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  1. I would look at Junipers men’s club over Eagle Crest. Always thought of Eagle Crest as more of a resort course with most locals being retirees
  2. This is stupid but Jessica only getting $180k for her win makes me sad.
  3. Doesn’t she have a Korean sponsor also? I thought Hana or something?
  4. She put out in Instagram earlier this week that she signed with J Lindberg this year. But I believe that’s only clothing.
  5. Maybe it has to do with making in roads to the Latin community in America? There is a lot of Mexican Americans in the US and traditionally they are extremely loyal to their fellow countrymen(women). Also there are only so many players in this field they can show and didn’t Gaby win it last year? It’s not like she is playing poorly. Maria has and will most likely continue to be a media darling, attractive woman, long off the tee and good with the mic, seems like an easy deduction as to why she gets airtime.
  6. Something no one has mentioned is the weight. Modus 120’s are very light for a 120 shaft, 114 g untrimmed vs 120 g.
  7. I have been thinking about some new heads and was curious how they compared to what I’m playing now. Went to my fitter and basically what I am playing now is just about right for me (718 cb’s) and was fit into either p7mc or 620 cb’s, but not really a point as numbers were extremely close. Now I’ve been playing Modus 120 stiff and love the feel and I was fit into either Modus’ or a Steelfiber if I wanted to spend the $. Yesterday at the range I hit some with our pro’s clubs and loved the feel of the weight in the shafts he plays. He plays the DG Gold tour issue x100. With my swing sp
  8. I agree. The LPGA should find a way to get more personalized articles out there. Makes the players more relatable, esp some of the Korean players who seem robotic from the outside.
  9. I think I’ve said it before and I guess this is my “get off my lawn” moment but I HATE the way Danielle dresses. I get that I’m probably in the minority and it is what it is but I just feel she looks sloppy and unprofessional. Just my opinion.
  10. i’ve stayed in the twice and to me it kind of has a different feel. Best way I could describe it is the Inn and Lodge make you feel like you are at a golf resort, Chrome Lake made me feel like I was on a buddies golf trip, if that makes sense. Not sure if one is better than the other, just different.
  11. Sorry to get off topic but with the family stop by Wildlife Safari. Kind of a neat mini zoo and look on Group-On, they have some really, really good deals
  12. I didn’t know all the exact numbers but it’s crazy how far some have fallen.
  13. The treatment of the course has been the biggest down side of all the new players. I appreciate them taking up the game but people need to teach them the proper etiquette. Sadly this has become more of a regular occurrence also, this was last weekend on the same green.
  14. Our bad, that’s part of the issue with having non golfers set the tees, they don’t get which tees to move forward and which to move back. That said, I can’t believe the beatings the tee boxes have taken, even the obvious driver holes that have absolute craters out of the center, do that many people take a divot with driver? It’s crazy the difference in varietals on the greens and how they react to the weather. Those patches have been really noticeable the past couple years but they are just different strains of the same grass, eventually they will transition to the same thing but ju
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