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  1. My US Open ZIT's arrived today....they're nice but going back! Nike REALLY need to get a grip on their sizing across their range!! I went for a UK 11 as the last 2 pairs of ZIT's have been the same but these are loose. As much as their return policy is great...I'm getting fed up of having to order multiple sizes in different shoes just to find ones that fit!! Over the last few years its been very hit and miss.... Lunar Conrol 2 Vapor - Size 10 Fit great React Control Vapor - Had to go 9.5 (10 were too big) Tour Premiere - Ha
  2. Yep...there seems to be a worldwide shortage on True Temper shafts at least....some TM custom orders in the UK have been pushed back to September/October delivery at least due to a shortage!!....unless some MFR’s have been stockpiling??
  3. I’ve tried it (and wanted to love it) but its not forgiving at all!! You may hear otherwise on here but my local range have had loads of people interested in it due to the looks alone but they’ve hardly sold any as it needs a consistent and strong swing to elevate it! If you have the swing for it then I’ve no doubt it’s great but there’s far more forgiving options out there!!
  4. Through my experience ‘better’ depends on what you want.... OG SIM is longer, but more punishing on less than perfect strikes...SIM2 is marginally shorter (5ish yards) and doesn’t seem to have the freakishly long out of the screws ball in it. But....SIM 2 is more consistent (for me anyway) less punishing on average hits and seems to retain ball speed and spin over the face better!! If I had the time to work on my swing more and had a more consistent strike then I’d definitely still be playing OG SIM!!
  5. I’d been playing OG SIM for a few months and it was the lingers driver I’ve ever hit! Bought a SIM 2 Max this weekend and put my Smoke Green in it....WOW!!! Is it as long....on perfect strikes...probably not but only by 5-10 yards tops. where the SIM 2 Max shines is on less than perfect strikes....I hit one high toe that with my SIM would have been low spin hook into the OOB...with the SIM 2 it was a straighter miss that still retained spin and carry!! I was unsure on the Max initially and wanted to go for the SIM 2 but I had higher ball speed wi
  6. I’ve been thinking how I could make something similar....I take it you’re pulling the adapter by pulling a screw inserted into the end rather than wrecking the ferrule??
  7. I think a better approach would be of the 10 or 12 drivers that they pick, each gets 10-20 balls each and is ranked against each other in 2 different league tables: Average Distance Dispersion (Left/Right and Front Back) 10points to the winner all the way down to 1 for last place The winner is the one with the most overall points the problem with the way it's done right now is that you may get 2 very strong performers and two weaker performers in a head to head but one weak one still gets through. Not to take anything away from t
  8. When I go to configure a Driver on TM's USA Site I get the options attached. I don't want to mess around pulling the adapter as I don't have access to anywhere that will do it....I was thinking I may just be able to fit the driver shaft and butt trim and it still play similar.
  9. Hiya, currently play Smoke Green 70 6.0 in my SIM and love the shaft. Looking at TT’s website it looks like they don’t make a fairway specific version of the shaft and instead recommend tipping 1” for a 5 Wood. I believe TM tip their shafts 1” as standard so does this mean I can take a Smoke Green Driver shaft with a TM Tip already installed and simply butt trim to length??
  10. nickosbad

    TM P7MC

    I went the opposite way....was playing P750 with C-Taper and am now in P7MC with C-Taper and am consistently 5 yards longer but that may be to do with them being 1/2 inch longer
  11. Currently playing OG SIM in a 9’ head one click higher at 9.75’ Undecided whether to go 9’ SIM2 or 10.5’ turned down (bad shot is left) I’ve got the 9’ head at standard and liked it but haven’t hit SIM2 Max against it yet I get 25% off at a certain retailer but don’t trust their fitters at all....other places are full retail even though I trust them more
  12. Which flex in RDX Black is the closest to the Smoke Green 6.0? Ive swung the 6.0 and it felt loose but can’t find anywhere with the 6.5 to test locally!
  13. Does anyone know whether the 6.0 or 6.5 RDX Black will be closest to the 6.0 Smoke Green that came as stock in the OG SIM? Currently playing a 9’ SIM and just looking for slightly more forgiveness in the head but I love the shaft. Ive hit the 9’ SIM2 with 6.0 RDX and it seemed to be higher spin than my existing combo Finding a fitter that I’d want to buy from around here that carries the 6.5 is virtually impossible
  14. Nike’s Golf department need to stop smoking whatever they are on and get the basics right....Standard Victory Tour 2’s have been OOS in the common sizes since they all sold out on Day 1 in the UK...instead we get this trash that will only appeal to collectors!!!
  15. #4 hybrid arrived yesterday so I promptly got the range for some testing ...initial thoughts are that i LOVE the head shape and feel but I’m a bit confused as to the shafts!! Ping’s site states that the Rogue Black is a Low launching shaft but it certainly isn’t....looking on Aldila’s site it states it’s a mid/high launching shaft and hitting it you can see this! I’m tempted to try the Tour 85 instead but has anyone any experience of this shaft....is it lower launching than the Rogue Black?? I know I should try them out but demo shaft options in the hybrids
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