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  1. We almost always play OM last.
  2. I’ve said this before but, IMO, OM is just a fun round of golf. From my understanding it is pure links golf and would fit in anywhere across the ocean. Now there are some bland holes and some great holes but every time I walk off 18 I think “that was fun.”
  3. I played it a couple days after a big college tourney or something one year and the rough was not fun. As said above you could watch your ball land and bounce and walk up and not find it. Greens and fairways, IMO, will all depend on how hard they are pushed. They should be still fast but wouldn’t be surprised for them to raise the mow height or something depending on how stressed they are.
  4. I take more cash but for a stupid reason. I used to work in restaurants and I will pay with a card but tip in cash. I like leaving it up to the server what they claim in tips where as with a credit card they have to claim the full amount. So I use cash to tip for food and that’s about it.
  5. I could see it just based on availability of materials. Add to that I imagine pretty much all factories are backed up considering how many orders seem to be outstanding as it is. So let me ask, is it better to launch a product and then not be able to fulfill any of the orders for 6-9 months? I would think that is a worst case scenario for any manufacturer, create hype, market, release, market more then don’t deliver.
  6. Sheep Ranch goes between Preserve & Bandon, IMO.
  7. I’ve enjoyed the LPGA for awhile but what really won me over was going to the ANA a couple years ago. Took my son who was 4 at the time. Couldn’t walk the course to much because he is a loud little booger. 1st day we were there he found out he could get autographs and so many of the ladies could not have been nicer. Heck Jessica even stopped a photo shoot/interview to come over and talk to him. Some even were shocked/surprised. Then the final day we sat behind 18 where they walk off because if he made an outburst they couldn’t hear us. He got about 7 or 8 signed golf balls that day, didn’t ask
  8. What makes you think we are stodgy old golfers? Because we expect someone to dress the part?
  9. My course has a qualifier for amateurs to earn a spot in the Portland tournament. Lucy played in 2 years ago and I watched her play a little in practice rounds and the tourney. It’s not an overly long course and an average distance can compete easily. She is the Asian Morgan Pressel. IMO, she’s not long enough to compete on your today. She can be competitive and have a decent career and maybe catch lightning in a bottle once or twice but looking at the distances combined with the accuracy of many of the other ladies I just don’t see it.
  10. Some of these swings amaze me. I feel like there are more technically correct swings than on the PGA. Literally 75% of these swings are swings any instruct would be happy for their students to copy. Add in tempo and I don’t get how more amateurs don’t watch and learn from them
  11. I just look at it as a respect issue as said above these exclusive private clubs are opening their doors to you to showcase and grow your game. Not just that but you are a professional, act like it, dress like it and speak like it. I wonder if the LPGA is afraid of the whole cancel culture movement if they enforce it. IMO, it’s a larger issue in society as well. Yoga pants aren’t shouldn’t be work attire. Heck casual Fridays used to be a stretch to wear jeans.
  12. Interestingly I just looked up the press release on the updated dress code. It was from 2017 and says joggers are NOT allowed. Now it is a little curious whether it refers to Pro-Am parties or on course.
  13. Yeah, there is a pretty big thread on it and I thought it said shirts had to have collars also. Anna N falls into this category as well
  14. Does Danielle do it under “growing the game.” There are other Adidas women who dress fine/appropriately; Jessica Korda, but Danielle looks horrible to me. The joggers are bad enough but these shorts are like she forgot her clothes and had to use her workout shorts.
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