stitch. They have some Auburn connections. Could be wrong but would love to be right!
  11. I'm on the same boat. Circumfrence wise they are great but are too shallow for me.
  12. 1. Kapalua (Plantation) 2. Arcadia Bluffs 3. Whistling Straits 4. Moonah Links (Australia) 5. Erin Hills
  13. Saying there is a slight bend but no pictures does not exactly instill confidence. Can you show the picture?
  14. KK DC 60tx for me too. Absolutely loving it!
  15. Anyone been noticing Cantlay's BOA S/L Pro's with no sole stripes on them. I'm not sure about the black ones (definitley better with pants) but love the white ones. This is not an option on MyJoys site so has to be an exclusive for him.
  16. He is known to idolize Ben Hogan and his swing. Notice anything similar? Hogan's irons from 1953
  17. It looks like he has his foundation logo stamped on the back closest to the heel. Those things are sweet!
  18. Many years ago, people would have said you are boring if you did not have some color on your ferrules. I love them!
  19. Got my ER3 Wingblade from FedEx last night. Headed out during lunch today to roll it!
  20. Everyone complains that they are hitting it too far. To me, a quick way to address this is slow down/soften the fairways. I was at Quail Hollow on Saturday and every drive that hit the fairway seemed to bounce about 6' in the air and roll out 40 yards. The one Day hit 367 had a 315 carry. That is a bomb of a drive but still, QH is a different course when the average iron shot is 30-40 yds longer.
  21. Yep. But the equipment fans will tell you to shut up and throw some stats up that say they are hitting it same as 1968. Smh. Tiger bunted a 3 wood 310 to hit a par 4 I 1 yedstsrday. Look at that swing. Wasn't nearly 90%. I know. They're hitting 7 irons 190+. Between the ball and the equipment optimized for each guy, THEY ARE DEFINITELY LONGER THAN EVER. it's not even debatable. J Day hit his 7-iron to #17 yesterday, and it was playing 231 yards. His ball landed about 15 yards short of the pin. That is a 215 yard carry on a 7 iron!!!! Nothing to see here.....(said the USGA). It
  22. Just pulled the trigger on the new ER3 wingblade. Doing it cold turkey since no one around here has them. Excited to get it rolling soon.
  23. I got the yips several years ago. I bought a 13* RBZ and stuck a cut off driver shaft in it. I stayed with it for 2 years and absolutely loved it. I ultimately went back to a driver after a couple of tweaks but it was a good decision on my part to go 3W for a while.
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