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  1. I have a fitting at the PXG store next Friday and can report back. I also have a TSi2 coming in so I plan on comparing that with the Proto 3 wood. Should be interesting as I haven’t swung a club since December (but plan on hitting balls for the first time in a while on this Sunday).
  2. Few extras for sale as I try to build some funds for the new season. All prices are negotiable so please reach out with reasonable offers. Only trade interest is a new or like new Titleist TSI2 15 degree 3 wood head only (already have a shaft ready). PayPal is [email protected] Titleist TS3 16.5 degree fairway wood (HEAD $OLD). Fujikura Pro 2.0 7X with Titleist adapter playing at 43 inches with a Golf Pride Z Cord midsize grip (aligned to B4 setting to play at 15.75 degrees). $70 shipped (shaft only). TaylorMade SIM Max 19 degr
  3. Followed on Instagram. Excited to try this and love that it’s only one piece of equipment!
  4. My opinion is an Evnroll. Every putter I have bought on a whim has not been able to beat out my Evnroll ER2. I just wish they made the blacked out version in lefty. Edit: Misread the title, investment wise can go wrong with a Scotty. Although I feel like the Futura’s don’t hold their value was well as the Studio series. Evnroll hold their value pretty well, Bettinardi’s too but not on the same level as SC.
  5. Some selected price drops and fixed some of the photos (one day I will figure out how to add photos from an iPhone).
  6. Looking to sell some clubs as the season ends and I explore other projects. All prices are negotiable so please reach out with reasonable offers. Please contact me for additional photos, if desired. PayPal is: [email protected] Only trade interest at this time would be: SIM 10.5 with a Ventus VeloCore Blue or Black in 6X. SIM Max or SIM Ti 3 wood with a high end shaft (Ventus VeloCore Blue 7X would be ideal) Testing the market out on this one (I may end up keeping it). Ping G410 LST 9 degree with a Ventus VeloCore Blue 6X (LH
  7. This may be old news and may have been posted on this thread but both Fleetwood and Horschel appeared to have it in the bag (both SIM guys previously); so seems like it’s a pretty good stick to unseat the SIM in both their bags. Interesting to see if it will stick around in their bags.
  8. Evnroll ER2. I’m kind of in the same boat as you and my Evnroll has worked pretty well (keeping trying new putters and the Evnroll keeps beating them out).
  9. If the flat setting and the G410 being slightly more forgiving are big selling points I would say explore the G410. If those are not big issues I would stay with the G400. Sounds like you are partial to the look of the G400 as well. It’s a great driver and a fair amount of pros still use it (Scheffler, Thompson, Dahmen, others).
  10. Agree with all of the above. I actually like the Highlands at Grand Geneva more than the Brute, but it’s still not as good as any of the Geneva National courses (or Hawks View).
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