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  1. Agreed on all accounts. I enjoy the 1-2 rounds a year but have no real desire to play more than that.
  2. Played Hazelmere last week, not my favorite track but tough to beat their early morning rate. Course was in great shape, but still hate 18!
  3. Played Westwood Plateau today. I haven’t played there in probably 8-9 years, and I was well aware of how the course conditions had reportedly declined. I quite liked the course. A few gimicky holes (15 comes to mind) but also some very nice holes and memorable vistas. It’s mountain/target golf in some areas, but I overall like the layout. In terms of conditions they were generally better than expected. I say generally because yes, plenty of bunkers are inexplicably blanketed in small to medium sized stones. Why not rake those up? The bunkers seemed to have plenty of sand, so why are
  4. We played Sonora Dunes and Osoyoos Desert about a month ago, both were in really great shape. Fun desert (target) golf, the courses were in very nice shape and the rates were very reasonable for peak tourist season. Only drawback on the Desert course was a threesome of crusty locals on our heels though the front 9, including the old guy yelling at us to pick up the pace as we stood on the teebox waiting for the group in front of us on the fairway 250 yards or so (straight downhill) to clear. Still ended up being a 4h15min round though so what can you do. I'm all for pace of play but if I'm
  5. So I have a free round next week at Westwood. I know conditions have really slipped the last few years but how bad is it right now end of summer?
  6. Played Redwoods for the first time in about 5 years, I had forgotten what a great course they have up there in North Langley. Great layout, some gorgeous views, and excellent conditions. $69 before 7am on weekends is a fantastic value as well.
  7. Nice read, thanks for posting. Tony is an easy guy to root for, such a cool story. US team is ridiculous this year.
  8. Played Northview Ridge today for the first time this season. I actually found the Canal to be in a bit better shape a few weeks ago, and I actually think I prefer that routing. Overall fairways were firm but fairly good. Greens were hard and rolled true but only in fair shape. Lots of divot marks. The bunkers which I found with some frequency all seemed like they could use more sand. Not to flog the dead horse but at the price point and in the area Morgan Creek is noticeably better. Once you factor in the small bucket of balls almost the exact same price. They had a tourney otherwise I w
  9. Played Northview Canal on Friday. The course was definitely in better shape than last season. There was standing water in some random spots but overall nice shape, particularly the greens.
  10. Just got back from the Big Island. Stayed at the Westin Hapuna and went to neighbouring Mauna Kea a number of times, including playing a round at the course. You won’t be disappointed. We also did dinner at the Four Seasons one night, simply gorgeous. You’ll have a blast.
  11. Thats good to hear, the last two seasons were rough. May give them another shot.
  12. Anyone been across to Semiahmoo or Loomis? Keep getting at par ads.
  13. Played Morgan Creek today. 10/10 as expected.
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