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  1. I was never a great fan of Duval until he won the Open and gave his winners speech - class act.
  2. Yes, 100%. A little bit of drift from 9 to 1030 is fine id imagine. Impossible to hit the ball well without transferring weight to lead side - which is what the drill reinforces i think.
  3. Thanks for that. Makes perfect sense. And i bet what feels like a half swing (9 oclock) will be more like 1030, and with a perfect, natural wrist set.
  4. Brilliant video that, like most of mike's videos, tbh.
  5. Try with some lead tape around the hosel to see if that will help? You'll only maybe 3-5 grams
  6. Wow! That's the best transformation ive ever seen! Were you hitting a ball in both photos? How does the chicken wing look after using the training aid for a few shots, then not using it?
  7. Just ordered the brand new Sky Caddie LX5C (C for Ceramic, apparently) watch. Looks incredible, big bright HD screen, full colour course layouts, pin location, distances to all hazards etc, and some golf metrics to analyse your rounds. As soon as i saw it I ordered it....coming tomorrow! Got a 2 day golf trip coming up Friday and cant wait to use it on unfamiliar courses. Anyone used one?
  8. Brilliant! Thanks very much for the response. I'm having trouble with thin shots and sometimes weak cuts, occasionally shanks. I think posture could be a major contributor to the poor shots. I'm going to try that tomorrow.
  9. Thanks. I'm just wondering if there's a simple reason for the 3 misses i'm experiencing, and i'm assuming that the pulls are a leftward path with a face that is square to the path. I dont really have an instructor that i trust enough to identify the path (or whatever flaw it is).
  10. Looks miles better in red shirt. How did you achieve the changes? Was there some instruction you followed? I would like to review my set up, as i think i'm set as you were originally.
  11. Without getting on a trackman, would you say the club path could be the cause of all these mishits? I'm thinking if the club is coming into the ball steep, over the top and then heading left then it will produce all these misses? Any good cures for preventing this move? Thanks
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