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  1. Good to hear. Honestly late last week was as good as I’ve ever seen it. Would have said the same for this week but we solid tined the greens and did a heavy top dress on Weds. You can’t tell though which is nice. Good to have the grass growing and ball marks on greens aren’t really an issue any more
  2. to be fair Luke made it to No. 1 in the world, as of now Bryson has not.
  3. That’s what I took “hidden gem” for. A course that is not a big name course that one should really play.
  4. Tee sheets during the weekdays have opened up considerably when the prices were raised. Weekends are their own animal.
  5. I never know if it’s a hidden gem or not but the course is in outstanding condition right now but I may be biased.
  6. A couple hidden gems that are kind of off the beaten path would be Tokatee, Quail Run (LaPine) and Juniper. All Central Oregon tracks, none world class but all a very worthy play. In the Portland area you could check out Camas Meadows then venture over to the coast and check out Gearhart then wander down to Sand Pines (I think it’s called Florence Golf Links now).
  7. When were you a member there? We were members from ‘09-‘13
  8. Not just that but leaving her putt to tie 2 feet short? YEESH
  9. 3rd... Vande Velde’s is #1 in my book.
  10. I’ve always been a believer that if a player goes low the day before they won’t win the next day. I know there is exceptions but on a day the field averaged over par she was -5, just seemed to be due for a slide.
  11. One of my “get off my lawn” moments is what the ladies wear. The t-shirts, the hoodies; I don’t get it. You are right, none of them would be allowed in regular play, be a professional. But I also think joggers and flat bills look stupid so what do I know.
  12. That would mean she earned as much as Phil Mickelson in 1/2 the time.
  13. What that tells me is they mowed the rough the week 1 to 2 weeks before the women were on site. To trim it to an even height they would need to water it heavily leading up to the event then run the rough mowers over it once. Along with specifically instructing the crew to match the rough height when doing detail work (weed eating around the trees, etc). The article was written on Tues and the people I know have been on site since last Sat/Sun and no rough mowers have gone out.
  14. That’s what I thought. I know a couple of the grounds crew volunteers down there and they said they haven’t mowed the rough for about a month. They actually have people out with rakes hand raking and fluffing the rough up.
  15. My guess would be Poa coming back. Trying to keep Poa out on the West Coast is an impossible task. Not saying anyone above is right or wrong, just a mildly educated guess.
  16. I’m sorry but I don’t agree or understand this. The cut was +6 on cut day there was 11 ladies even par or better (I believe). Going into Sunday there are 8 players at par or better. Including an outstanding round by Lexi to take the lead. The Olympic itself is not an easy course, deep thick rough, tight fairways and shot that demand a certain shape. I would say this has been a very good very fair set up.
  17. Is this as good as Michelle Wie’s swing has looked since she was a teenager?
  18. First off, and go ahead and flame me, a 1st group that plays in 3 hours should never be the 1st group out again. Remember, we prepare the course for all golfers (300 a day) not just the 1st group. Also you do not want to sacrifice the course to make a 1st group happy. I’m not trying to put you down or anything just giving you the point of view of an Asst. Super. We have a lot of greens, they average about 8,500 - 9,000 sq ft. Tri-plex, slow is 4 to 4:15 and fast is 3.5 hrs. Rolling greens about the same. Now watering is a completely different story. Granted we only have to water for
  19. You could do something the way of our course. Now granted we are a course so we already maintain and have all the equipment. So we have a normal full service range and putting green that is covered mats in the winter and grass 3/4 days a week. Now we also sell memberships to a private facility on the back side of the range. It is grass year round and it’s limited to 18 memberships and there is also a local women’s college team that uses it. There is a full length range with a fairway bunker, 2 greenside bunkers, a green and 2 teeing areas that are about 30 x 40 yards. Memberships are
  20. Kudos to him. I’ve met and worked with 2 designers and the lead shapers are so underrated. IMO, they are truly the ones who make the designer and owners vision happen.
  21. Not sure if this is relatable but do you consider Bandon letting their greens go Poa a local decision? Here in Oregon there is really no point fighting it because it is going to take over just a matter of when. I know there are a few courses that fought it used PoaCure type apps. Not a good idea because they found out the hard way they had way more Poa than they thought. Now the designers designed them with Bent generally (fescue for Bandon) but the Supers eventually realized they were fighting a losing battle
  22. I’ve only been at 2 facilities, one with a medium named local designer with no notes as to how he wanted the course to be played. We have some say but it all goes through the owners and if the owners want it we have to make it work. Now a lot of times the GM will walk through what we are trying to do and can smooth it over with the owners. An example would be that this year we are trying to get the greens back to their original shape. Over the years and not through anyone’s fault they just get a little bigger and a little bigger, even if it’s 2-3” a year over 30 years that adds up. We also hav
  23. @BNGL Isn’t that also traditionally one of the perks of becoming a super is implementing your tweaks on a course. Now I get that they need to be with the greens committee’s or GM’s blessings but everyone has things they prefer. Be it bunker “eyelashes” or striping or block mowing fairways, how long to keep tall grass, etc. Generally none of those things are from the designer.
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