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  1. @TyWebb_Indy let me know your thoughts about the Pfau course. Other than it’s difficult. I already know that lol. Smyers also designed the most difficult course I have played multiple times, Wolf Run, so I hope you’re up for the challenge. @Motoboss I haven’t played the others you mentioned but we have differing thoughts on Martinsville vs Fox Cliff. You’re right, the conditions aren’t great but I think the layout of Martinsville blows the doors off of Fox Cliff. I enjoy the front 9 at Fox Cliff but would be fine if I didn’t play the back 9 again. I imagine the amount of trees at both courses make turf management rather difficult. No way the elevation helps with drainage.
  2. Following this one. Interesting to hear people question if she was in the right to hit (pertaining to who was away) without her opponents ball first being found. I know match play rules are a bit different but I never would have thought that being an issue. I commonly see something like this occur, player A hits left side of fairway and player B just off in the right rough. Driving distance has been about the same all day. Player A comes to their ball and hits while player B is still looking. Is player A now at risk of being penalized for hitting out of turn? Again, I know it’s a friendly game at the level the large majority of us play it at. Just curious because I haven’t even thought of that being an issue until reading the two previous post.
  3. What makes you say this? Obviously, I don’t have access to Kaiser’s bank accounts but given the golf properties he owns, I imagine he could build the Lido in each US timezone and not even receive a concerned call from his bank. I have no problems if he wants to build a private course. The fact that it’s going to be at a resort with public courses does seem a bit odd. Something like Pinehurst does with their membership would make more sense to me.
  4. Wolf Run outside of Indianapolis. Unfortunately it’s no longer open. They struggled with membership mainly due to difficulty. No one outside of a few low handicaps had any desire to play there 3-5 times a week. Par 71 Smyers design. The front tees were 6100, 71.6 with a slope of 138. 7215, 77.6 and 145 slope form the backs. Says a lot about the difficulty despite not being crazy long. Played the back tees 4-5 times. As a 4 handicap my best round was an 84. Jack Leer was the original owner. Former crooked stick member and a dentist. The dentist part should tell you all you need to know!
  5. @Busta how was your trip? We had some great golf weather last weekend. Hopefully Thursday wasn’t too soggy. It poured most places on Wednesday. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the courses and trip, and I know I’m now alone!
  6. @Cameron Detourthe best advice would be find where you want to live and then go from there. Carmel, zionsville, fishers, and noblesville are are all northern suburbs that share borders with each other. Add Westfield to your list of northern suburbs as well. Avon is west and quite a bit different from the others listed. Cost of living would be noticeably lower. Now that I think about it, does the Avon, Plainfield, Brownsburg area have any private clubs? Is Prestwick still private? TY gives you a good rundown of some of the less expensive options. If you end up somewhere north near zionsville I would add Ulen to the list. It’s a good traditional club with friendly membership and affordable pricing. Golf only though. Both Broadmoor and Country Club of Indianapolis are always running deals for new members. Broadmoor is actually at the point where some would say they’re struggling. Fantastic Donald Ross course with some of the very best green complexes in the state. Highland is another good club in the midtown area. Not far from Broodmore. They have been doing very well recently so I can’t speak to the fees.
  7. In those areas, I am not so sure. Crooked Stick is the big one, but well above that range. Chatham Hills and Holiday Farms are both new and really emphasize family, at the detriment of the golf, but are both in the range of 20k initiation (may be less if you buy/build a lot) with 6-800 in dues a month. I’ll add noblesville to your list. It’s Essentially between Carmel and Fishers but just a touch further north. Harbor trees is a decent club and you gain access to their beach club. It’s a clubhouse on Morse Lake with a pool, restaurant, and workout familiarity. I believe their rates may be around the higher end of your budget. Can’t say for sure as I’ve only seen the under 35 rates there. Just north of fishers Is a nice Nicklaus course called Sagamore with a good pool area. It’s a bit cheaper than crooked stick, holiday, and Chatham but I don’t know specifics. If I recall the dues are decent but requires an imitation of 8-12k Can’t speak towards Avon. Like most places, Clubs have filled up and prices have gone up Since covid started.
  8. I’ll add my two cents. The night I spent at the American Club was fantastic. Most people I have spoken too echo similar thoughts. Maybe it’s not truly a 5 star resort as advertised? If the price is no issue, it’s a great place to stay
  9. I am looking for new new golf belts to wear that are of the braided/knit variety. I want them to have some sort of buckle and should have a touch of leather at least on the very end of the belt. No D-rings allowed. Just wanting to see what you guys have experience with. Hoping to keep it under $50 which I know excludes Holderness and Bourne and some of the other more premium brands.
  10. As the caddie I’m always a little torn when I know I have a double. Partially excited to make more (usually double) money but also a little bummed. Some of it depends on the weather, but the hot and humid days of summer I always say that a double bag takes the enjoyment out of it. It requires a ton more work and hustling to do a good job for both players. If you are at a course that traditionally double bags and you make a special request for a single, I would advise tipping them a but more than usual. Depending on the culture of the caddie program it may be possible for the caddie to decline and give it to the next guy, but I assume them taking the single is money from their pocket.
  11. @Shilgy what do you guys do for best ball events? The Club I caddy at has been using golf genius for a few years and it often puts us caddies in an odd situation. Partner makes a 4 on hole one. His playing partner has a 10 footer for 5 and picks it up bc he has no reason to finish. What score do you put down? I’m guessing the answer isn’t net double like ESC allows for? This situation happens all the time and I’m not sure the best way to go about it. In this situation both teams had 1 player make birdie. 2 man best ball match play. 2 guys miss just off the green. 2 guys on about 8-10 feet. Both guys chip on but are still away. The guys putting for birdie concede the par putts because they don’t want to give away any lines. What do you write those guys down for? Par because it was concede? Or bogey because the statistical odds of making a putt outside 8 feet is less than 50%? Maybe the answer is different there because the putts were actually conceded but the type of situation and question around what you mark down remains the same. The course a lot of my buddies are at started doing golf genius this past year. If a group doesn’t update scores on their phone they are required to stop by the turn and a staff member enters hole by hole scores for everyone. To my knowledge this rarely happens. Usually they make the youngest member in the group so it lol.
  12. Ah I gotcha. I read removed from the club and took that to mean Country Club. I was thinking that removal for not posting scores would mean losing out on initiation fees and all that. @Shilgy they may all be different, but when I search the Indiana handicap database it lists dates for the scores posted and tells you if a players account isn’t active. Now that I think about it, it’s possible the guy pays the fee each year to keep his account active and just never posts anything. In that case, I would expect the men’s club manager to ensure scores are being posted. If nothing else, scores from every men’s club event should be entered by the person in charge of the men’s club.
  13. By all means, fix it going forward. Even the suggestion of kicking someone out of the club for that is foolish. The real question is how did whoever makes up the scorecards, ast pro, league organizer, club manager, etc not realize the guy didn’t have a valid handicap. I imagine they search peoples names from a database and not just make up a scorecard with whatever people say their cap is.
  14. It depends on your set rules. For gross events I dont think it matters because doesn’t need a handicap. If one of the rules is you have to have a valid/active handicap then he shouldn’t be allowed to play in any net events because he doesn’t have a handicap.
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