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  1. I play a UST V2 in my hybrid and love it. I had a ProLaunch Platinum (between Blue and Red profiles) in my previous 3W and may actually try it against the HZRDUS Smoke Black in my current 4W. Huge fan of those shafts.
  2. I have a Maltby DBM Forged as my gap wedge and it is quite long. Worth a look, along with TE Forged (satin). Both are 3.1” blade length, very forgiving, and look a thousand times better than the Golfworks website images.
  3. Well done. All you need now is to remove that white paint fill. (Not really - the white goes with your scheme)
  4. You are in the same ballpark as me and your first guess is a good one. I hit my 16* 4W about 260, and my 22* 4H goes 235. So the low 20’s loft should work out, assuming similarly fit shaft and swing.
  5. Check out Wilson Staff CB and New Level 902. I perceive both to be fairly squat and square-ish. Pluggedingolf has good images of each: https://pluggedingolf.com/wilson-staff-model-cb-irons-review/ https://pluggedingolf.com/new-level-golf-902-irons-review/
  6. I play S400 now but S300 is close enough and would still fit me well enough. I have HZRDUS Smoke Black 70g in 6.0 flex in my 4W and it is great. I tip trimmed an inch more than standard (same with HZRDUS Yellow in driver) for best results for me.
  7. Lots of the more expensive popular grip models (Golf Pride NDMC, all Winn models, for instance) are actually multi-material or feature a proprietary composite surface layer for performance purposes. Those materials and development cycles cost money, and those companies have marketing costs, and consumers pay up if they feel the performance is worthwhile. If you prefer pure rubber, there are a handful of smaller companies that offer less expensive options. I play Royal Grips Perf Wrap ($4) in my woods and irons, and Star Grips Sidewinder ($7) in my wedges. I would put them up against any rubber
  8. I have stopped trying to flight or shape my hybrid - it mostly goes high and straight for me. Not as versatile as an iron but not the worst thing either! You may have a poor-fitting shaft in your hybrid? I feel like my hybrid is fit well for me and I only lose at most 20 yards on reasonable mis-hits. I would echo other suggestions to not tee the ball too high, as these perform better on low face contact than up high.
  9. 1. Woods and hybrids probably not very different, if you are comparing same shaft and length. Choice mostly comes down to appearance and feel. 2. Hybrids almost always go farther than irons of the same loft because they usually have longer, lighter shafts. It might make sense to upgrade your iron set first because the longest iron in your new set may go farther than that of your current set. You will want to choose your target hybrid distance from there.
  10. Agree with these folks. I would say that to my eye the 639 CB has more substantial perimeter weighting, thicker sole, and longer blade length than large OEM players cavity counterparts: TM P7MC, Callaway X Forged CB, Srixon ZX7, Wilson Staff CB, Titleist 620CB. Reports I’ve seen make the Sub70 flavor much more forgiving.
  11. Maltby iron sets have GW in the 50-51* range. I couldn’t get along with blade style head and went with a DBM head in this spot. It’s quite a bit longer heel-to-toe than my New Level 902 irons but I’m pretty flexible. Casual golfers eventually follow trends they see on tour, hence the disappearance of set GWs.
  12. Some companies make a Tour version of their fairway woods and I have found this to be a happy medium. I went this route because I didn’t like hitting a traditional modern large 3W off the deck. This is a Cobra F9 Tour 4/5W at 16* loft and 42” length. It is working out very well.
  13. What made you choose the PF-2 over 902? (Ignoring the combo set you settled on) I have a feeling I would have ended up with a set of PF-2s had they been out when I got my 902s. Anything to lower ball flight would be good for me and specs I’ve seen say the PF-2s are lower launching.
  14. How are these working out? Always curious to hear what other people think of these sticks.
  15. I suspect the V2 would work well. I play Smoke Black 6.0 in my 4W and V2 X in my hybrid. The 6.0 is tipped an extra inch over 3W standard and launches perhaps a tad lower than the V2 (hard to compare with different clubs, just my feeling here) while the V2 feels noticeably softer even in X flex. Another great low cost shaft is Grafalloy ProLaunch Platinum. I played both Blue and Platinum in X flex: Blue spun too much and launched too high, Platinum was perfect mid/mid. I only moved away because I upgraded my fairway wood. So as a fellow player who mixes well with V2 hybrid in X flex,
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