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  1. Good topic!!! I had an opposite round. I lost 8 balls in the water and still shot 86!!
  2. 5 week followup.... Being allowed to, finally, putt and chip! Hitting up the club tomorrow. Feeling fine, healing great. PT (pain & torture) is hard!
  3. Don’t be stupid! just want some golfers experiences. I'm listening to my surgeon and PT people foremost!
  4. Thanks for the midnite walking tip! Definitely will try that. I was up and walking - with walker- next day and hosp staff was amazed how good I was going. Got to be motivated, which I am, especially since I just got my 921 Hot Metals in a month ago and was just getting used to them.
  5. Had the right knee done Tuesday. Feeling good and getting around with the walker in the house. So how long can I expect until I get the go ahead? I am very motivated to rehab and am in relatively good shape for my age (69). Biker, softball swimmer before. Thanks !
  6. Wow.... I had an iron fitting in November. I spent 2 1/2 hrs and hit at least 100 balls (of the brand and type I use). The fitter tried 6 different heads and 8 different shafts. Now, it's like throwing darts at the greens. Sounds like where you went just wanted a quick sale.
  7. On the green... Is brushing dirt, with your hand, between your ball and the cup allowed?
  8. They are my local shop. A number of guys from my club have been fitted there and everyone has had a positive experience.
  9. AT Abacoa. Got to hit off turf, to see the interaction. You can't tell when you've hit it fat off a mat. And don't forget the wind. Can't duplicate that indoors.
  10. Just tried out my new irons on course. I don't understand how people just buy off the rack or take a few swings in the store before impulse buying any equipment. I spent 2 1/2 hrs at the fitter, going thru multiple heads and shafts. We went thru the trackman numbers, focusing more on how I was making contact, angle of decent and ball speed, rather than just pure distance. The result was a set that now hits straight and holds the greens. Also, being graphite shafts, alot lighter and less fatiguing over the round. I've picked up around 10 yds more per club, comparing lofts
  11. Only took 5 weeks! Got them today and trackman numbers (outside) confirmed I've gained 10 yds distance, comparing lofts to old Callaway X20's. Dispersion is alot tighter too. And boy are they light! 921 Hot Metals with Recoil 780 stiff shafts.
  12. Got fitted and ordered new irons almost 3 weeks ago. I figured with virus going around there wouldn't be much business.
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