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  1. I know this is an old thread, but for me the F7 is a major upgrade from the F6. Significantly more forgiving with a better stock shaft.
  2. The Cobra F7 is a very forgiving driver...huge improvement over the F6 in my opinion. The face and stock shaft are so much better than the F6
  3. RMS29


    I'm open to using any brand that works. Cobra works for me. Just bought a Fly Z+ driver and could care less what the guys in my group think of Cobra. Ego's and price tag's have little effect on the scorecard.
  4. went to a golf store today to demo Fly z+ vs. G30 LS. As luck would have it, the store did not have a Fly Z+ demo, so I had to use the new Cobra F6 (which I believe has to be very comparable to the Fly Z+ with the flip weight.) At any rate, I found the Cobra F6 to be a better club than the Ping G30 LS. Both offered low spin off the driver. In fact, a couple of shots knuckle-balled out of the air they were so low spinning. The loud cracking sound of the Ping was a major turn-off. After hitting the clubs on the range, I told the golf pro that I liked the Cobra much better... his response:
  5. [quote name='R-Kid' timestamp='1426368945' post='11143497'] Question for you guys, I really like the looks of these irons. Would they be to much for a 20 handicap. I plan on playing a lot more this year and my current irons are the burner 1.0 [/quote] They might be...but if you play a ton of golf with them, I think you'll start to appreciate them. Center hits will produce beautiful shots...off-center hits, not so much. As your ball striking improves, these clubs will become great weapons for you.
  6. I played these irons for the first time yesterday. I bought them brand new and had them fitted for me. Here are my thoughts after one round: #1. They look fantastic...best looking clubs I've ever owned imo. #2. When struck in the middle of the face, they are outstanding. You'll hit some of the prettiest shots you've ever hit. #3. The ball flies very straight off of these clubs...only a slight draw or fade. These clubs do not generate a ton of side spin. #4. Not very forgiving when you don't hit the center of the face...significant distance loss. Probably the biggest weakness of t
  7. I played the px 5.5 for three years and consistently felt that these shafts were too loose for me. My swing speed is not over the top...probably 100mph driver swing speed on a normal day. But I do load the club on the downswing, so I am switching to the 6.0's. I demoed the 6.0's and absolutely loved them. Try them both...and make up your mind. And don't get caught up in the swing speed game.
  8. In my opinion, lighter will always go further...IF you have the right shaft flex.
  9. I loved the u4x and really like the U6 as well. The two balls are somewhat different. I like the U6 better off the tee but like the u4x around the green. However, both are great options overall
  10. I've played the Maxfli U6 a handful of times so far this year (2014). I have been very impressed. Ball just wants to go straight off the tee and gave me a few extra yards off the tee. Respectable around the greens as well, but night quite as good as the U4x around the greens. However, it is outstanding off the tee. Also, I should note that I had been playing the Cally Hex Chrome and have found the U6 to be a superior ball.
  11. [quote name='botibill' timestamp='1359771502' post='6347261'] Now we're getting carried away. 6 layers in a golf ball, really. Pretty soon they will have to make the holes bigger so the ball can go in. Crazy man. just crazy. [/quote] Why is it crazy? What difference does it make how many layers a ball has? If the ball performs, I wouldn't care if it had a 100 layers.
  12. Personally i like B3. When i first started playing golf i had a bad slice. Then i overcorrected and started hitting pull hooks. I've experimented with a ton of drivers over the years and have found nothing better than the 913 D2. It took me some time to get it dialed in but now i wouldnt trade it for anything.
  13. [quote name='G-Bone' timestamp='1391570636' post='8600895'] [quote name='RMS29' timestamp='1391569251' post='8600727'] [quote name='LOVE4LPGA' timestamp='1388649938' post='8383359'] I don't like this concept. Seems like most golfers real driver SS is under 95mph, and I doubt much importance to this decision anyway. Scoring and costs seem more relevant. [/quote] I actually like that Callaway and other companies are starting to promote compression again. But I do agree, that it helps mostly of the tee. It doesn't necessarily make it a better scoring ball. [/quote] I respectfully di
  14. [quote name='cristphoto' timestamp='1394241214' post='8822863'] I wouldn't play with refurbished golf balls even if they were free. You simply can't be sure of the actual product. Plus these are repainted and painting a golf ball is actually a hi-tech procedure. A company that's trying to hold down costs like a golf ball refinisher will give them a quick spray and foul up all the technology built into the dimple depths and shapes. [/quote] I agree with this 100%...the coatings they put on refurbished balls make them fly unpredictable.
  15. [quote name='G-Bone' timestamp='1394247230' post='8823485'] Hex Black Tour is a five piece ball, similar to TM Lethal or previous Penta series. You should find it to be low spin of driver and longer irons, then higher spin with short irons and wedges. Some, including myself, find Hex Black to be a bit firm compared to other premium balls, such as Pro V1x or Lethal. I have only played one or two rounds with Hex Black, so I can't share much more about it. [/quote] Personally, I find that the Chrome and Chrome + are better balls than the Hex Black depending on swing speed.
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