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  1. I’m thinking of a waterproof stand bag for this winter and am considering either the StaDry Players 4 or the Hoofer Monsoon. Anyone have any experience of the Hoofer Monsoon? there seems to be one less pocket on the spine of the bag and the side pockets weirdly lift up to reveal mesh pouches underneath (not sure why) I prefer the strap system of the Hoofer monsoon as the Titleist ones are awfully thin!
  2. I performed this simple “hack” on my Clicgear 8.0 to stop my stand bag from turning…all you need are 2 Plastic castle tees and a drill… Place the bag on the trolley, mark the locations of the legs and just drill a hole small enough for the tee to fit snugly…should work on any cart with plastic supports! I did it around 6 months ago and it hasn’t let me down yet…the added bonus is that you can simply remove the tees if I wanted to fit a cart bag!!
  3. I’m still struggling to decide between Low or Standard bounce in a 60 TM only seem to explain the bounce and not the grind….I use my 60 extensively around the green and love to lay the face open. I can’t try them out at my course but green surrounds are often firm and tight throughout summer In the Low Bounce, it looks like there is only leading edge relief…will the leading edge still sit lower than the SB when laid open?? Is the LB the same grind as an M-Grind Vokey?
  4. Update...after a bit of thought I "think" I may have determined the issue....I don't think the shaft is installed correctly...even though the grip is square, I think the shaft is rotated... My reasoning is that when the putter face is placed flat on the ground, the shaft tilts massively away from vertical (see new pics - the iPad box is there to illustrate vertical) When I place the shaft perfectly vertical the back of the putter sits way off the ground. I'm thinking that loosening the shaft and rotating it should both flatten the lie and bring the shaft more vertical Update 2...rather than wait, I decided to pop the shaft off....5 seconds over the gas stove and it came straight off! Rotated the shaft about 5-10 degrees and boom, lie corrected and shaft now sits straight with the head in a far better position. It also reduces the amount of shaft offset that looked too much anyway as you could see a gap between the shaft and face at address. It's sat drying overnight now and will just need to re-fit the grip once dried! Poor that Titleist would let something out of the factory with a shaft this badly aligned!!
  5. Hiya, just received a Scotty Cameron Phantom x 12.5 that I purchased last week It was listed as an ex-demo and from my inspection looks legit (see pics) However...the lie angle seems waaaay off...it is supposed to be 70' like my Spider but when placed next to it it is way more upright. I measured it with my iPhone and with the face flat it comes in at 78' There is no serial number etched on the shaft (unsure if they all have this anyway) so there is no way to check with Titleist if it was custom ordered nor is there any evidence on the shaft of it being bent in any way. Does this seem right...should this set off alarm bells? How easy would it be to get it bent to 70'?? can it be done by anyone with a loft/lie machine??
  6. Has anyone got any pics of the grind in the Low Bounce 60’? I’m unsure which bounce to go for in the 60, I like to lay the face open for flops and play of fairly tight lies, unsure whether to go 60SB, 60LB or wait for the Tiger Grind??
  7. Hi All, I'm in the process of transitioning from my Engage Wedges that have served me very well to mew MG3 Wedges (which are awesome BTW). The last one to replace is causing me some problems.... The Toe Sweep 60' As I understand it, the toe sweep has high bounce when square but is designed to have low bounce when opened...right?? I use my 60' heavily for flops around the green so will open the face a lot and occasionally from sand if the shot is short. I want to retain the ability to nip under the ball in tight lies (green surrounds are generally tightly mown and firm) but don't want to lose the ability to use it from Bunkers. The MG3 Low Bounce has more heel relief so I'm leaning that way...thoughts???
  8. I've ordered a set of T100 in standard lie and standard length but am having doubts about the lie. When getting fit I was advised to go 2' upright as I am toe-down at impact...but.... My miss is to the left...very rarely do I miss one right, I also suffer with early extension meaning I come from the inside and have high hands at impact leading to the toe down situation (I've been working on reducing this but in reality I'm never going to get rid of it as I don't have the time to work that much on my swing) I've always played standard lie in every set of irons (Ping i2, AP2, 716CB, P770, P750 & P7MC) except when I had Nike VPC in between AP2 and 716CB) which were 2' Upright and I moved on from those quickly as the left miss was even worse...hence the standard lie to minimise the left miss. So...my question is....if you were still toe down at impact and had a left miss would anyone consider going upright to try and correct the dynamic lie angle...Is there a situation where a lie angle that is too flat could encourage a left miss?? I know the left miss is a swing issue and as I said I'm working on it as much as I can...my question is just regarding the lie angle
  9. I’ve had word that my T100’s that I ordered (completely stock spec) on 1st September are due to me by Nov 20th…I’m fully expecting it to slip to December though!! I ordered std lie heads but 2’up are available immediately…don’t know whether to switch but don’t want to drop to the back of the queue This is the UK btw
  10. I was tempted until I saw the price...£700 here in the UK. How about instead of releasing overpriced "limited editions" they actually focus on having normal stock available...you can't even order any Scotty Cameron's over here in the UK from most retailers as they can't get any until 2022 at the earliest so aren't willing tp even place orders. A buddy of mine has a Special Select on order and he has been told March 2022 for delivery....in all likelihood there will be new ones out by then!!
  11. Looking at the current availability list..PX 6.5 are out of stock until 27th September but T100S heads are now out of stock until 3rd of Jan in the UK. All depends if your heads have been reserved until the shafts come in..if not they will end up getting the shafts in but not having the heads anymore!!
  12. I’m looking to transition from my Nike Engage wedges but going 1 at a time…starting with the 52’ Im not sure which way to go in terms of bounce. My home course is a strange mix…9 of the holes are firm ground and almost links style fairways, the second 9 is parkland with softer turf The Nike 52’ has 11’ of bounce whereas the MG3 are 9 or 12….my wedge game is strong and the Nikes are the first wedge that I’ve almost never chunked! Nowhere has the high bounce MG3 to try but I’m slightly wary of dropping bounce Any thoughts…is 2’ on a 52 wedge gonna be noticeable? Will the 9’ dig easier?
  13. Anyone who has these…how quick are the faces rusting??
  14. Reg and Stiff Tensei Red are out of stock until 26th September in the UK Thats the current status for new orders
  15. In the UK, RH T100 heads (std lie) are now out of stock until 19th December If you want 2’ Upright they are available now I’m hoping my T100 order made it into the current batch as I don’t fancy waiting until Jan for them!!
  16. Why are Vokey’s so popular on tour with both free agents and even in the bags of other OEM Staff Players? You hardly see TM or Callaway in a non-staffers bag. Im looking to replace my Nike Engage’s and haven’t played Vokey since the SM6 days…I’ve been tempted by the MG3 but not sure I like the raw faces
  17. I ordered T100 as the issue for me was the big gap it left with a 44’ PW Id have had to go 5-AW in T100s which defeats the point I don’t want to change my 52/56/60 wedge setup and T100s would have forced me to do so T100 gave me the exact yardages I was looking for but with greater consistency over my P7MC
  18. Is there any way to stop the faces rusting too much? I think the Satin Chrome will be more durable than the black but don’t like the way the MG2 faces went really dark against the chrome head Years ago you would coat Scotty’s with oil to prevent rust…could you do the same here or will it affect spin? Alternatively a monthly soak in Coke or Vinegar??
  19. Just back from a session hitting T100, i210 and i59 Was expecting to love the T100 but fancied a bargain set of i210….anyway, I didn’t like the i210 which surprised me, the i59 was nice but went very very high (but amazing forgiveness levels)….if they hadn’t been so expensive they would probably have been purchased. Anyway….T100 with AMT White 4-PW have been ordered….I don’t know why I ever left titleist irons with DG shafts….they just work for me. I was very impressed with the T100, I retained the distance that I got on good shots with my P7MC (170 carry with 7 iron) but the T100 retained ball speed far better on off-centre hits and low on the face which is where I’ve been struggling. Just hoping there’s not too much of a wait now!!
  20. I hit the i59 tonight during a fitting. It looks nice, not amazing as there’s something weird about the heel/hosel transition. I hit it with the stock LS shaft and feel was certainly on the clickier side but I’d describe it as firm and powerful in the feel dept Forgiveness is off the scale….it just wanted to go high and straight…only problem was it was too high for me…almost moonballs Distance wise I actually hit the new T100 slightly further and with a better flight for what I was looking for For me and many people the biggest sticking point will be the price….it’s just a few hundred pounds too expensive especially when i210 can be had for a steal right now If Ping had launched at a price closer to T100/Apex/P770 then they would sell so so many of these!!!
  21. Did you try the normal T100 as well as the T100S? I’m thinking of making the same move (P7MC to T100) The extra forgiveness will be welcome!!
  22. I've got them with C-Tapers and something just doesn't feel right...I'm getting a bit older and the C-Tapers just require more effort to swing and the longer irons are a bit low spin...I've always played S300 in either DG or AMT and for some reason they just seem to fit my swing I LOVE the head shape of the MC, I'm tempted to resift with normal MBS 120 but not sure if it's worth the hassle If the pings are more forgiving in the longer irons then it may be a winner
  23. I’ve been wondering the same about the iBlade but wasn’t sure about the forgiveness Ive fallen out with my P7MC and was all ready to go for the new T100 if I can find a stock set this week (I played my best ever golf with AP2) However I can get a brand new set of iBlade in DGS300 for just over 1/2 the price of the T100 I was concerned that the iBlade would not be any more forgiving than my P7MC but the offset on i210 bugs me
  24. I play a TM Sim2 Ti 5 Wood lofted down slightly so it plays at around 18'...I probably would have gone 16.5 HL if they had offered the head at retail. It's primarily a tee club as my course has at least 4 holes where driver can be too much club (bunkers or narrowing of the fairway) so I needed something I could hit around 240yds consistently. I originally had it playing +1/2 inch but have since gone back to standard length and it's great. Modern 3 woods just go too far now and I don't miss having a 3 wood at all
  25. What’s the reason behind all of the hate for the S200 shaft?? Go buy an off the rack (which will suit 99% of golfers) Vokey, Callaway or MG3 wedge and it will have an S200 shaft If it was junk then it wouldn’t be in all of these wedges especially Vokeys!! Or is it the fact that it isn’t a XXX-Stiff 140g custom ordered piece of rebar that gets peoples panties in a twist??
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