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  1. I have the G410 4,5 and 6 also. Had them for over a year. They are really good. They do look a little worn on the face and sole, but it is not a problem at address.
  2. I have had the G410 30 in play for over a year. It is a great versatile club that just refuses to be kicked out of the bag. An actual 6 iron is a little shorter, but not much, especially in arranging the gaps between clubs.
  3. I may have the Mizuno bent a degree of two weaker to see how that works. Thank you for the response.
  4. Long time lurker, first time poster here. I made a covid purchase of some refurbished Titleist 690MB's with Modus 120's. I also have some Mizuno MP20's with Modus 105's. For some reason, I seem to hit the 690's much more crisply and higher (probably the shaft difference). The MP20 fly a little lower and feel much more "dense" for lack of a better term. The ball just seems to jump off the 690's in an effortless way in comparison. I was wondering if there is a modern version of the 690mb with the slight offset and lively feel or any reason for the difference. Thanks for any help.
  5. Ping G410 Tensei Orange TM M2 3HL and 5 wood Ping G410 4,5 and 6 Mizuno MP20 7-pw Ping Glide 3 52 and 56 Titleist SM8 60 Ping sigma2 Tyne
  6. I sometimes play some refurbished Titleist 690mb's that I found on the bay. They are really good. MP20's for rounds that count though.
  7. I have a Fetch Heppler and really like it. I feel more confident that I can start a putt online with it than even the Spider X that I had. I have no problem with the adjustable shaft at all. The previous adjustable shafts were a little weak though, I agree. I did put lead tape on the bottom to increase the weight and I am very happy with the feel and distance control.
  8. Hutstar, I am 67 and use the 6 iron as the longest iron, Ping G410 hybrids the rest of the way to 5 wood. No issues with the MP-20's at all as far as ease of play. I have the 5 iron, but hit the G410 26 degree so well that I can't take it out of the bag. 3.8 handicap.
  9. Mizuno MP-20 SEL's. Modus 105 stiffs. Love them.
  10. I found the seatbelt cushions at Walmart for $2.96 each. Not body glove, but they should work fine. Plenty room in the bag for them fortunately.
  11. I had mine on a cart yesterday before I saw the sleeve posts. Fortunately there were no marks, but I think I will get something to protect the bag long term. Thanks for the information.
  12. Just received mine today. It really looks great, and lots or room for everything. Will use in carts and not carry. Very pleased.
  13. Refurbished Titleist 690mb's. Really good.
  14. Did the Ping server crash. I am not able to be through to order one. Has anyone else had trouble connecting too?
  15. I have had a Heppler Fetch for a while and it has been excellent. Accuracy and distance control is great. Came from a Spider X and would not go back.
  16. 41-34 this weekend. Textbook definition of a slow start, decent finish.
  17. I tried to donate a couple of pair in great shape to First Tee and they stated they would not take used shoes.
  18. Three, 22, 26 and 30 Ping G410’s. They are awesome. 66 years old.
  19. I play Ping 410 22, 26 and 30 hybrids with stock Alta shafts. They are awesome and I am very confident with them, even in windy Texas. 90 driver swing speed and 150 7 iron like the OP.
  20. I have tried many different combinations, but 46, 52, 58 and 62 work well for me. Mostly full shots with 46 and 52, then feel shots with the 58 and 62 depending on the requirement of the shot/conditions.
  21. Roy34

    7 hybrid (31*)

    I have a Ping G410 30 degree replacing my 6 irom. It is awesome and it is possible to keep it down in the wind. Living in Texas, so it is windy.
  22. Do the MB’s look very similar to the 716 MB’s with the mb and forged removed. The shape of the muscle back looks very close to me. Just wondering if anyone else had that thought also.
  23. I have a 27 degree Titleist 910 ordered with a stiff Diamana Blue shaft. Easily the oldest club in my bag. Still works great and not going anywhere.
  24. I have a 7x3 in my 2017 16.5 M2, it is the best fairway club I have ever owned. Excellent feel and launch.
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