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  1. Thanks for looking! Only looking to sell (no trades) and will only ship to continental U.S. (Sorry Canada). Please PM me about clubs!! Thanks! I typically don't check the thread. 1) Ventus Blue 8x w/ Velocore Shaft - SOLD - bought used on here in the fall and it just too much shaft for me to hit consistently. Just a bit over 41.75" w/ a MCC Black/White Grip in decent shape. No tipping to shaft. TM Adaptor 2)Tensei Pro Orange 70TX Driver Length Shaft. - $180 $165 Shipped CONUS OBRO - Was original owner of this and no tipping. Just a little under 43.5" wi
  2. Adding this as I just noticed on the m3...just a big scratch and not cracking but hadn't noticed it before
  3. Not looking for any trades at this time and only looking to sell to CONUS. Please PM me about the items 1) Srixon 785 4-PW Head - $Sold - bent back to standard lie and loft. In really good shape used this year but always had iron covers on. 4 iron was hardly used. 2) Srixon FL 9.5 Head - SOLD - FL mean flat...was my gamer for part of this year and was so much better than the retail head. Has the 10g weight and does not come w/ a headcover, but could send a wrench along and if I can find a tip I'll send that as well. Total weight of head is 198.4g. The back s
  4. Sorry everyone who sent pms...I posted and then took a phone call that lasted longer than expected. All 3 items are pending from the order I got the pm in. If something falls through I'll go to the next person from the timestamp.
  5. Only looking to sell today so not interested in any trades....only ship to the Continental US as well (sorry Canada). PLEASE PM ME ABOUT ITEMS AS I DONT CHECK THIS PAGE FOR RESONSES...THANKS! 1) Srixon Z785 4-PW DG TI S400 shafts - sold - They are back to standard L/L/L and have a few marks from moving them back. Great shape (4i still has wrapping on face and hasn't been used) and have only been used for the a few rounds w/ iron covers on them. 2) Taylormade Sim 3w 15* head. Sold - bought brand new a couple weeks ago but am going to stick with an m5 for now. c
  6. Not looking for any trades at this time...sorry! Will only ship to CONUS...sorry Canada! Please PM me about Items Thanks! S1) 1)- SOLD - Srixon F85 3w with PX Handcrafted Black 75 6.0 Shaft and tour velvet 360 grip. Comes w/ headcover. In nice shape havn't used a lot as I've been messing w/ 3w's the past couple years so rotated in once in awhile. Pics sorta show light reflecting off head that makes it look like scrapes on the head which aren't there..just the usual wear. 2) SOLD - Srixon F85 3w with PX HZRDUS Handcrafted Yellow 75 6.0 Shaft and tour velvet 360 grip. Comes w/ headcover
  7. Couple of Items today....shipping is to continental United States only via USPS..cash only, not interested in any trades at this time **PLEASE PM ME ABOUT ITEMS/QUESTIONS** 1) Titleist TS3 15* w/ Even Flow T1100 85g 6.0 shaft - **SOLD** - Got this last fall and have hardly used it....I included the custom options in the pics, but its 1/2" short w/ a 2g heavier weight to be at D2. Stock grip. Comes w/ headcover and a titleist wrench. 2) Srixon Z785 (4-5-6) and Forged (7-8-9-PW) Heads - **SOLD** - In great shape as I used Iron covers with the 6 iron getting the most range time. These
  8. Up for sale is my used Skytrak. Purchased Oct/Nov 2017 and used off and on last winter and havn't used it much at all this winter due to injury in the fall. The WGT app works pretty good w/ the exception of chipping is sorta tough....I bought the e6 package for the year and that performed really well. I really had no intention of getting rid of this ever but got a great deal on a flightscope so will be using e6 w/ that. The packages do not transfer so you will be require to purchase whatever you'd like to do on your own. Comes w/ the metal protective case. Please PM me about item S
  9. Up for sale is a slightly used set of z-forged 4-pw w/ TI s400 shafts and MCC +4 grips. They have been hit off a mat but not outside. Standard Length/Lie/Loft. SOLD I'm not really looking for any trades at the moment. PLEASE PM ME ABOUT IRONS! THANKS! Pics:
  10. Up for sale is my used Flightscope Mevo. Was one of the first orders when it came out and have used to off and on since. Works great and there's a private Facebook group for users that has been fantastic about setups and other questions. FYI I lost the original power cable which was really short anyway so have always used a longer cell phone cable which works perfectly. PENDING Price is $350 shipped to you and will ship out tomorrow (Thursday). Will look around for the metallic dots and send some if I can find any! PLEASE PM ME ABOUT ITEM!! THANKS!!
  11. 2016...pm me your email and I'll send the pics to you....won't let me upload anymore
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