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  1. Still need 3 teams! Draft Saturday!!
  2. We have 5 people! Need 5 more!!!
  3. Just got it set up on ESPN. Just follow the link and enter in the password! Should be fun! [size=3][b]Link: [/b][color=#000000]http://games.espn.go.com/ffl/tools/join?leagueId=468277[/color] [b]Password: [/b][color=#000000]golfwrx[/color][/size]
  4. Anyone interested in a fun golfwrx league?
  5. Started dipping during high school baseball and did through college. Quit my Junior year in college. Now I just chew sunflower seeds when I get the "Urge"!!!!
  6. Company I work for is always hiring people right out of college, (I graduated last may). We are located in Fort Worth. Pm me for details.
  7. Haha never mind then. I will be down there around that time for a conference for work.
  8. Just a weird question but are you attending blackberry world?
  9. Finally took mine to the course Friday! Man this thing is long long long!
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