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  1. “A Complete Guide to Mastering Pace of Play” by Steve Southard Not an easy to find book but if you’re a golf nerd that is interested in this topic then you will really enjoy it.
  2. My personal list... Brickyard Rock Hallow Kampen The Fort Sultans Run Bear Slide, Prairie View, and Sultans Run were all up for the 5th spot. Ask me tomorrow and I may change my mind. haven’t played either French Lick course, Pfau, Warren, or Chariots Run.
  3. Aside from the “warm” 40 degree sunny days the golf season appears to be winding down. So just for fun... Rank the top 5 PUBLIC courses you have played in the state.
  4. Are players allowed to walk and carry their own bags on 2 and 4? Or must you have a caddy or cart?
  5. Out of curiosity, what on earth magazines or sites do you use for rankings? The Honors Course seems to be the unanimous #1 in TN. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Honors not #1. I had the same question in another review when you mentioned a course in Kentucky being top 1-3. I am wanting to do both in the same trip, but If you were playing 18 at one and had to pick, Sweetens or Sewanee?
  6. As others have said, break up the trip. French lock is fantastic for a long weekend trip. Unless you are willing to spend a ton of time in the car there isn’t enough golf around to stay there that long, IMO. You could very easily fly into Lville and out of Indy or the other way around. I really enjoy Sultans run and don’t agree with the gimmicky part. Yes there’s a waterfall behind the 18th but its not really part of the course. The one complaint I hear that I agree with is that all of the par 3s are downhill and 3 of them feature water.
  7. Yeah I understand this complaint The low handicapper can mathematically win the low net though. So I don’t agree with the NEVER or EVER comments. Scratch player shoots 67. All of the net guys shoot above their handicap (which I believe they are designed to do the majority of the time). Same thing with skins. Low cap makes birdie on the 17th handicap hole and no one else getting a stroke makes par, that’s a skin. With that being said, I have never seen a scratch (or similar low handicap) player win an 18 hole net event.
  8. Does anyone have experience with the brand Harlestons? https://harlestons.com
  9. @puttnforthe8 @OleVirginia What are the details on the packages that include dinner and breakfast anyway? I’m going with a group booked for the end of the year. Our package includes both dinner and breakfast but I’ve never heard specifics.
  10. For what it’s worth, you aren’t missing much with Aston Oaks. If I remember correctly, a couple of holes require a bit of a walk from between holes as well. Not the best for walking
  11. If you’re constantly having trouble with people you are paired up with on the golf course... it may be you who is the problem. Conversation usually comes easy on the golf course. Talk about golf! I was paired with a gentleman who was hard of hearing a couple of years ago. He didn’t tell me that until halfway through the front nine. That was interesting lol.
  12. Care to elaborate? To you, what makes these rules a joke? If someone gives you a 1 ft putt should your score be ineligible? During covid most places didn’t have rakes out and bunkers were lift clean and place or free drop. Should scores have not been posted during those months because of the pandemic changes? Say it rains hard before a us open or am qualifier and LCP is in place. Do you think that makes scores ineligible to post? Just trying to see your side of things here. If people are posting scores this way wouldn’t that mean their handicap is lower than it should be and would benefit you?
  13. Buffer Park would be my preference of the 3. Often overlooked because it’s 9 holes and in an odd spot but it’s a really enjoyable course.
  14. I can’t speak for the poster, but I don’t think he meant the “cheater” comment to be personal or mean spirited. Reading through the thread, it doesn’t seem like you are not posting scores to gain an advantage or anything. More like there is some ambiguity there and you aren’t sure what to do. If you care to read them, the rules are quite clear about how you count putts conceded inside a certain distance, round where slightly less than 18 holes are played, what happens if you don’t finish a hole, etc. (I don’t have any data but I would imagine the percentage of rounds posted for handicap purposes where someone putts everything out, even the 3 inch putt on the 18th, would be very small.) Personal opinion, if you want to rationalize not posting these scores that’s ok. But if you cared to look at the handicap rules a bit you would see that these rounds are eligible to post. In general, I think all rounds need to be posted. Even if a 2 foot putt is conceded or the group/committee decides that its lift clean and place for the day. Keep playing well though. Had you shot 75 no one would have cared!
  15. I’m not doubting you or trying to call your bluff but since you have the numbers I am curious. The stats above, 2.81 birdies and 2.87 bogeys means that you average 12.3 pars a round. Does that 2.87 number include doubles or just bogeys? If it’s the second, I’m guessing that you also make a small percentage of doubles. Maybe .5 a round or so? If we know your average is 12 pars a round how many rounds do you have where you make 16 pars or more? Of that number how many of those rounds with 16+ pars include 1 or fewer birdies?
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