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  1. I have watched some videos on Decade and am intrigued. One area that confuses me is that he has people draw a line out 300yards off the tee. I do not come close to that distance so should I draw the line out to my average drive?
  2. I am trying to get a Cameron putter head off to switch the shaft but despite heating it for a while I can't get it out. The head goes into the shaft. Any tips? It is a studio design 1.5
  3. Did Stitch sponsor the clothes for the US team as well? Really liked the pants. Also, how do the participants get around the USGA rule for gifts and amateur status?
  4. I bought a Speedzone driver that has the Arccos sensor on it and I want to change the grip. Is there anything I need to do to get the sensor out? I do not want it.
  5. I want to build a 47-47.5” driver and looking for head recommendations. Not looking to spend a fortune. Older head off of eBay or maybe a component like Wishon or golfworks. Any suggestions?
  6. I know this sounds like a contradiction, but what are the "softest" cord grips out there? I am changing m y grip and might be going gloveless as well so need something tacky.
  7. How do these look when on the ground? I like my leading edge to be square and flat to the ground, not rounded up a bit. In pictures, TM looks like that might be the case. Thanks
  8. I am re-gripping my clubs with the S Tech grips. Out of the box they feel slightly skinny. Has anyone used these and how did they go on?
  9. Club Champion Golf - Boston Consistent ball flight and smooth feel Ventus Black 6 in S
  10. I need a new wedge. Currently, I play the MACK DADDY 2 TOUR GRIND CHROME WEDGES. I like it because it sits very square to the turf, with no "rounding." I do not think they offer this grind so looking for suggestions for other wedges that might be similar.
  11. 2 old Adams Pro hybrids and an 18.5 degree Wison 915 which is the hottest club I have ever hit
  12. Adams Idea Pro. Old, yes, but still bullets
  13. not quite sure what "line drive" seats even mean. There is netting up and down both the 1st base and 3rd base side.
  14. The perception has always been that graphite just does not have the same manufacturing consistency as steel shafts, particularly in irons. How would you explain this perception away to make people more comfortable with trying graphite in irons instead of steel?
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