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  1. Most of time a missed shot is from lack of practice swing. My understanding is you wake the unit up when you take practice swings. When I first got the V-2 it missed every putt that I hit and after consulting with Shot scope they said my lack of a practice stroke is what caused these issues as I do not take practice stroke with my putter. After this I switched to manual putt option and have not had any issues. I have been super impressed with how accurate it is. Also takes about 10 rounds or more to get your averages with all clubs, I have 40 to 50 rounds on mine and still have skewed #'s on
  2. Python Super lite stand bag- Black/grey/ white Duffel bag -Black Tote bag- Black /dark grey/ grey Thanks
  3. Conquest Custom Golf 4889 Mercedes Dr. Suite d Liberty,oh 45011 X- Flex Thanks
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