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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha. How long have we been hearing this?
  2. I have the Gallivanters and love them. Definitely want to try the new FJ too though, so I'm interested to hear others' thoughts.
  3. Peter Millar Summer Comfort (new) - Size Small - Teal w/ large logo - $50 Peter Millar Natural Touch (new) - Size Small - Tan/Blue/Red stripe w/ logo - $50 G/Fore Gallivanter Shoes - Size 10 - Brand new and never worn outside - $130 Lamb Crafted Stars and Stripes Putter Cover - I believe this is his first US Open cover - $250 Lamb Crafted Candy Cane Putter Cover - $75
  4. Is it really necessary to stamp Schwab all over the outside of it?
  5. I'm not sure I totally understand the whole Buck Club concept. Wasn't it started because they were going to build a golf course called The Buck Club and then started selling merchandise related to that even though there was no golf course. And still yet today, there is no golf course yet they keep selling merchandise. Like I said, I'm not sure I'm totally up to speed so please correct me wherever I'm off.
  6. If anyone saved the pic, could you DM it to me, please? Thanks.
  7. No slot on the MCs I don't believe. One piece forging from all the information out there.
  8. I'll take these. Send me your Pay Pal. Thanks.
  9. Do you guys think the back of the P-7MC where the stripes are is milled or a sticker? I really hope it is not a sticker.
  10. What kind of nets are you guys using at home? I'm looking for something that is easily put up and taken down and is durable. Thanks.
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