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  1. I have really cut my bag back to a similar ideology. My bag rework even ended with me dumping my 6 iron entirely and now only carry 13 clubs (gapping is pretty spot on with 12 yard gaps across the board in my irons and hybrids). Since going to this setup 4 rounds ago I have played all rounds in the 70's (77-79) and those rounds have been relatively stress free. Here is what my bag looks like. Driver, Heavenwood, 4H, 5H, 7i-AW + GW, 54,58, putter. All shafts are reg flex graphite (Tensei blue, KBS, Fujikura) as well. Really enjoying this new setup. I don't feel like I have to muscle anything and can just swing the clubs.
  2. Hands higher at impact is a major piece I work on. Using the ground force to raise your belt line and raising your hands are keys to shallowing the club through impact.
  3. I just had my first online lesson and I have to say that I was pleased. I have taken lessons face to face previously as well. I am an S&T golfer and I decided to get lessons from an S&T specific teacher and the online approach was very value added. I sent in my video, got back my analysis and drills to work on. Sent video practicing the drill to make sure I was doing it correctly and received a few corrections to ensure I get the desired benefit of the drills. I will practice for another week film again and then have a zoom call to speak live. The price for all of this was very reasonable.
  4. I play a 4H and a 5H. From there 6i - LW. I'm 49
  5. Finally got the new CBX2 wedges out to the range and course. 1st impression is very good. 54 is very forgiving and am seeing consistent distance (exactly what I was looking for as this club will be used for full swings 90%+). The 58 full face is a little hotter off the face around the green than my Ping Glide was so I have to get used to it. Out of the sand has been solid as well. No skulling or digging issues just need to get the feel for it. So far so good.
  6. I have the Tour Edge Ventus with the 4T core and I have to say I'm impressed with it. It feels and performs like the velocore that I tested prior to the shutdown. I went to a softer shaft this year as I'm slowing down a bit and am seeing 8 yards more carry on my new EXS220 driver vs my Epic with the Fuji Pro (218 vs 226).
  7. Just ordered a 54 cbx 2 and a 58 cbx full face. I needed to go a bit stronger to match my new irons. The 54 will be mainly for full swings and I think the cavity will come in handy for this purpose. My current Glide ES 60 is my green side go to club and I'm hoping the full face 58 will fit that bill. Really looking forward to getting them. I ordered them with recoil 95's. I'm hoping the combo is a winner.
  8. What's your current golf shoe? True What is your handicap? 7.4Where are you located (City, State)?Windermere, FLWhat's your favorite Sqairz color combination?Grey/BlueWhat feature of Sqairz golf shoes is the most exciting to you? Square Toe BoxIf selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing / review thread? We ask that you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide an in-depth review of the shoes. Absolutely, what a great opportunity.
  9. The new EXS line has tested very well across many different types of golfers. It has been right down the middle for distance and accuracy with no real test where it had significant outlier shots. Its a solid choice for a forgiving affordable club. Lots of tech and high quality components (esp. shafts) and assembled in the USA.
  10. You know the right miss is bad but yet you continue to miss there???? Am I missing something??? Play it short, play it left, heck go long, go anywhere but right based upon your description. If you miss right you should know bogey is a good score. Chip to where you can 2 putt the majority of the time (even if that is not on the green) and move on.
  11. Simple rule for me..Glued on, move on. They are not coming off cleanly with air alone and you will not get an entire set off without some casualties(this include rupturing them and over stretching them). Buy new grips, cut the old ones off, install new grips with air (no double side tape or solvent), and never look back.
  12. I have replied on several posts concerning leather grips. I am on my second year of using Grip Masters in hot, humid, Central Florida. Switching to leather was the best club build decision I have ever made. I no longer need to wear a glove and the grips just get better with age. I installed them with air and have removed them and reinstalled them 2x (went from steel to graphite in my irons last year, got new irons this year) without any issue. Simply wipe them down and go. I will never play a rubber grip again. I expect these to last at least three seasons easily (year round golf here). That combined with no more top tier gloves to buy(5-6 a year on avg) has basically made the investment in leather better than rubber as I would change them 1x a year. So over 3 years I would have bought 3 sets of grips, and almost 20 gloves....If they last longer than 3 years and right now they show no signs of wear then the value proposition just gets better.
  13. I am an NX7 user. Love the rangefinder and like the slope option. Living in Florida its not that important but its nice to have as an option.
  14. I am an avid Skygolf subscriber (10+ years). This was my decision knowing there are other options out there. The membership model is always a point of conjecture on WRX and there will be folks that like it and those that won't. Arccos is learning the hard way that just selling the equipment is not enough. Bottom line is skygolf has always been a subscription service and they have never wavered and their companies future is based on membership income. I don't know your situation so I can't say I understand and won't. Just like all things you purchase it has to provide you value and if it doesn't then move on. The company still has to provide value as well to its employees along with customers. Today, you can still call their customer service and get answers. Maps and software still need to be updated and R&D is still going on(remember golf is being played in other parts of the world). So if they gave you money back something has to give....that may be another persons livelihood or reduced service which I'm sure you would have issue with as well if that affected YOU. They have made the choice to keep the business going and delivering the products and services that are promised to their subscribers. If they fail to deliver the promises of the subscription then you have every right to call them to the table but if they are holding up their end and its just your situation (and yes there are others like you) causing the issue that's not fair. You knew your golf season was limited when you signed up so getting less than 12 months use out of a subscription was part of the decision you made to sign up (and if it wasn't then that's also on you). Use them or don't, I don't think anyone here cares but don't drag them through the mud because they won't agree to an entitlement you feel you deserve.
  15. One of the prime reasons I switched..I hated taking off a glove to chip and putt and then put it back on. My feels are improved across my bag
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