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  1. ALL club component building companies push Accra as its their highest margin product. Great product so it's hard to knock as Accra is absolutely solid. The costs for the shafts are low for most companies so they can sell them higher and make their profits.
  2. Not true, you can buy handcrafted anywhere. The coloring of Hzrdus is what is determining tour vs retail (at least for now). Per my understanding. That's what I meant. I know mine are the tour Issue versions since the HZRDUS is colored.
  3. I'd assume the ones that don't are mass produced vs the hand rolled. Also not watered down.
  4. CONUS ONLY and PayPal is the way HZRDUS Yellow 6.5 TM 2* Tip Played 45" in M2 Handcrafted logo Tour Velvet logo down grip (std) Asking 200$ OBO HZRDUS Black 6.5 TM 2* tip Played 43" in M1 3 wood Handcrafted logo Tour Velvet logo down (std) 42 3/8" tip to grip Asking 200$ OBO GD AD DI 8x 41 1/8" tip to grip NO tip on currently (I do have a 1.5* TM tip I can install) Tour Velvet logo down (std) Asking 155$ OBO Take all 3 shafts for 515$ NEED any more pictures just pm me and let me know.
  5. Finau looked to be playing a Ping G LST driver from a swing video I saw about a week ago on Instagram.
  6. All items are OBO, so feel free to make a respectable offer if my prices are off.
  7. PayPal is the preferred method of payment. Not really interested in any trades at the moment. Titleist 716 AP2 irons 4-PW and GW Tour Issue X100 irons in 4-Pw (American Flag Ryder Cup shaft labels) Tour Issue S400 in GW (Std shaft) New Tour Velvets grips logo down Clubs have seen one season of use. Clubs are 1/4" short of Titleist standard length Asking 750$ OBO Nike VR Pro Combo iron heads 4-PW Heads have been prepped and cleaned for installation Clubs have seen use but no browning on faces. Still in good shape. ASKING 175$ OBO Ping Vault series Putter Bergen model 35" Stock
  8. Grooves are a tad more boxier. 2 more grooves in the sand and lob wedges. Very iBlade looking in my opinion. Should be another great product. Will hopefully have mine in hand on 2/1.
  9. What about with m2 fairway woods? I have an m2 Fw that has a T in the next to last character in the serial? I think it's a retail head but at least open to the idea it could be an issue head. Seems to upright to be one in my opinion.
  10. Thanks guys. Also would any one have any idea on the hosel? It's definitely bent (not in an accidental way). It's almost like in a manner that allows the club face to be open versus shut or upright possibly. You can see the white crown in between the face and shaft at address.
  11. Didn't buy the club. It was given to me from one of my customers.
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