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  1. You can find Srixon F65 fairway woods new for $99 on the interweb. Excellent clubs.
  2. Should the sole weights on a 36" circle H be 10 grams or 15?
  3. I ordered a single custom iron on May 17. Still waiting.
  4. A shot of tequila at the old Gold Club in Atlanta.
  5. KBS TGI Tour Graphite Iron 110gWeight.355 Tip Diameter36" - 39" Length95mph or higher 6i Swing Speed
  6. Standing at the urinal, the ideal grip size was revealed to me.
  7. Why didn't Seattle hand off to Beast Mode at the 2?
  8. Imagine there is a "Strokes Gained" category for a piece of equipment, for example, a driver. Strokes Gained: Driver is derived from the subcategories of Strokes Gained: Distance and Strokes Gained: Forgiveness. What driver of the past two years would lead the field in Strokes Gained: Driver. I'll go with the M6. You?
  9. [insert drooling emoji here]
  10. King Forged Tec 2020 are, for me, reliably consistent on distance.
  11. 20six

    Carbon Ringo GSS

    I bought a Ringo 1/4 from them and, while communication was ... painfully slow, the product is outstanding. My guess is they don't (yet?) have anyone dedicated full time to answering emails and other queries, and they are busy building putters. If you can stand a little frustration with poor communication, you will eventually end up with an excellent putter -- as good as or better than anything out there.
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