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  1. Yep. Sand to spec, measure, tweak if necessary.
  2. I worked as a design engineering intern for UST in Fort Worth many moons ago - so nothing specific to PX methods - but manufacturing in general. THP has a video on youtube that shows the HC shafts being made - the mandrel sanding starts at ~1:53 in the video.
  3. Non-small batch(standard) - machine rolled, machine sanded to CPM in massive batches Small batch - machine rolled, individually sanded to CPM. Hand crafted - hand rolled, individually sanded to CPM. Of note, there is machinery involved in hand rolling a shaft it's just initiated by an operator. All 3 use the same exact material, placement, and profile. Paint jobs and a logo are the distinguishing factors. Cost differential is due directly to the labor involved with each flavor. There can be zero difference or high variance between the 3 - meaning it's very possible that a
  4. I'm 6'1" with slightly short arms and my driver is 44". You can cut a graphite shaft from the butt end of the club with essentially no effect on stiffness. That only occurs when the tip side of the shaft is trimmed. Cutting anything short will need checked for weighting as the shaft length is generally matched to a head weight range.
  5. OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer. I assume you are asking about "made for" shafts that are watered down versions of aftermarket shafts - that's a deep well to dive into. with KBS - i'd have to assume you are talking about iron shafts - of which I've never heard of any iron shafts that are watered down versions of anything (nearly impossible with steel).
  6. Definitely the search function. It works, but doesn't seem as efficient as previous version.
  7. Either watching Tiger tie Rocco on the 18th from about 50 yards away or watching Woodland put it away at Pebble.
  8. 100% a knife mark from a grip change. Shouldn't cause any real issues.
  9. Posting a video of your swing will help with any real tips. As others have said - slowing down isn't a fix. Proper positions and proper sequences are the fix. I'd also bet a 20-piece McNugget that your swing is way too long.
  10. @Obee has fantastic thread on the topic. Between that thread, and a "Be Better Golf" youtube with Mike Malaska have really helped my putting.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7RrP1DtM3o I started with using a Trident Align marker to get everything dead nut perfect - but I found that in a competitive round I was pressing to use it properly and It wasn't effective - for me. I still use it as a training tool to ensure the end-over-end roll, but I can't use it during an actual round. Combine all the above data with a properly fit (on a SAM lab) putter - confidence in the stroke has never been hig
  11. Head/eyes first, then putter, then feet.
  12. Welcome to flip city, where the club head is fast and the ball speeds are low. But as a bonus, you get an overly high trajectory and spin rate.
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