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  1. First hole of a scramble starting at 8am on a Monday. 8th hole, Par 5 that can't be described as a dogleg as much as a wraparound. Everyone can see where this is going. "Normal" line shown. Hit the fairway on that line and you have less than 200y in. I'm standing on the 17th tee (bottom right of the pic). Hear a LOUD crash. Mr. LD America tried the hero line. He got the line right to his credit. Just lacked the elevation required.
  2. 1. City and State? Shawnee, KS (Kansas City Metro area) 2. Handicap? 1.7 3. Where do you practice? Public range and back yard. 4. Have you used a personal launch monitor before? Not routinely and I don't own one, but have experience with Trackman, GCquad, Mevo+ and OG Mevo. 5. Do you have a current iOS device to use with the Ernest software? I do. 6. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? Yep!
  3. 1. City, State: Shawnee, KS (Kansas City Metro area)2. Handicap: 1.73. Current Iron set: Combo set of 2014 Taylormade TP MC/MB (3-6 MC, 7-P MB). Project X 6.5 @ +1/2"4. Are you right-handed or left-handed: Righty5. Why do you want to review the Takomo 201 irons? I would be an interesting view of some "older" forged irons against brand new tech in a similar space.6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely.
  4. Haven't looked at it yet - but will sometime very soon. Just came to say I don't remember what the original cost was to join Rebellion as a "founding member" - but I'd pay it again.
  5. A bit off topic, but can you comment on whether the new UDI will be in stores Friday?
  6. Golfworks repair shop will strip chrome for $10/head (circa 2019)...then just wait.
  7. Pure Grips recommend this method and I've never had one slip. You still have to do the math to make sure your diameters are correct. If you put a 0.600 core grip on a 0.590 butt OD, no amount of sticky tape will help you*. *I suppose that's not true...4 or 5 layers of sticky tape will close that gap.
  8. I blow mine on with painters tape. The difference with double sided tape is that the peelable sides are designed to, well, peel away easily. I think it'll slip, but I think you could blow that grip off, remove the peel layer, then regrip with the same grip.
  9. He's been boycotting the media for a while - wasn't just because he lost the tournament in dramatic fashion. But I also think he's and insufferable dbag with more golf talent in his left hand than I will ever have.
  10. I'm jealous of both of you. Three young girls and I might play/practice once or twice a month. I played 5 times this July and it was like heaven.
  11. 1. Handicap? 1.4 2. Right or left hand golfer? Righty 3. Current wedges and setup? PW - Taylormade 2014 TP MB, 46*, 1* up, 36", Project X 6.5 GW - Taylormade MG bronze, 50*, 1* up, 35.75", Project X 6.5 SW - Scratch DOG grind, 54*, 1* up, 35.5", KBS Ctaper 130x LW - Scratch EBN grind, 59, 1* up, 35.5", KBS Ctaper 130x 4. Why do you want to be fit for TaylorMade MG3 wedges? I've played with gapping to add or remove clubs from the top of the bag depending on the course I play and find that I'm not utilizing my GW well enough and it just feels awkward. The LW barely gets used other than bunker play and I'm not sure if it's the sole or just style of play. My SW is my current favorite in the bag and use it on most recovery shots around the green as well as being my go-to club for attacking the pins. I have a flighted SW shot from 95y that I have ultimate confidence in - and I'd like to dial that feeling into the rest of the wedges as a congruent set. 5. Are you available to be on site 8/30/2021 through 9/1/2021? Absolutely 6. Will you be able to provide your own transportation to and from Reynolds Lake and East Lake Golf Club? Yep 7. Are you willing to post high quality photos in the forum, write an in depth review of the experience, and possibly be featured on GolfWRX or TaylorMade social media posts? Yep!
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