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  1. Minneapolis Golf Club is going to above your budget. Bent Creek is private, but it is very reasonable. Island View is solid. Rush Creek has several annual pass options. The Wilds could be an option (I don't know).
  2. This is an interesting thread and I can relate to much of it. I have a SS28 from '19 and a QB8 from '17. Earlier this year, I picked up the '21 SS7. Lately I have been considering on of the new QB6 putters. The '21 SS series definitely feels softer for me than the '19 series. It went to the bench earlier in the season as I felt like it would be better when the greens at my club got faster in the summer. I tossed it in the bag last night and while it is better, I think the combination of the more compact head being less forgiving and the softness means it isn't for me. I like the '19 SS, but I might sell the '21 SS and pick up the '21 QB6.
  3. I have had good luck with Bettinardi - the Queen B 6 or 8 or the Studio Stock 28. Maybe they are too wide for you, but they have been great for me.
  4. Anybody else finding the 21 TP5x to shred way more than the 19 version. Or do I just suck more than ever?
  5. I echo most of what has been said here: - Get good rain gear. Galvin Green is fantastic. - Get a rain hat. You might be playing through conditions you wouldn’t play in here in the US - I bought new socks and used a new pair for every round on my trip - Base layers are important as it can feel very damp and cold at times - With the exception of only a few places, there is no halfway house. Bring some Clif bars or granola bars from home and pack one for every round. Most pro shops have bottled water/Gatorade and you can buy there. - Body Glide is not a bad thing to have with you to protect from chafing - Two pairs of shoes for sure. Three isn’t overkill. - Try to eat lunch in the clubhouses. So many of them have really cool stuff on the walls. Where all are you playing?
  6. East: I think StoneRidge is the best public course in town. It’s a modern Bobby Weed on the east side. Keller is the best value in town. Muni on the St. Paul side that was renovated a few years ago. Troy Burne just across the river in Hudson, Wis., is good. On the west side: Rush Creek is high end public course that had the US Public Links several years go. Some people like Chaska Town Course, but I think it’s overrated (It’s about a mile from Hazeltine and was the second course for the US Am. Billy Ho shot 60 there).
  7. How much toe hang on the Chicago?
  8. I echo the Beverly love. I have a good friend who is a member there and it is pretty easily the most comfortable club that I have been to in Chicago. The guys I have met there are great, it’s casual, but still nice and they want to have a good time. Practice facilities have improved since they took out the swimming pool and repurposed that land and it appears that they are on the verge of improving them even more.
  9. I loved that copper QB6. Should have gotten one a few years ago when it came out. I like a putter shorter than 35 inches, so I didn’t pull the trigger.
  10. I was a member at Raleigh CC just before McConnell bought it. Haven't seen the latest work, but the photos look great. One place that hasn't been mentioned is Hope Valley. That's also very good.
  11. I have heard that Chechessee closes for a bit in the summer. It is a great spot, but quite the drive from CLT. Old Town would be great. Does Greensboro CC have a non-resident - two very different, but good, courses - or anything else in the Triad?
  12. I prefer the Studio Stock because of how it rolls off of the face. I have a SS28 Slotback from the last set of putters and a Kuchar 1 from a few years ago along with a QB8 from a few years ago. I love how the QB8 looks (and I love the shape of the QB6), but the ball skids for me before getting rolling when compared with the SS line. I have rolled the new SS putters inside at PGATSS and will probably get one, but haven't yet. If I could find a QB6 with a grooved face, I would jump at it.
  13. Two great Savannah options: Husk and The Grey. If you want a good burger spot in Savannah: The Green Truck.
  14. I have been a Play Away member for a few years, but it seems to be less and less worth it. I joined largely for access in PHX as my parents live there, but removing Anthem in particular (along with Gainey and Seville) greatly reduces the value for me. I'll probably roll it through this golf season and punt.
  15. I know the guy who is the membership director at Stonebridge. He's a solid dude. With cost being important here, one of the first things I would also ask is the caddie culture/caddie rules. So many of the top clubs in Chicagoland are caddie mandatory or caddie really, really encouraged for most of the day. That's great, but it is worth asking about up front vs. being surprised.
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