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  1. Generally from people trying to cram their hand in with the flagstick in. The noodles at least kept the ball closer to the surface so easier to reach. Not as bad as the guys who try and dig the ball out with their putter though.
  2. First off when installed properly they do no adversely effect play. Now those are set too high from the looks of it but they still aren’t making you miss putts you would otherwise make. They actually positively impact play. They keep the lip firm and from caving in. So in reality you have been making putts you otherwise should have missed because people are pounding, pushing and caving the lips in which will make a putt drop that with a clean crisp edge would lip/roll out
  3. Sheep Ranch is the fastest walk and it’s not much of a question from my understanding (I work with a caddy there 3 days a week). Based on the size of the property and length of the course it makes sense. Trails and OM are the longest walks but Trails is often wide open in the afternoon and you can actually fly around and then I would say Old Mac for openness in the afternoon. Here’s the thing, I think 4:15 is the average round at any of their course if not 4:30. Now you generally move pretty good during this time and it doesn’t seem long. Just an FYI
  4. For me it depends on the issue. Currently playing 718 cb’s and ordered a set of 785’s. Liked, didn’t love the feel but with the same shafts and specs the weighting felt really off. The heads felt heavy and it felt like I never really knew where the club face was. Didn’t want to go down that rabbit hole for the same result.
  5. Completely. All rounds are donated by Superintendents/Head pros of the clubs/courses listed. The money goes into a lot of great programs. I have a buddy who is working on some water conservation/turf health trials that gets some of its funding through this. To a lot of supers it’s a big deal and a way to give back.
  6. Let me throw this out there... road trip. our best friends just had a baby and after 20 years of living and work in San Francisco they decided it was time for a move. With both of their jobs going remote they made a list of their wants/desires and narrowed it down to 5 cities. They got on Air BnB and rented a house for 2 months in each city so they could get a real feel for it. Half way through their 5th city they flew back to their favorite city and bought a house and they are loving it.
  7. https://m.biddingforgood.com/auctions/341697418/categories Mods, I hope this doesn’t violate anything and it does not benefit me just thought some people would like to see the courses available. All proceeds go towards turfgrass science research in a wide variety of areas. I don’t think the bidding is open yet but hopefully some of you are interested. Curious what you guys think?
  8. My bad. I thought I remembered on the broadcast they said it was a repeat of who was in the final.
  9. To be fair she has a couple wins over Rose including the 2019 Women’s Am I believe.
  10. She has changed her body a lot, or age has, not saying it’s a good or bad thing or critiquing in any way. She looks taller and thinner, is she? Just curious if that could be some of the reasoning behind her added yardage.
  11. I’ve said it before on here I think but, I like Lexi or having nothing against her, she’s been a good ambassador for the game BUT does she have to be in the feature group EVERY time? So many others out there to watch. We debate on here who has star power and what not but Golf Channel is not helping the LPGA’s marketing at all. At least we are getting to see some other shots but I feel like we’ve seen every shot of Lexi’s for the last 4 or 5 years. Sorry for my rant.
  12. I believe most open theirs up May 1
  13. Does anyone know if Augusta ever stripes their course, fairways, collections? Heck I don’t even recall stripes on greens. I didn’t know if they eliminated everything for the Masters or if that is the norm.
  14. Sorry, I thought they categorized maternity the same as major medical. Does that grant her fully exempt status? I don’t remember her playing particularly well in the season or 2 before Covid. Was surprised she was in the field for a major, not hating on her just surprised.
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