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  1. It’s a mixed bag. I’m pretty sure Ben Hogan designs their stuff internally. Sub 70 has done some of their own R&D and iterations on what appear to be basic open source designs, in addition to collaborations with players (TA III irons) and designers (JB wedges). New Level cavity back irons share a lot of DNA with extinct Bridgestone classics - if Bridgestone decided to stop making them, then it is a smart idea to jump in there if the company can make the economics work. The market has shifted for consumers who don’t want/need the most cutting edge tech in their clubs. Designs that prove to be great performers become commonplace over time. There is a lot of copycatting even among the big guys with vast R&D resources. So although most R&D spending goes towards drivers and distance/GI irons, the costs get passed on to players irons as well. Feel free to pay them if you want, but a lot of us are passionate about the small houses that keep modern-classic iron designs and characteristics alive.
  2. Well now look at that: https://www.google.com/amp/s/golf.com/gear/irons/ryan-moore-irons-new-level-golf/
  3. From that angle, this iron (“729 PRO”) looks like an evolution of the beloved 902: similar sole, some weight moved away from the toe. That would be a great outcome. I am a little nervous about the PRO designation: could be going the Sub70 route of having base models (PF series) and a more expensive premium option. Time will tell!
  4. I found that a 22* 4 hybrid slots perfectly between my 16* 4 wood and 24* 4 iron. I went with a hybrid because I prefer to have a default high ball flight that can be dialed down, than vice versa. Misses tend to be more playable for me as well.
  5. Gotcha. Yeah I wonder if the “off the beaten path” nature of DTC brands self-selects for above average and/or aspirational players. That would limit GI interest among their target audience.
  6. Is this even true? New Level is between GI releases right now but Hogan has the Edge line, Sub70 has the 739, and Maltby has several GI models.
  7. I went from HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0 (tipped an extra inch) to Grafalloy ProLaunch Platinum X in my 4W (standard tipping). Feel and performance are very similar, other than the half flex or so increase in stiffness. The old classics are very capable in the right situation. I have a Proforce V2 in my hybrid and you would have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.
  8. FWIW: when I ordered my NL irons a year ago, there were around 10-15 grips options to choose from. So I strongly suspect the current supply chain situation is driving the limited options now. (P.S. got any pepperoni? )
  9. The Cobra F9 was the final edition with functional rails for getting through turf. I have the Tour model and it is a great club off the deck and from the tee. Subsequent models hollowed out the rails and made them more shallow. The F9 models are now under $200 new and worth checking out.
  10. This is the Golf Style and Accessories forum. People are going to value things differently. Get off your high guitar picking horse and accept the fact that we enjoy our lovely bags whether you approve or not.
  11. PL Blue was my first X flex shaft and it is very user friendly. I think you will do fine with standard tipping. My 3W swing speed is right around 105 and I actually found the Blue to be too high launching and spinning. I switched to the Platinum and it is perfect for me.
  12. It looks like the 902 and 623 irons will be discontinued in favor of the PF series. It is interesting that both of these performed better than the PF-2 in MGS “testing”. I also don’t really like the PF aesthetics, although the reduced offset is a nice upgrade (especially in the cavity back). The 902s hit a sweet spot that suits a lot of golfers and I am surprised that they will be discontinued. Splitting that base into the PF-2 and PF-3 (not yet released) is a big risk. Then again, I am biased: long live the 902!
  13. For me it’s: Driver Cobra F9 Tour 4/5W @ 16* and 42” Ping G400 4H 22* 4i 24* It’s all about finding what makes you feel comfortable and gives you useful gaps. I like the Tour 4W head because it looks more like a hybrid at address, which especially suits my eye when hitting off the deck. The 6* loft difference between wood and hybrid looks weird but that’s just the way she goes.
  14. Not exactly, but I play a Maltby DBM gap wedge with 902 irons. The DBM is identical to the TE except for 1* stronger lofts and different finish. Comparing the 902 PW (46*) to the DBM GW (51*): DBM has noticeably longer blade length and more muted feel. DBM flies higher and straighter. 902 is more workable with much better feel and slightly less forgiveness, but still quite forgiving. Similar sole widths, 902 has a slightly more blunt/rounded leading edge grind. The DBM has significant perimeter weighting on all sides, whereas 902 is more concentrated at the bottom.
  15. I demo'd both at the same time last summer. In the grand scheme of things, they are very similar irons. The Sub70 is just slightly longer heel-to-toe and has a slightly softer, more squishy feel. I went with the NL902 because I preferred the more solid feel at impact, but you can't go wrong either way. Forget about major OEM's, these are every bit as good as any single-piece carbon steel forged CB iron out there. New Level 902 7: there is a pesky blade of grass that makes the offset look large ...zoom in a bit to correct for this. New Level 902 8: New Level 902 6: Sub 70 639CB 6:
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