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  1. It’s interesting you bring the type of greens up and I forget about that all the time. Our greens are “spec” greens but sometime after the course was built they converted an event lawn into a putting course. So on property we have both USGA spec and push up greens both maintained identical and there really is no comparison. The push up doesn’t drain well and is generally a pain. It is never as fast as the course greens
  2. One thing that I have never heard anyone talk about before is the difficulty in growing the rough while keeping the fairways dry. Normally you start shutting off the rough programs because rough heads run over into fairways and mixed with the fairway watering you can really easily get wet/soggy spots. Kudos to the whole staff
  3. First we got over a .5” of rain last night which I’m sure made things a little wet. Then add in the weather from the fires has trapped in humidity for over a week. We haven’t put any water down on our course in a week and a half and it is still much wetter than we would like it. The other thing, especially for those not familiar with golf around the PNW, is you will not find anywhere where you get less carry, sea level, and generally lower humidity. The ball just doesn’t carry here, especially this time of year.
  4. This especially with the new greens. I don’t want the USGA near the Bandon courses, but they set the US Am up well and I’d love to see them have a go on Trails
  5. That’s what I was thinking. Could/would they ever move the dates for the US Open? Just amazing to me how much healthier all the turf looks, I don’t mind that there are some scores out there and I imagine the process is better for the staff.
  6. For the past 2 weeks visibility has been measured in yards not miles and most days less than a par 5. Some days it was around 200
  7. This is as much an question as a statement but first the course looks outstanding. Not just the way it’s playing but the course looks healthy and not stressed like most US Opens. Now I know nothing about that part of the country but is that what a lot of high end courses are like this time of year on the East Coast? Would it ever make sense to move the time of the US Open. To me and my eye this is a pleasure to watch. Maybe some of it is the lack of stands and sponsor boards but just everything about this is enjoyable. Ultimately I’m amazed at how the course looks.
  8. As to your first sentence, I would also add cultural practices. Are you verticutting and topdressing? If so, how often and how aggressively? If you have a big thatch layer they will only get to a certain point, IMO. I say that because I’ve only worked at courses that are generally very aggressive in the top dressing and verticutting.
  9. It’s not like this now but for anyone who hasn’t been a part of a wildfire before... 1st pic is watering greens the 2nd day of the fires with no filter 2nd pick is 3 days later
  10. Is selling all my sets of blades and committing to CB’s for 2 years now and acceptable answer? FWIW, ball striking has never been better.
  11. Saw this on twitter and thought it interesting... "XYZ player was only 110 yards out in fwy - going to be disappointed hitting it outside 10 feet." Over past 10 years there have been 41,927 shots from 108 to 112 yards in fwy. 10,657 have been hit to less than 10 feet. That is 25%. Now they are talking about the PGA but
  12. I can’t find the numbers for the ladies but for the men just over 15 ft is the average from 100 yards so I imagine the ladies would be similar.I would guess that most tour pros would be closer than that from any chip around that green. I kind of agree with the guy who said she kind of backed into it. NOW, she made the shots and others didn’t but being down 2 strokes on the last hole and the leader is coming up to a reachable par 5 along with a player in between. I would bet 97 or 98 times out of 100 that the golfer down 2 does not win. BUT SHE DID and that’s why we watch golf.
  13. So a little note, the air took a negative turn overnight and the course was closed today. A few of the ladies came down to my course and got some practice in and I guess a bunch more are coming tomorrow. Not sure if it was the course or counties decision. Last week when the fires sparked our air quality index was over 500. Last night it was around 180 and something changed mid day today and it’s back over 300, almost to 400. Also, it might be course related as with this air quality Being so bad you are not required to Go to work. Interesting note and not sure if it’s city or county w
  14. I’m not the biggest Pumpkin Ridge fan. Good course but lord due rounds get long there. Also it becomes a swamp in the other 6 months a year. I am really surprised they kicked the LPGA out for the Korn Ferry tour.
  15. I’m curious to see the course set up. They got a new Super last year And he only had 4 or 5 weeks until the tourney. Now that it’s been his course for awhile I’m curious to see any changes.
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