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  1. Do you have a turf degree or work on a crew? To say it’s a lie, well, you are spewing nonsense to be honest. It all depends on time and available resources. You can get the course very playable inside 14 days depending on what and how you do it.
  2. They aren’t one of the better draining courses but to be fair the ground is so hard right now nowhere is draining well. No measurable moisture for almost 5 months is the reason. It’s not course drainage now, just overall the ground isn’t ready for water.
  3. No one else wanted wanted it on such short notice. If you PM me I can give you some details. OGC has a weird reputation. They have some very good golfers as members but is an afterthought compared to most privates around here. They have great membership deals and a great social environment but course is average at best. To be fair they didn’t have anywhere near enough time to prep for the tournament. Personally I hate the course. The course does well because of the money around it and the fact that the other privates that compete with it are full.
  4. I believe you can stay in the townhomes or the condos for the stay and play packages. I think you can also do a house through the resort. If you want another fun course is Quail Run in La Pine.
  5. You can get on Fazio even without staying there. Generally you will have to play Nicklaus in the AM and then ask the pro shop. It used to run $350. I would stay at Sunriver 10 out of 10 times.
  6. Whatever you do, do not, I repeat, DO NOT go to the Bachelors Inn while in Coos Bay
  7. I read a tweet from a Super the other day that could not be any more accurate… ”Before you criticize a Super put yourself in his shoes. Every day we do the best with what we have. No Super has ever come in and said “I think I’m just going to [email protected] it today.” For all golfers, a wave, a thumbs up or a smile goes a long way with us and remember, we want to be out of your way more than you want us out of your way. Fairways and greens fellow WRXers’
  8. Oregon Golf Club is a HUGE departure from the design of CECC. It’s kind of a goat track in that there is a TON of elevation change. I’m not sure what that means for who will play well. CECC is in the middle of an area that is overrun with homeless right now and not a good situation. Not sure if you guys follow Christina Kim but looks like she came out a week early to head down to Bandon.
  9. She could have handled herself better, you are right. BUT, that means she said something personal and derogatory about her before the match? That’s a heck of a reach. Everything about Kupcho so far has shown to be an excellent young lady. You can jump to conclusions if you want. It even you said, that was in defeat, NOT prematch.
  10. What am I missing? She just got crushed and was probably pretty mad. Is she supposed to jump up and down and cheer for her? How are you seeing her say something personal and derogatory the day before from that?
  11. Maybe a different perspective but from a greenskeeper/Asst Super, the complainers I have encountered are generally the vocal minority. The majority of members I’ve encountered are nice and complimentary. There is a huge difference between complainers and those trying to improve/inform. One of my courses was 36 with 18 public and 18 private. We had to post the stimps every day and if the public side wasn’t faster there were 3 or 4 that would raise a stink. Most I’ve encountered just want to make their club the best it can be. The complainers just want to cause issues and you can tell right off the bat. Best compliment I’ve ever had was 3 different times over the last year (we are public course that does a LOT of tourneys/scrambles) members of different clubs went into the pro shop and asked why our course was in better shape than theirs.
  12. I suspect it’s either BS or made up. First of all if it was said among the team, how did it get it? Was it a teammate, that’s a big no-no. If a caddie, would they be willing to jeopardize their steady paycheck? Also nothing about Jennifer strikes me as someone who is going to talk smack or spew personal insults.
  13. My mouth dropped when Judy Rankin was talking about Lexi on Monday when they were lining up putts on the 18th. She was talking about Lexi’s wins and career status and followed it up with “we’ll never know how good she could be if Lexi could putt.” I thought that was spot on but pretty raw. How do the players feel about Judy? She’s awesome but doesn’t seem to pull any punches.
  14. A buddy of mine runs trials for Syngenta. He is running wetting agent trials out of Phoenix and Central Or. One of the courses he uses in Phoenix runs 6 minutes on greens every other night in the peak of summer with minimal hand watering the day they don’t run heads. No experience personally but he was saying it’s amazing what you can train grass to do or live off of
  15. On a side note or we’ll water tests purer than the tap water in the surrounding neighborhood
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