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  1. Thanks...you can only get TM online over here so that helps!!
  2. Hi, the last few seasons I’ve pretty much exclusively worn Nike Polos but liking some of the Travis Matthew designs this year. Anybody got any feedback on how the fit and sizing compares between the two??
  3. Don’t worry about it being the ‘real deal’ or not....go try it....if you like it and it works then go for it!!
  4. It’s only open if you let the club sit naturally though?? If you square the face then it’s still square....right??
  5. Has anyone who ordered this from the UK had any movement on their order yet? Mine's still sitting as 'Processing' although based on my experiences so far of TM's store they are shocking.....I'm still waiting for my 'Desert Vibes' cover to be delivered over 2 weeks after it was supposedly dispatched....they were quick getting my 'Galactic Spider' cover out but very disappointed with the last two orders!! Been in contact with them but they just ignore emails and won't speak to anyone on the phone! Very Very poor from @TaylorMade Golf(UK)....I just want to get
  6. It's a simple case of Markup and Bulk Buy vs Individual supply. I'd be very very surprised if any of the shafts that are sold individually cost more than $100 to produce....the difference is how many you are buying.... Any of the OEM's that want a shaft can commit to buy hundreds of thousands in one go...hence they get them cheaper...maybe $70/$80 per shaft....where does the supplier make their money back....by charging a massive markup on the ones they sell individually to give the impression of high cost/value. Add to this a custom paint job etc and you en
  7. What made you choose the Max over the Ti? Did you see any difference in distance? I’m leaning more towards the Ti as I want a flatter lie and ability to play the 5 wood at 17’ with an anti-left setup
  8. Only 5 pockets though may be an issue....99% certain I’ll still buy it (if I can get one in the UK)
  9. Hey! Currently playing an Epic Flash SZ 3 wood at 16’ and as good as this club is it just goes too far for what I want and I’d rather not lift up and close the face! I have a few holes at my new course where I want a 240 yard tee shot and the SZ goes 260 easily Looking at the options for this year I’m open to suggestions ready to demo a few when we reopen! TSi3 16.5’ - May still go too far Epic Speed #5 wood - Seen this is a low spin monster so may be a good choice SIM2ti #5 lofted down - nice and open face and looks to be quite hot
  10. It's interesting to see how many of the top TM staffers have gone into a 10.5' SIM2.
  11. I’m wondering how hot the face is on the SIM2 Ti 5 wood...I’ve decided I’m going 4 wood instead of 3 wood this year as my Epic Flash SZ 3 Wood is just too long I was hoping that the 3HL was gonna be available in the SIM2 Ti but as it’s not I’m thinking of a 5 wood in the SIM2 Ti but maybe lofted down to 17’ Alternatively its either a TSi3 or an Epic Speed @ 16.5 (the head shape on these looks very very nice)
  12. Bottom line is that just like SIM..SIM2 will sell very well!! Those who don’t mind buying used will buy SIM1 from eBay just like every year...those who want new will not be able to get SIM at a discount because most places (here in the UK anyway) haven’t had any for months now! All of the YT reviews are showing marginal if any gains....but guess what....they are hitting (mostly) out of the middle! in the hands of an ‘average’ golfer I think there will be improvements over last year in forgiveness over the face....the weight saving from the sliding track will
  13. Biggest positive for me is that the new Sim2 Rescue comes in 57'-60' lie angel vs a set 60' in the Max Rescue Given it is the same loft hosel as the driver I'm assuming that the #3 is 57' as standard loft...if it is then it is getting bought immediately!!....no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get rid of the left with my Max Rescue! Updated 09 Rescue TP....YES PLEASE!!!
  14. Is it the standard TM loft sleeve or can it be set to a flatter lie?? Will be interesting to see what the standard lie is vs the Sim Max
  15. TBH all of the mainstream review sites always say the same now anyway...they are too general and are always too careful to say what is the 'best'. At the end of the day...apart from optimising spin and launch...every driver from the past 5/6 years will be within 5 yards of each other when hit out of the middle...that is why you see better/tour players still hitting older clubs. I think that RS almost nailed the point in his review when he said that forgiveness with the Ping Max was unreal....THIS is where the gains are nowadays but I don't know if there's a way for thes
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