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  1. Hi guys, Need some help. I got a 718 T-MB 3 iron recently with the purpose to get an easier to hit 3 iron, to help me on long par 3’s and to reach par 5’s. I have it with PX 6,0 LZ and play S300 in the rest of the set. The problem I have is that I can not launch this club as I want and it spins too little. It’s a dead flight that carries about 210 and rolls about 20-30 more. Not what I wanted. Has anyone else experienced the same with T-MB? What should I do? Would a Tensei CK Pro White 90X give me higher launch and more spin? /William
  2. Hi, I have a Callaway RAZR Fit driver from 2012 that I am thinking of exchanging for a Titliest 915/917 driver. I am playing a Kaili 70X x5ct in the driver right now and am thinking of buying a Titleist driver with some stockshaft and then changing the shafts. Is this possible? Does my shaft in the Callaway fit into the Titleist tip? Thanks in advance. /William
  3. Hey guys, long time no see. I remember a lot of threads regarding Ping Anser putters and that some of them are really rare and pricey. I don't know if I remember this correctly but I think they should have some state stamped on the putter? Is this correct or what should it say? Added a pic of the putter my friend wants to sell. 'it's from the 70's-80's and brand new. What is it worth? /William
  4. I have tried all the shafts you are talking about! Right now I'm playing a Diamana Kai'li 80S in a 909F3 13* at 43". The Diamana Blueboard 83S is very similar but just a bit more spin and higher launch angle. The MFT Ahina is in my opinion not as nice. The feel is not as smooth and the shaft is much more unstable. I spread my balls over with the MFT Ahina and it felt whippy. Not sure why but it's a big difference compared to my Kai'li.
  5. Wow, this is cool. Nice to see you guys here. I just bought the Razr Fit driver and I couldn't be more pleased. So much more consistent than my Ping I20 that I had before. The thing is that I want a similar 3wood to replace the i20 I have right now. Right now I am playing the Razr Fit at standard with 8,5 of loft and Diamana Kai'li 70X. Any suggestions on what setup to get in the 3wood? Also, I've been looking for this fitted hat that Alex Noren is using EVERYWHERE! Do you know where I can get it? Tired of the Titleist hats...
  6. Yeah, 100 usd is fine as long as its in good shape and has a nice color. I have seen that one but the plaid is not really my style. Thank you anyway!!
  7. I am a addicted to these hats and I love them to death but I can't seem to find any. Anyone that knows where to get them or that has one/a few for sale? Visors, Wave hats and Monolines are of interest! Thanks in advance
  8. Have you tried the I20 driver? What did you think?
  9. [quote name='KyleGD' timestamp='1342625947' post='5299672'] Great sutff, the orange head covers are awesome. [/quote] Thanks a lot! They look cool but they aren't holding up well at all sadly. The driver headcover is horrible. [quote name='favre0811' timestamp='1342632020' post='5300386'] Härliga prylar, ser riktigt bra ut. As you can read I am also Swedish.... [/quote] Tack så mycket! Haha yeah, where are you from?
  10. [quote name='dplevin' timestamp='1342556847' post='5294466'] sweedish? Nice bag BTW [/quote] Yes, I am from Sweden. Thank you
  11. It has been a very long time since I've been on here and I thought it was time for an update because almost the whole bag has changed since the last time. I've been playing Titleist clubs for the most of my life and I like them a lot but lately I've started to play more and more Ping clubs. The seem to fit my eye and it feels like they are made with love and care. Driver: Ping i20 8.5° w/ TFC 707D S-flex Almost all the latest drivers I've had have been with upgraded shafts but after I tried this one with the stock shaft in S-flex I was hooked. No more expensive shafts for me for now. I am hitting this driver higher and straighter than my 909D2 8.5° w/ Diamana Whiteboard 73X which was fitted to me by Titleist on a demo day. The Ping i20 feels great and has a tendency to send all the balls in the same direction as the fairway. This driver spins a bit more than the Titleist driver and probably goes a few yards shorter but it makes up for loss of distance in terms of fairway hits. Standard Ping grip. 3wood: Ping i20 15° w/ TFC 707F S-flex This is my baby. It's the club in my bag that's easiest to hit a consistent draw with and it launches the ball high up in the air. I had a 910F 15° w/ Fubuki Tour 73S before I got this one and the Titleist 3wood isn't even close when it comes to feel and performance. This shaft (81g I think) is very easy to load and feels very smooth. The Fubuki looked cooler tho. It's easier to get good contact from the fairway with the i20 and the high launch/spin helps me to hold greens. Standard Ping grip. Hybrid: Titleist 910h w/ Fujikura Rombax 8D07HB S-flex I've had a very hard time finding a hybrid that doesn't snap hook if you happen to turn the hands over a bit too much but this one is pretty good. It's very low spin so it's great into the wind but it is not the club if you want to hold a green with the wind in your back. Awesome off the tee. I have it set at C1 which I think is as much fade as you can get. Standard Titleist 360 Tour velvet grip. Irons: Ping S56 3-PW w Project X Rifle 6.0 (Blue dot) 0.25" long After several bad rounds with blades I told my self that I am not going to make my golf harder than it already is. I played the MP68's and the 710 MB's before I got these ones and the difference is incredible. The S56's are so easy to hit compared to the blades. They go through the turf better and feel great. I am very happy with them. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Ribbed +1 wrap. Wedges: Ping Anser 52° & 60° w/ Dynamic Gold Spinner (Black dot) I got these wedges about a month ago and I am pretty happy so far. They are OK but not wow. I've played Vokey's all my life so this is a big change for me. They spin a lot less than the Vokey Spin Milled's I had before, which is good and bad. It's much harder to stop the ball from the rough but they do not spin back 5-10 yards if you hit the ball from the fairway onto a green. Putter: Scotty Cameron Circle T Studio Select Newport Midslant 35" This is Mathias Grönberg's former putter, which I bought from his brother and I am so happy with it. I haven't really had a flat stick that I loved before but this one is insane. It looks great, feels great, perform great. It's just simply perfect for me. I have no idea about the lie or the loft but I don't even feel that I need to know because it just works. The grip is a black Ping Man grip.
  12. Hello folks, Starting to get tired of my stock shaft in the I20 and want to change to a Fubuki. I wonder if it is hard to do this? Is it as easy as changing shaft in any other driver? Just a simple shim on the .335" shaft? The next question is the ferrule... What can I do to save it? I don't want it to look messy and because of an odd ferrule. Any tips? /William
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