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  1. One more thing about Poa is you can train it to stop producing a seed head. From my understanding it comes after 25+ years of proper cultural practices and spray programs. It will be interesting because the most effective chemical; Embark, to spray for seed head suppression has stopped being produced. Many courses stocked up when they heard about it being cancelled but they will all run out someday. The chemical was a by product of bed spring production and from my understanding not enough bed springs are being made to continue producing the chemical.
  2. I know very little about some of the those grasses. - Zoysia I have only seen pictures of. That said I know that some of the biggest advancements in grass and hybrid turfs has been in Zoysia. Take Trinity Zoysia, it’s a newer hybrid that was developed specifically for Trinity Forest in Dallas. - Bermuda I’ve played a handful of times but never managed or taken care of it in any way. When I think of Bermuda I think of “sticky” but may be way off and have no problem admitting it. - Bentgrass is viewed by many as the standard in the highest quality greens. A lot of strides have been made in hybrid Bents also. Bent is more drought tolerant than Poa but is harder to bring back. Bent is a cool season grass so while the greens may be pristine in summer conditions the greens are simply being managed well and not thriving. Another huge positive of bent is that there are many disease tolerant strains. - Poa, Poa gets a bad rap. There are some outstanding Poa greens and there are plenty of good ones. The biggest problem is when Poa invades a green that is predominantly another grass. Poa has to be maintained very differently than many turfs. Poa is susceptible to (if I remember correctly) 14 of 16 major turf diseases. You need to have an expansive spray and cultural practices program (verticutting, topdressing, solid tining) to manage it well. One bright side is you can almost always water your way out of it with Poa. If you get the chance Tacoma golf & country club, Bend country club and Royal Oaks country club all have Poa greens that are as good as any greens you will see. One huge issue is that there are no disease tolerant strains of Poa. Also, there is very little research done on Poa, partly because 75% of the industry views it as a weed. There’s an old joke that dog p!ss patch is the most common turf disease. Honestly not sure what you can do about it.
  3. I’ve never sprayed anything that foamed upon leaving the nozzle. Now there are things that foam heavily in the tank (during mixing), for us the one that foams the most is Tri-Cure, which is our summer wetting agent. Our summer agent basically keeps the water closer to the surface vs our winter spray (Forte, if I remember correctly) which flushes the water through the profile. If it’s marking foam, it will go away. Depending on how the sprayer uses it and how he/she mixes it, will determine how long it will last. For greens I mix 1 cap full (think like just the top of a Gatorade bottle) and will flick my foamers on 3 - 4 times a pass, this will normally be gone by the time I’m done with the next green. We used to have another guy who would leave his foamer on for the full pass and the foam would stick around for an hour. For fairways I mix 4 cap fulls because I need it to stick around a bit longer. Now as for color, it could be a fungicide as @Holy Moses eluded to, Exterris is one, I believe Signature is another. Depending on where you live, if the turf goes dormant there is the chance it is green spray paint. It also could be a product like Ambient (which we use) or Par, a slightly lighter shade of green than Ambient. These are basically adding color to your turf but also act as a sunscreen for the leaf blade. And last, that I can think of, it could just be blue dye, many courses that do not have foamers on the end of their booms will use this. It just allows the sprayer to see what he has already sprayed.
  4. Savannah just seems like a grinder which, IMO, this format can favor. Also, expect Bailey Tardy to get a card.
  5. Nothing to back it up but I feel AVD won’t play well, just seems like she is either in contention or misses the cut fabulously. I think Gigi Stoll gets a card, never wins but seems a steady 12th to 20th place range which is all that’s needed. Kinda feel the same about Sierra Brooks, feel like she’ll never win but can top-30 her way to a card and keeping her card. Savannah Villaubi is interesting to me, initially thought she was just an IG pro (and I HATE flat bills) but credit to her for working her way to playing status somewhere, can she continue her journey?
  6. Just curious and haven’t really seen it brought up… Anyone have any questions about chemicals, spraying or involved in what we apply to the course? I bring this up because a school by me sprayed their soccer fields a little while ago. They sprayed Crossroads, a broadleaf herbicide, and some parents (lord help us from FaceBook group moms) and posted a sign about staying off the field until the chemical dried. The amount of false/wrong information being spewed was insane.
  7. Call around 5:30 - 7 pst. I have called 4 times in the last month and never had a wait.
  8. At Langdon we have a kids set of tees set up every day. No forced carries and generally the tee box is about 5 yards before the fairway starts. I might not recommend busy times but my son is 9 and really enjoying the game (or maybe just being out there with dad). We will head out on a Fri or Sat night and tee off about 10 - 15 minutes after the last group. We will play between 6 & 9 holes and then go eat in the restaurant. Just an idea.
  9. No worries and sorry if that came out snarky. We just did a study last summer after we remodeled the course.
  10. The actual number is a little over 8 minutes but why let an actual study our course did get in the way of an opinion. 1st group is on the green, 2nd group waits for 1st group to clear green. 3rd group is on previous green. 1st group clears green and 2nd group tees off as 3rd group is leaving the green. 3rd group now waits for 2nd group to hit their approaches and play the green complex while they wait to tee off. So using your logic and ignoring my stats, say it takes the same time as a par 3, how long does a par 3 take? If you assume a 4 hr round and take out travel time between tee to green, a hole averages 13 minutes. Say you take away 3 minutes for the par 3’s and add 3 minutes to the par 5’s that leaves you at how long to play a par 3? 10 minutes. I like driveable par 3’s and think they are a great addition to courses but you can’t deny they create a log jam. Played Bandon Dunes on Sat. 16 is a driveable par 4, we were a 4 some and a 2 some was in front of us. 40 minutes of open tee times in front of them. Made good time around the course until, you guessed it, 16.
  11. A) yes, they slow play. I would guess about 10-12 minutes or however long it takes to play the hole. We have one that to get to the green you actually come in from behind the hole. This would be the perfect time to tee off but most wait. B) There is a difference on waiting if you can reach it but it’s on the long end of your range or if it’s out of your range. It’s not the same as having 300 out on par 5 when you hit your drive 240 and wait for the green to clear because “that one time” People have become way to cavalier about hitting golf balls into groups people. I’ve been hit 3 times (work on course maintenance) and it sucks, including knowing a guy who got hit in the head while on a mower and had to spend a couple nights in the hospital with internal bleeding. C) not the thread to start on the new Covid golfers but yeah etiquette has gone out the window.
  12. who do you get your seed from? Our course hit 119* during the heat wave but we’re about 30 miles from the major seed farms. There are a couple major turf farms down the street but they don’t do seeds. My boss (the Super) lives in the middle of seed country and he bought 5 pallets from his friends before prices went up, so luckily we have plenty for winter projects.
  13. I personally have 0 experience with overseeding. I’m curious though if it’s a P-rye shortage or cost issue. Rye seeds more than tripled in price this year (a pallet went from around $3k to almost 10k.)
  14. Random story, I was a single and was paired up with 3 guys and they started telling stories about their 1st trip. Well they had a forecaddie who would just kind of chuckle and amuse them. Well a couple holes in (#4 on Pac) one guy says to the other guy, “returning to the scene of the crime.” Long story short, 1st round there and they were running late and didn’t get a room yet (this was their previous trip). One of the guys was all frazzled and had his keys, phone, wallet, etc in his bag in his push cart. Well I guess they get to the tee box on 4 and he forgets to set the brake on his Clic Gear, wind gust and away it goes, right over the cliff. Caddie looks at them and mouth drops. So after the push cart goes over the cliff his buddies convince him to go over after it. I guess he gets shredded by the gorse and no luck. So they had to call course maintenance and the have some wench thing and a guy comes in a full haz mat suit. Later that night (after a couple beers) they convince the guy that went over the cliff to go in the hot tub to help heal all the gouges from the gorse. So after the story the caddie looks at the guys and goes “that was you? You have no idea how famous you are and every caddie tells that story.”
  15. I hope whatever driver you choose works for you. That said, why do you (or people in general) come here and ask for advice/opinions and then tell the people that are answering your questions that they are wrong?
  16. So I thought i’d start something on this. I know it gets brought up a lot but what are some of the hacks you guys have figured out for playing in the rain or specifically at Bandon? A few things that I do… - remove my head covers (just to make the bag lighter, they just get water logged.) - bring zip lock bags (1 for my phone, wallet, keys and 1 or 2 spares for others and 1 for non rain gloves) - I like to wear a light weight water resistant short sleeve wind shirt under a rain jacket for heavy rain days. - shorts under rain pants to protect against swampiness. - after the round I pull my clubs and set the clubs against the bag right in front of the heater. Any hacks or tips I’m missing?
  17. Frost causes issues on a lot of fronts. There may not be frost on greens but it could be in the rough, fairways, wherever. If you are out of the growing season you might have to look at dead grass for 4-6 months. I know some courses (local muni’s) where the city has overridden the Supers and said “no frost delays, we want the revenue.” So far no lost greens but that doesn’t mean they aren’t coming.
  18. I booked on Tuesday for the 19, 20 & 21. As a single had my pick of times. 19 - 10:40 on Trails 20 - 7:30 on Pac, 12:10 on Bandon 21 - 7:40 Sheep Ranch
  19. Yeah, solo. I’ve stayed at the Bandon Inn a handful of times and dig the location but they raised their rates $30 a night.
  20. Alright guys, what are the other places to stay in Bandon? I’ve always stayed at the Bandon Inn (and probably will again) but they raised their rates. Recommendations?
  21. Yeah Langdon is mats only. Generally it’s Oct. 1 or early October. With the rain we’ve had I can’t imagine any course being grass right now. Considering how well we drain, our course is seriously water logged right now.
  22. So my buddies course got new carts this year. They are the GPS carts that tell you where to go and slow down when you are in a place you shouldn’t be. Well we’ve had a LOT of rain the past 2 weeks and courses are wet. So one of the members drove backwards for 18 holes to get around the cart being programmed to cart path only.
  23. Interesting, our head pro went from 629 cb’s to T100s and said there is a HUGE difference in forgiveness
  24. So I called for the weekend of the 19, 20 & 21. Not a lot of options and once I relayed the options to my friends they all backed out. Called back and asked about options as a single. Lodging was very limited and with the cheapest single $260 a night I decided to stay in town. Now for tee times, HOLY COW. Had my choice of courses, all tee time are within a 1/2 hr of what I wanted and am within the first 2-3 tee times all days. 19 - 11 @ Trails (arrival day and just figured no huge rush) 20 - 7:40 @ Pacific, 12:20 @ Bandon Dunes 21 - 7:40 @ Sheep Ranch i don’t mind staying in town as a buddy just got back and said it’s nothing like we are used to. I guess between the pandemic and life they are struggling for staff. Said there was a wait every where and they went and just decided to eat in town. So on property is $260 a night vs $120 in town. So $45 more per round is about a wash. Now just have to wait for my industry rate to be approved. Fingers crossed.
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