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  1. Looks like I underpriced things!! got caught up at work so will respond to PMs in the order I received them but looks like all are spoken for.
  2. Pretty straight forward: Essentially new, unused BGT Gold (https://breakthroughgolftech.com/shopall/stability-proto-shaft/) Butt trimmed 1/64" to comply with rules, overall length a hair under 38" with .370 tip dia. Retail $120, asking $75 shipped CONUS. Puttout Mat and trainer - ~8' mat and folding trainer. Retail for the combo is ~$110, asking $80 shipped CONUS.
  3. Fit about the same, my feet and Puma shoes just don't get along. 1. Puma Grip Fusion Sport 2.0 - size 11 - $80 new from Puma website - asking $50 $40 shipped CONUS 2. Pump Ignite NXT lace, size 10.5 $100 new from Puma, asking $70 shipped CONUS - SOLD actual pics below:
  4. Can you post a better pic of the crown, I'm sure it's the lighting but all the lights make it busy.
  5. Pics have dimensions and finish quality. No tip included. ONLY trade is a driver length, untipped Diamana TB 60X or 60TX. Ask any questions and I can get any other pics you want. looking for $200 shipped conus and open to offers. Would like to move fairly quickly.
  6. Personally agree^^^. Took 2 full shots off my handicap. You think Phil didn't get checked on a SAM lab somewhere? I got a putter fitting a couple years ago in an effort to put the constant merry-go-round of putters in and out of my bag to bed. Turns out the best putter for me was in my bag, but needed loft and lie adjusted. I need a 1-1.5* putter loft. There's no putter off the rack (unless someone slammed it face down to deloft it) that would get my ball rolling as well as post-fitting. Rolls end-over-end almost immediately instead of skipping along the first 2-3 feet.
  7. When I was 10 or 11 (30+years ago) my dad and I made some trailers to pull behind our bikes so we could go mow yards without him having to take us everywhere (I have 5 brothers and lived in a small town). We modified those trailers to hold golf clubs. Had to keep the bikes on the path, but it was a fun novelty that saved us about 0 minutes per round.
  8. On a calm day I hit 8 irons from my yard to a neighbors tree. Thin contact flies into the street. *edit - stock 8 iron with a real ball is 165y. North wind @10mph - 4 iron. North wind @15mph - 3wood. South wind @any speed - 54* max
  9. Paypal has the autonomy to reverse or confiscate the money if they deem the transaction isn't in accordance with their written policies. A wire transfer is a transaction between two federally regulated institutions.
  10. Hey all, I'll be adding to this post as I get to more testing and pictures/etc. Feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best to get an answer to you. First off, a big thanks to GolfWRX and Srixon for doing things like this for our community! A little background on me, then testing plan, then some results. Background: I'm 41 years old and play, generally, on public courses in the Kansas City Metro area. I have 3 daughters (7, 5, and 3) so my already scant playing time has decreased over the last several years and don't get out nearly as much as I'd
  11. A friend of mine ordered a set of 3 Titleist black wedges in January and is still waiting.
  12. @Howard_Jones has a great DIY fitting topic: There's also a good discussion starting on lie angles and how to test your current setup with a marker. Combine the two and you can get pretty close to where you want to be if you choose to make any equipment changes.
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