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  1. I had New Level make my lofts slightly weaker than their stock values and my distances and gapping are perfect. I have PW = 46, 7i = 34, 4i = 24. That makes the set 1 degree stronger than my old set and I am one half club longer throughout the bag (also switched from Dynamic Gold S300 to S400 TI). I have also had my set for about a month and I could not be happier. I upgraded from a 15 year old set of Titleist 735.CM irons and wanted the same classic forged feel with more forgiveness in the short irons. I demo'd head to head against other direct-to-consumer models in the category,
  2. 46/49/53/57. My set PW is 46, then I have an old PW bent from 47 to 49, GW at 53, and SW bent from 56 to 57. All of the wedges are > 10 years old and well worn, and I game them out of my disdain for spending money. Those wedges fly about 140/130/120/105 on full swings - no real gaps, but too bunched. I will likely keep the PWII as I just love chipping with it. The grooves are worn enough so that I never over-spin chip shots with it, which is pretty liberating. I will probably end up bending it another degree weak to 50 (it’s a forged club so no issues there). I hit my SW too far
  3. I just upgraded to the 902s as well, and they are fantastic. The default lofts are strong so I had mine adjusted 1-2 degrees (PW = 46, 7i = 34, 4i = 24), and distances are right where I expected them to be. Feel is exceptional, striking a balance between smooth and solid. The forgiveness of these irons is great - thin strikes are helped by the big mass behind the bottom of the face, and heavy strikes are helped by the wide sole. I have been very pleasantly surprised by lack of lost distance on these mis-hits. I will say that they are high launching (even with heavy S400 shafts), but I don’t mi
  4. I ordered my set of 902s on a Monday and they shipped that Tuesday. This was with custom loft, lie, and length adjustments. NL didn’t have the grip color I wanted so they threw them in loose for me (was able to trade for what I wanted at my local shop). Coming from a blended set of forged irons, these have the same solid feel but a straighter and more forgiving flight. I went on a limb with DG S400 shafts (from S300) and couldn’t be happier. $110/club for this head/shaft combo is an absolute steal.
  5. I had my set of 902s bent 1-2 degrees weak and that reduces offset somewhat. I have PW = 46, 9i = 42, 8i = 38. I can post some photos of the short irons at address if you like. Offset is weird, I just don’t have an eye for it unless it is huge, >4 mm or so.
  6. My driver swing speed is 110-112, 3W is about 105 mph. Driver: HZRDUS Yellow 75g 6.0 tipped 1/4 inch. I have only hit a few range balls since tip trimming was done, so need to see if /4" is enough. Un-trimmed was close but I was having a hard time fading the ball. More of a mid launch, low spin for me. 3W: Grafalloy ProLaunch Platinum X. This shaft flat out rocks for me and only cost $50. Very long and straight. The Blue was too high spin/launch for me and switching to Platinum really dialed things in.
  7. The NL902 topline thickness is 0.21" = 5.3 mm. NL623 is thinner but I only inquired about the 902. JPX919 thicknesses are 4.7/6.4 mm for the Tour/Forged models, respectively.
  8. I liked the 7 iron that I tested so much that I bought a set. I briefly considered soft stepping X100 shafts but settled on S400 TI due to their strong pedigree. I am solidly between S and X (7i speed = 88-90 mph, don't load aggressively) so hopefully this will work out - I swung some X100's on a simulator and it felt like work. The solid chunk of muscle in the bottom of the cavity makes these irons feel very strong and pure on good strikes. That dead solid feeling at impact was the biggest differentiator of these irons. I also really like the compact blade length with medium top line thicknes
  9. I ended up buying a set of New Level 902 irons with S400 TI shafts for $110/club. I really did love the 639 CB's but the NL902's were just a better match for me. My interactions with Sub 70 were great - they are a well-run company and should have sustained success if they can get enough market exposure. The Direct To Consumer iron options are incredibly strong and, I believe, still mostly hidden from the general golf population. If Sub70/Hogan/NL break through, the sky is the limit. Affordable equipment is an element of expanding golf participation and I hope these companies can play a part. H
  10. Nice thread everyone. I am in the market for a set of players CB irons and the NL902's are at the top of my list. I have played a blended set for the last 12 years - Titleist 735.CM - and it is time to retire them. We have had a fantastic run. I have come to realize that the shallow cavity 5,6,7 irons are my favorites in the set: they have similar feel and control-ability to the blade 8,9,PW but with extra forgiveness on imperfect strikes. My preference is to move on to CB irons through the short end of the bag and not combo the 902 with 623. I have a 902 7 iron on the way to test but I will n
  11. After hitting the 639CB's a bit more with KBS Tour shafts, I am most likely going to stick with Dynamic Golds. The irons themselves look and feel great but the shaft just doesn't work for me. I am also looking at New Level Golf's 902 irons - a similar players CB. I bought a used 7 iron with S400 shaft on 2ndswing to compare with the demo Sub 70 639CB irons I have on hand. A true grudge match will be happening later this week. As far as I can tell, the main difference is substantially more offset in the NL902 and a more boxy shape to the 639CB. I am curious to see how the top lines and feel com
  12. Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue and Platinum are excellent shafts and just $50. I started with Blue and both flight and spin were too high. I switched the Platinum and my 3W has never flown better.
  13. Thanks for the heads up. The S400’s are on my radar but I really need to get on a simulator to compare options. I want to make the KBS Tour work because (a) it’s a well-regarded shaft and (b) the price point is unbeatable as a Sub70 base option. I am sure I will figure something out, i.e. hard/soft stepping the S/X.
  14. I currently have demo 6,9 irons of the Sub70 639CB and Ben Hogan PTxPro for a miniature side-by-side contest for the right to replace my much-loved set of Titleist 735.CM irons. I have hit both on the range and played 9 holes to compare real on-course performance. Initial observations / range: Both have top lines that are quite a bit thicker than my eye is used to, but the 639CBs have a more squared-off toe that frames the ball really nicely - you cannot tell this in any online review photos I have seen. I personally like this quite a bit as it enforces thoughts of confidence and power. The 63
  15. I had a driver fitting in the fall of 2018 and compared the Taylormade M3, Callaway Rogue Subzero, Ping G400, and Cobra F8 drivers. The M3 and Rogue were clearly the longest - they felt like absolute rocket launchers compared to my dated Taylormade R5. Twistface is a real game changer, especially for high-toe strikes. The Rogue felt trampoline-like when struck well. However I was really looking for an all-black profile and the choice came down to the G400 and F8. The G400 had the best side spin numbers for me and drives stayed online better than the others, including the G400LST. I decided to
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