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  1. Got fitted and ordered new irons almost 3 weeks ago. I figured with virus going around there wouldn't be much business.
  2. At my age, 69, I don't worry too much about hitting par5 greens in two. So my 3 iron bent to 20* is just fine for me. It also doubles as my driving iron on short par 4's.
  3. I've been looking to replace my 12 y.o. shovels and tried the T200's with the Mitsu Blue shaft and was pretty impressed. But that was inside the store off a mat. Need to be able to hit these outside, maybe get a 'test drive' from my store. I want to try lighter shafts in graphite for fatigue issues.
  4. Callaway X-20's with Uniflex shafts Tommy Armour 845 Silver Scotts with DGR300 shafts
  5. I was given a box of Callaway Supersoft matte green balls. Love the color and you can see them anywhere! But once on the green, they consistantly come up short on putting. Seems you've got to hit them much firmer than a shiny white ball. Anyone else found this true?
  6. Another thumbs up for Silver Scotts! My set is used 2X a month and use them for guests. I reshafted them a few years ago with DGR300's as the original shafts kept snapping from rust! HAha! Still love them.
  7. Interesting discussion.... 69 y.o. playing 10 years now. I tried going lighter weight on my irons, thinking the weight of swinging 115gr steel shafts is just wearing me out by the end of the round. Couldn't get used to them (60gr graphite) after 3 rounds and everything was going right. don't think I felt any better/worse after the round, I still took my after-golf nap! I ride my bike 50 mi a week, so my fitness is ok. My driver, I went heavier from what I was fitted for (50g reg). Just better tempo, can get the head to square much easier. I think my swingspeed was high 80'
  8. I was heavily involved with Golf Review for a number of years. Then it started to get hacked by Russian trolls and the owner of the site shut it down. i eventually stumbled onto WRX and here I am!
  9. Get a couple of those tubes that go in the bag to keep clubs separated.
  10. I've got a Cleveland Huntington Beach 11. It's killer!
  11. Just looking to play when we come up to visit. Franklin Bridge looks good. Will have my club call Vanderbilt to make reservations. Thanks!
  12. Hi all, The kids just moved to Franklin , Tennessee. Looking for courses, both public and private, to play when we visit. Suggestions? thanks!!
  13. Try and do the fitting outdoor on real turf. Indoor, hitting off a mat, where you can hit it fat and not notice. I went to the store last week and was hitting 50gr graphite shafts and just killing it (or so I thought). We had a TM demo on Monday at the range and I tried the 60gr shaft and was all over the place. The 100gr steel shaft was soooo much better. No chunks and decent distance. I still would prefer a slightly heavier shaft, for my tempo, but could get used to those steel shafts with some practice.
  14. Senior player (68 y.o./ 14 Hdcp) Went to buy a new rangefinder and got into talking with tech/salesman. Told him I usually start to fade out (tire) after 15 holes. Thought that swinging lighter irons might help. So I tried first a 65gr shaft but despite trying different heads - Callaway, Cobra, TM - everything went right. I have a natural draw with my current setup. He then put me on a 50gr shaft and everything straighten out, like dead center and baby draws. I didn't really take notice of what shafts I had tried, just wanted to get a feel for swinging a graphite shafte
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