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  1. I'm a dinosaur. I've never been professionally fit and don't really equate indoor numbers with what happens outside. I've always bought irons I like and had them bent afterward. I buy low lofted drivers with higher launching shafts. I like soft to flex shafts in S flex, and stiff feeling shafts in R flex. I guess I fit myself.
  2. IDK if this is cool but here's a link to some John Reuter Jr. history. http://www.bcgolfhouse.com/john-reuter-jr
  3. It IS a lot. The LT's are still nice clubs. I'd put them back in the bag tomorrow... if I hadn't found stupid easy to hit Pings. Best of luck.
  4. I wore out one set of Rac LT's and got another minty set a couple years ago. Most newer clubs will be 1/2 to 1 club longer, just from the jacked up lofts. That, and several hundred dollars for new clubs would be the only difference I can think of.
  5. I am hanging onto my older driver because I hit it straight... along with the other 8 I USED to hit straight.
  6. Welcome. Nice gift. Callaway doesn't really make putters anymore. The closest you can get is Odyssey and Toulon putters. They're owned by Callaway. Putters are pretty personal. Don't forget the gift receipt. Good luck.
  7. Short answer is no. You don't need a lob wedge. I rarely hit full shots from the FW with my 58º, but it makes short bunker shots and shots to tight pins a LOT easier. I can carry 14 clubs so...
  8. Those are cool too. There's usually a few wide flanges on the bay, although it's getting tougher to find the wide flange offsets with the slot.
  9. This is my gamer (right now). I think I paid $2.99 at Play it Again. Cheap AND priceless.
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