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  1. I have the alphard which is great but this is like looking at the Mercedes showroom ! GLWS
  2. GLWS I've had one for ~2 years, fantastic addition to your game if you like to walk !
  3. That is $27 per box plus shipping comes to ~$80 for two boxes. Good thought - they have it priced accordingly I have the planemate, thinking about attaching styrofoam craft/packing boxes to the planemate belt or as others have said use a lumbar support belt with boxes. Now if I could just buy some free time to work, play and practice
  4. I finally took my evnroll tour stroke out on on course yesterday, it looks funny but it sure works well. Taking it out again today, highly recommended for practice and on course use.
  5. I just switched from tour edge to g400 3 wood and 5 wood. The g400 is much easier for me to launch and avoid severe low left shots. Nothing against the TEE clubs, I'm just getting older and the g400 gave me better ball flight. Bought both of the g400's used for under $165 each
  6. Opened the bag for inspection, it looks fine, no imperfections. I putted a few on the mat, with the wrappers and tape on . Looks very good at address, I really like the dark head. Feel is firmer than a 2016 NP2 select.
  7. Nah he pays for me to go to Florida every year and play in his member guest down there in Ft Myers, he is very generous. I just misunderstood his humor. I could have cancelled the order but figured wouldn't have a problem selling it. Lately he's been asking when it will deliver so he may decide he wants it after all, then I can tell him too late, or joke with him about paying a premium.
  8. I called our local course on day they were announced and asked him to order NP2 for me and FB for my golfing buddy. Turns out buddy was kidding, he usually putts with garage sale merchandise so I may end up with two putters to add to the herd sitting in my basement . The NP2 arrived this week, I just picked it up, left it in the bag , probably putt with it indoors at home tonight. Sounds like I should check the grip alignment and inspect the head for cosmetic details. Mine came in generic brown titleist box, I guess these don't ship in a cameron box ?
  9. One last thought, mine came with the recoil F3 shaft and the genuine fusion headcover in like new condition to my door for $142. The recoil is great shaft for my irons, but I would have to add an extension for it compete with the aldila green eyes stiff.
  10. I was able to take some swings with the fusion on the skytrak last night, short on time but the fusion matched the GBB Epic, launched a bit higher with perhaps a few more hundred rpm spin, but all below 3000 and generally in the 2400-2600 rpm range. I did feel like I could go after it without concern for it going off line. I'm pretty old (61) with arthritic thumbs so swing speed is below 100. Last night I was swinging around 95 mph with ball speeds 140-142, launching at 16-18. This matches what I get on good swings with the Epic, but without fear of the low left runner. If you're on the fence I would recommend trying the head, I'll be gaming it in remaining tournament rounds this year.
  11. City and State (US Only): Decatur, IL Handicap: 2.8 Current Irons: Adams MB2 Favorite Feature of the New P790 irons: P790 irons look great, blade-like with easy distance If selected, do you agree to participate in a review thread? We would ask you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the clubs? Yes I would contribute to review thread with iphone photos and descriptive content
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