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  1. I currently own several PM and GFore shirts (both owned by same company and very similar material quality), and I previously owned many TM shirts. The TM 77 or 777 line, I think it might have also been called Prestige, is their best line. Soft blended material that lasts. Like many others have said, their materials the last couple years since being purchased by Callaway have changed. Not as soft. The cuts are different. I've sold most of my TM shirts except a couple from the line I referenced in the first sentence. As for PM, I wear the Crown Crafted line. I'm also 5
  2. I just received my three H&B shirts. I ordered a Perkins, Campbell, and Maxwell shirt. First impressions after opening and trying on: The Perkins & Campbell feel like the exact same shirt. Very soft. Very light. The Maxwell is a bit different material. Feels like a soft jersey material. Very light. All have sewn in stay collars which makes the collars look great. Love that. Sleeve length only goes about half way down my bicep which I like. Overall fit is basically identical to the Peter Millar Crown Crafted line. I would not classify them is 'form fittin
  3. I play a lot of early morning rounds here in Minnesota, so I attract a lot of dew and grass clippings on my cart, shoes, and bag. Just a quick 2 min wipe down of shoes and the cart after the round and you're all set. The bag was a different story. I had a SM 14 way LS 4.5. Super light, good bag, but hard to keep clean. I had the Red, White, & Blue, so the white part, because of the material, was always a little dirty looking. Couldn't just wipe it clean. I'm looking forward to that with this new bag.
  4. I got in on the pre-order for a Player III. I'm getting the cart strap and towel with it too. Can't wait for it to arrive, but they aren't shipping until 12/14. I went with the all white. Can't wait. Glad I waited too because I was going to order the 2.0 before I got the email about the new bags.
  5. Last week I sold 7 other shirts and decided I can get rid of a few more. The hat is brand new and never worn and matches the Linksoul shirt perfectly. All shirts are stain/rip/logo free & dry cleaned only. All shirts are sized Small, hat is L/XL and new without tags (Which I hope the pictures prove). Each item is $17 but if you buy them all I will get more aggressive with pricing. Thanks for looking. Travis Mathew Floral Print. Travis Mathew Blue with Black Spec. Peter Millar Blue & Red Stripe. Linksoul Blue/Teal. Travi
  6. Hey everyone. Thanks for clicking. Thinning out my shirts, haven't worn most of these in quite some time. None of them have a stain or rip of any kind and have only been dry cleaned. All shirts are size Small, except for the Vineyard Vines pullover which is new with tags and a size Medium. All shirts are $17 each shipped to lower US Only. Vineyard Vines is $60 shipped to lower US Only. Willing to negotiate more aggressive pricing if you buy multiple or all. Blue Cricket Shirt. Green Cricket Shirt. Black Linksoul Shirt. Gray
  7. @arbeck is spot on with his post. I'm a perfect example of that. When I did all my ball testing on course and with my fitting, I kept coming back to the Chromesoft. It felt the best, had all around the best numbers and performance, and the distance was all close enough. In fact, I am a half club longer with irons using this ball. That's for me and my swing. Yours will be different. My driver SS is 108. Also, as @braincramp52 pointed out, most fitters will tell you to work backwards for a ball starting with the putter. To me, nothing feels better than the Chromesoft off my putter (Club
  8. I've used a tee (too difficult), I've used the standard Scotty and the roller Scotty (don't fit my hand well, too heavy), and I always come back to the Pitch Fix. It retracts, has a magnet for the ball marker, the grip is perfect for my hand, it fixes divots fast and effectively, and it's out of the way in my back pocket while I walk.
  9. I got in on the pre-order for the Vessel Player Stand III, 14-Way, White. I'm still using a SM LS 4.5 14-Way and it's been a solid bag. Not great. Here's why I'm getting away from it. The legs have a small screw that keeps the long metal piece together right in the middle, when the base is activated to stand. That screw has popped off many times. In fact, I had to have them send me a new leg kit last year (my bag was purchased in 2019) and it fell out again this year. I'm tired of dealing with that. The problem is that if the screw is out, and you're not paying attention, t
  10. Call them directly. They sent me a 5W with two heavy weights in it by mistake. They sent me the lighter weight for free. I'm sure they can figure something out for what you need.
  11. There was a huge thread last year about Old Navy Active Go-Dry pants. I own 6 pairs. They are incredible. I've also heard good things about the Target brand.
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