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  1. Thanks Arl. I'll keep looking for a fitter.
  2. Great info! I made a rudimentary set of MOI matched irons from my old TM TP MC irons, by stripping the shafts and heads down, shaving off the heavy heads and adding tip weights to the light ones. I didnt do a bad job, but i did mess up the wedges by grinding too much off them, and also probably have them 1/2" too long and ive no idea what MOI they are, haha. Hence im looking for a proper set. What formula did you use to calculate the MOI for each? I though it was something like mass x length sqaured divided by 3. Been a couple of years since i did it. I'd like to build
  3. Thanks Arl67. Yes, im aware of all of these things but i thought that when i requested an MOI fitting that that's what i would get, considering they are supposed to be a Tom Wishon approved fitter. Having the same MOI which isnt fitted to your personal criteria is not much better than SW fitting. It'd be pure chance whether it's right or wrong, unless it was fitted for. I heard Ping used to do MOI matched clubs by using the 1/3SW progressions. I dont think they MOI fit them though. Yes, I may have to buy the heads and raw shafts from diamond golf and find a
  4. Thanks for that. Yes, ive found these two from the Tom Wishon 'find a club fitter' page.....but they seem pretty poor - didnt even know what MOI fitting was. Now the diamond golf place in Scotland are saying they wont allow me to buy another demo club because ive had 2 already (and the 2nd one was a complete farce)! Im amazed how poor this situation is. I woud drive down to kent to get a proper MOI fitting.
  5. I think you'd just need standard (or even slightly longer clubs) but flatter lie angle, maybe 3-4 degrees Bit of a guess that though, of course. Ian Woosnam might be good model to emulate.
  6. I was never a great fan of Duval until he won the Open and gave his winners speech - class act.
  7. Yes, 100%. A little bit of drift from 9 to 1030 is fine id imagine. Impossible to hit the ball well without transferring weight to lead side - which is what the drill reinforces i think.
  8. Thanks for that. Makes perfect sense. And i bet what feels like a half swing (9 oclock) will be more like 1030, and with a perfect, natural wrist set.
  9. Nice job! Whats the difference between the 2.1 and 2.1T?
  10. Brilliant video that, like most of mike's videos, tbh.
  11. Try with some lead tape around the hosel to see if that will help? You'll only maybe 3-5 grams
  12. Wow! That's the best transformation ive ever seen! Were you hitting a ball in both photos? How does the chicken wing look after using the training aid for a few shots, then not using it?
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