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  1. [quote name='2bGood' timestamp='1445525497' post='12491814']...saying the wheels put less pressure on the tee box than a stand bag is silly [/quote] May be silly but perfect true. Force/area = pressure,
  2. [quote name='PJ72' timestamp='1445263828' post='12476718'] For example, most course have SSS the same for yellow tees (shorter course) as they do for the white tees (longest course), [/quote] Is that true? I know at our course there is a 1 shot difference between the white and yellow with a 320 yard difference between them. No further difference between the back tees and the whites though, but it only adds another 190 yards on. As for the slope system when I play in comps at other courses I don't really see the guys from hard courses always winning based off their handicaps. I always tho
  3. [quote name='Singapore Joe' timestamp='1444465605' post='12437032'] [quote name='AntLockyer' timestamp='1444462649' post='12436982'] Ever been tested for diabetes? [/quote] Yup. Blood glucose levels are normal. I was actually really fit and healthy fourty-something guy until I had a couple of seizures. The docs can't find anything from with my brain (but I do now have strong medical evidence that I do indeed have one!), the heart is OK and there are no traces of anything being wrong in the blood, either. I may have just pushed myself too hard and the body told me enough is enough. But n
  4. No matter how hard I work on a move that doesn't fit my natural tendency it will never ever stick. I do not have good timing enough of the time. I need a stronger grip than I had been using. What feels like a 50% swing with the driver is perfect. I hit the ball further than 90% of the people I play golf against. I have to keep on looking at where the ball was at impact to avoid blocking it. If you aren't feeling confident about an aspect of your game practice that aspect in a way that replicates being on the course. For me it was the drive. At the range what are the specific things I abs
  5. Spikes are actively encouraged at our course in the winter.
  6. [quote name='Golfbeat' timestamp='1444149198' post='12418110'] Mike specifically talks about moving the hips/pelvis back in the downswing so to avoid EE. It is a conscious move. [/quote] I've not just taken this drill in isolation, I've worked on everything Mike talks about. Hands down and not going towards ball, hands getting back to address, club face control stuff (holding a club head in your hand), keeping the hips out of the way of the hands getting back to address, 'neutral' grip strength for my physiology. etc. If you already do all of that and still get stuck then I guess the dri
  7. My name engraved on the Coronation Cup is all the proof I needed
  8. I'm an insulin dependant type 1 diabetic. Having to supply my insulin manually had given me a huge insight into what a round of golf does to the body and the carbohydrate needs to sustain performance. My normal insulin injection in the morning is 8 units this lasts 12 hours. For golf I have to halve that intake to 4 to keep my blood sugar high enough. I will then eat between 20 and 30 grams of carbohydrates (2 bananas would be perfect) to maintain a healthy level. In a normal day that would be an additional 3 units of rapid action insulin. What this amounts to its me taking 7 units le
  9. My take on it as a mid handicapper who practices a lot and generally doesn't get a lot out of trying to be perfect. The feels and intent that Mike describes in the videos and book make me swing the club and collect the ball and allow momentum to help it square up and go a long way. It is much more natural and athletic than all hte other stuff I've done before which is basically trying to turn your setup position to the top with no arm overrun.
  10. Well 12 days after watching the first video I broke 80 for the first time. Shot a 78 off the back tees in a tournament at my club today.
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