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  1. Titleist 910D3 set open. With a low torque, tip staff shaft, that's all you need.
  2. It is too fugly to put in play, so legality is a moot point.
  3. OP here. I don't play hybrids, but I do play a 21* 7 wood. Much prefer it to any hybrid I've ever tried.
  4. Cobra Agera at 37.5" and Bettinardi HLX 3.0
  5. Currently playing T300 (previous model).
  6. Strength of game is putting, pitching and chipping. Irons are solid from the 6 on down, 4 and 5 are inconsistent. Miss is a hook. 7 iron distance is 162. Would you recommend any of the following to a hack of this caliber? Thanks. Apex Pro 2021 Cobra MIM Tour ZX7
  7. Ping G425 is an excellent GI iron. Extremely forgiving and I found it to be longer than previous Ping GI irons. However, I HATED the feel. Hated. The 2021 T300 is a big improvement over the previous model, particularly in the long irons. They are nearly as forgiving as the G425, much better looking (in my opinion), and the feel is much, much better. The AMT Red is a good match for the T300 head.
  8. Anything but red, which I don't understand in a putter. Red is the most noticeable color to the human eye (which is why stop lights and stop signs are red). If anything, one would think a red putter might distract the puttee from his or her focal point while putting (assuming the putter head itself is not the focal point). I would think that red is the last color one would want in a putter.
  9. Forgiveness in irons: rather than beat you over the head with the fourth box of irons delivered to your door in the past six months, your wife just hands you the box and gives you a kiss.
  10. Ping Heppler ZB3 has a solid, heavy strike.
  11. My driver clubhead speed is 97-98. I've played both the Speed and the LS extensively, with the stock MMT and Ventus Red, both in stiff, both at 10.5*. With everything set neutral on the LS, I get my usual slight draw. The Speed set up the same way hits straight balls, with the occasional drift right. Every once in a while I will pop one with the Speed that goes slightly longer than the best LS drive but, overall, the LS is more consistent and, on average, just as long as the Speed. For me. I settled on the LS with Ventus Velocore Red 5s.
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