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  1. Champions course at PGA National, Florida 15th tee box
  2. I am 3 weeks out from my 2nd knee replacement. Had the left knee done this time. All is good! It's totally different than the first one. Less pain but more swelling, which leads to more stiffness and less mobility. I am working. Coming along nicely. I am able to putt easily, but no chipping yet. If anyone gets this surgery, stick with the PT and have a positive attitude.
  3. Orange County National - Crooked Cat course Waldorf Astoria
  4. Sending my son a full set of clubs with a cart bag. Stuffing it with shoes, balls and little stuff. What's the best way? Should I put a stiff arm in it and enclose it in a travel bag?
  5. Proof is in the trying, and try I did, for two rounds. Conclusion? very small differences in flight. I did seem to loose about 10-15 yds of distance. Was able to draw it as usual and trajectory was a bit higher than I’m used to. Doesn’t seem to help my pull-hook, haha! going back to the 10.5* head.
  6. Callaway Rogue driver, Synergy 60g stiff shaft, 10.5* head. Currently set up at +2 on the loft. Got my hands on a 13.5* head What would be the difference in ball flight? It seems the lofts would be the same, just the lie angle would be a bit open on the 13.5* I usually hit a baby draw. My miss is a rather ugly pull-hook. Any thoughts?
  7. Consistently. off the fairway, out of rough or tee’d up, I hit at least 5 -10 yds right. 7 iron and up, nice draw, 5 iron down, straight. I’m swinging easy, good tempo. this is maddening!!! bend the lie upright? thoughts????
  8. Summer is here in South Florida! What do you wear to keep the dogs cool and comfortable? Spikeless….of course.
  9. I've had the headcover about 5-6 years now. The marker was a recent gift! The second picture is from playing the Waldorf Astoria course. Used to be the Bonnett Creek at Disney. 3rd hole.....
  10. New (4 months) set of JPX Hot Metals. Checking the stats, the gaps are 5* and 4* at the longer clubs. So I'm actually one club less in total irons compared to my old Callway X20's. I seem to be having a bit of trouble with in-between yardages. Trying to learn to hit shorter yardages when needed, but I need more practice, I guess. SO I went to my fitter and asked if he could bend the lofts about 2-3 degrees less. I feel this would close the gaps and yardage in the shorter irons. He told me it would increase the bounce of the clubs and might result in more thin or skull shots. I already pic the ball cleanly off the turf, very little to no divot. Really loving these irons, like throwing darts at the greens. Bend them? Leave them alone and work on my short game? What say you? thanks
  11. Good topic!!! I had an opposite round. I lost 8 balls in the water and still shot 86!!
  12. 5 week followup.... Being allowed to, finally, putt and chip! Hitting up the club tomorrow. Feeling fine, healing great. PT (pain & torture) is hard!
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