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  1. Anyone have pics of what Pearl Shark 834 looks like in-person. Online it has a grey color to it. Thinking about these but wanted to see the color first.
  2. Ohhh...the amount Auburn Tiger gear that is about to be rocked with these bad boys!!!
  3. Agreed with the inconsistent. I got two and one is much deeper than the other.
  4. I don't get their distribution strategy. I live in NC and there is not a single place to buy ER's in the entire state (and NC is a huge golf state). I went to Australia and ER's were in every shop and essentially every clubhouse I went in. I don't get it.
  5. Because no one can get past Phil's "Friday-Business Casual" Shirt to be concerned about Tiger's belt.
  6. I'm more intrigued of the fact that he thinks there are no grass clippings at Augusta.......
  7. I have always thought that the shorter hosel on the Spiders looked odd at address. This definitely fixes that!
  8. Anyone have any experience with the XL210P – THE ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE XL from Imperial? My giant gourd needs a hat that is on the deeper side and wasn't sure how these fit.
  9. Although I say Hell No!, it has been done on tour. I believe he had a skin cancer scare but none the less.......
  10. I have always been amazed at how he can put with that much offset. Even one shaft offset throws me off, much less whatever that is. 1.5? 2? more?
  11. Good call. Don't know them well and doesn't look like the typical Rolex.
  12. Anybody know what the putter to the left of the Spider is?
  13. Is that putter crazy short or is that just the headcover stuffed into the top of the bag?
  14. You might want to brush up on your own history. https://www.visitsco...animal-unicorn/
  15. Your national animal is a Unicorn and you are calling the US unique?
  16. That flow neck round back with the clean back and simple alignment line on the top is exactly what I have been looking for. Now, if it was only available for a price less than a kidney!
  17. I knew he was buddies with MJ but did not expect this! Should be fun to watch if any PE's make it to the course. Those look like 11's.
  18. How can you go from making a beautiful line of putters to making that? I get that performance may be there but I would bet that >90% of putter sales are based purely on looks, then performance.
  19. Hopefully someone at Footjoy has been told to stop making clothes that are cut for someone shaped like SpongeBob. Everything one size bigger than listed and has no for to it whatsoever.
  20. What is the distribution plan for EVNROLL? I live in Charlotte and want to give them a shot but according to their store locator, there is nothing in the entire state of NC. NC is a legit golfing state so kinda surprised by that.
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