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  1. I have one instance I can remember of the good/bad...and two that are bad/good. Went on a golf trip to Myrtle Beach in '12 or so and was playing to about a 3. Don't remember the name of the course, but we played it twice the same day. 72 first round and had to give a BUNCH of shots to the group for round 2. I followed that 72 with the most expensive 94 shots I've ever played. A two-day tournament at my home course growing up, which is a short muni course. Was scratch-ish at the time. 34, 34, 34, 46 to lose by 1. Recently played Prairie Dunes in Hutchinson, K
  2. The DRY FIT them and check swing weight. Unless you are OK with lead tape.
  3. I'd be interested in the wedge shafts if anyone is looking for the heads (and if you are willing to split up).
  4. 4 hours and no one has commented on the headcovers? If only this were a mallet cover to round out the set: Bravo sir. BRAVO.
  5. should probably keep the lowballs to messages, especially with zero across the board for your stats and the need to ship to Canada...
  6. In non-tournament rounds, we typically don't mark unless it's in another's way. But I have a dirty secret. If the ball is dirty, we pick it up, clean it, and put it back in the same general vicinity as when we picked it up. No mark at all. Don't tell anyone.
  7. I went from 10-15 years as a 4hc (+/- 0.5) to a 2hc (+/- .2) after a putter fitting. Lofted down 2* and flattened 3* and started rolling the ball really well. And does it happening in one round count? The last 3 rounds I've played, I've been 5 over through 3-5 holes, then shot 1, 4, and 2 under the rest of the way in. I warm up plenty before the round and it's REAL frustrating.
  8. Wish I had the AR1s, but I have the 2-5 TM300Forged, 6-9 rac smoke TPMBs, Scratch 47/53/59. Probably going to swap the TM300F 6iron into the set - TPMB wasn't enough for 10 rounds/year.
  9. Have you seen the slo-mo of what they claim is 200+ mph ball speed? https://golf.com/gear/golf-balls/bryson-dechambeau-mesmerizing-high-speed-video-golf-ball-impact/?fbclid=IwAR1_LSh6ksHqKBb0nMcjpfGf3Efk6jBdrod5XIZgbccryTxHlpXsSLcWtXk What kind of f*&kery is going on that there is ZERO motion in the legs in the background of those videos? Are they Iron Byron testing with a dummy? I get that it's 35.000 fps, but Bryson dances all over the place - especially with Driver and a there's not so much as a shoelace out of place.
  10. I’d assume the Custom Shop didn’t actually do the work and it’s just the shaft band? That milling is...off. Do you know who did the work?
  11. can you post or PM a better pic of the face? Not sure if shadows are playing games or not.
  12. I over-estimated the height on purpose. The shorter the face height, the less the center impact is above horizontal. Since we don't know the "actual" face height, everything is a ratio of the assumed height. The smaller the face height, the smaller every other number becomes: In your pic above...the numbers indicated can't be height in mm above CL - they don't really correlate to the stars on the face, but the important number is the Height on Face @ 15.8mm. THAT is ~4.4mm above that CL (based on scaling the midpoint of the distance from the vertical CL of 5.3mm).
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