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  1. Nevermind. Thought those were new MCs but still his 750s
  2. No slot on the MCs I don't believe. One piece forging from all the information out there.
  3. I'll take these. Send me your Pay Pal. Thanks.
  4. Do you guys think the back of the P-7MC where the stripes are is milled or a sticker? I really hope it is not a sticker.
  5. What kind of nets are you guys using at home? I'm looking for something that is easily put up and taken down and is durable. Thanks.
  6. Would a shaft adapter from a Taylor Made R1 be compatible with a M5/M6 or SIM? Meaning could a shaft be taken straight out of the R1 and be put in the new model? Thanks.
  7. The hybrid is a JDM club I'm pretty sure. It does say Rescue under the M6 on the bottom. There is no writing on the speed pocket, however. Serial number is 8APT994Y.
  8. Taylor Made 770s with KBS 120 FLT stiff shaft - 4 through PW - terrific shape with no browning on the faces - recently bought these on here and just a little big for my taste. Played them once since purchase so selling for what I paid. SOLD Taylor Made M6 3 wood with Tour AD DI-7s stiff shaft. I bought this club brand new and only played it once. It's hit maybe 8 shots and still looks new. Price = SOLD Taylor Made M6 Hybrid with Fubuki TM6 stiff shaft. I also bought this club brand new and only played it once. It's hit maybe 5 balls and still looks new. Price = $140 shipped Ty
  9. Just do away with the screw in the toe and the speed foam whatever you do. At least for one model have a solid-one piece player's cavity back. Clean up the cosmetics and make them clean looking. Those will be the best selling option.
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