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  1. It works well for Nelly Korda. If you have a quicker tempo, the stock shafts might not work for you. Stick a Ventus Red in it and you might have something.
  2. Um, HL stands for High Launch.
  3. I still have a Pars & Stripes edition, 10.5* with Ventus Velocore Blue (stock with the Pars & Stripes). Not the longest driver, but by no means short. But it is all about forgiveness (the clubhead) and dispersion (lack thereof, due to the shaft). A fairway finding machine.
  4. BST the f--- out of everything in the bag.
  5. The first thing you have to do is shoot the old soldier in the back of the head and give him a decent burial in the back yard. Whatever you pick next will be afflicted with bad mojo if you don't do this. I expect that you already knew this but, just in case.
  6. A used TS1 should do the trick.
  7. If so, how? Ball speed retention on strikes away from the sweetspot? Dispersion?
  8. This is good advice. Thanks.
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