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  1. Looking for a Project X 6.5 3 iron shaft .355 taper tip. Stock length or longer preferred. Bit of a longshot, but I haven't found an outlet for a new one that isn't back ordered currently. Thanks
  2. Got it. Saw the buy sell, that could be dangerous lol. I put in to join the main page. Hopefully can find some info. Thanks again
  3. Good deal. I’ll check it out. Thanks for the info.
  4. I went back through them to check for a serial and nothing. The 4 and 6 irons do have shorter ferruls, so the shafts have been replaced in those at least. Not shocked as I can imagine my brother having a hand in why those needed replaced. But in the end no series on the hosels or ferruls. Thanks for the responses so far.
  5. Hoping someone might be able to shed some light on a set of MacGregor irons I have. About all I know is that the set is 1-10 + Sw. there are no serial numbers that I can see and only stamping is on the sole. I believe my brother played these in high school (early 80s) but he doesn’t recall any info on where they came from or anything. Hoping someone out there might recognize these. Thanks.
  6. So I have several items from this year that were projects that didn’t stick. With winter looming I figured I would put these out for you all looking for some projects. Shipping to the lower 48 and prices include PayPal and shipping. On to the goods! 1. Ping iBlade heads. Set is 4-P (with an extra PW head). The 5-P have matching serial number as the 4 iron was an add. These heads are in fantastic shape as they haven’t hadn’t had much use. A couple irons do have small marks on the sole from the loft lie machine. They were out of spec when I got them so had them adjusted. They are
  7. This has been a great read so far. I'm a +1 handicap currently and have 3 sets I'm trying to decide against (MP20 mbs, T100 and Apex 19 combos). I've shot low rounds with each set and have always fought a bias with Titleist product. My wife who is also a + handicap has always been in my ear about two things. 1. Why always play Titleist vs what works best in each part of the bag and 2. Why do you insist on playing blades or players irons vs really allowing a GI club a chance. I really enjoyed your comments @driveandputtmachine as I can relate to your thoughts and it helps to hear a really
  8. Great feedback so far. I have tried multiple shaft and ball combos (Titleist AVX and Taylormade TP5X). It was taking a heavy low spin shaft, Apex 19 Combos and the TP5x to get numbers in the sweet spot. I did put the AVX in play for a couple tournaments where is was super firm and I wasn't getting the performance around the greens with the TP5X I was looking for. I have considered the TM P790s but like the looks of Titleist a little better and have some friends that have tried the 790s and complained of "fliers" more often than I was seeing with the Callaways. Only concern, and obviously th
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