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  1. Tough to do much very far out as AM&E, who does the covers has been shut down Greg
  2. I never saw him on Wednesday but I see did him while he was practicing with the 009 talking with the Odyssey rep so no telling if it was in the bag on Thursday Greg
  3. On the PGA tour Titleist is going to seed drivers to their staff players 1st. Not to say Jim wouldn’t get one but might not be this week Greg
  4. I heard he was going to get one, not sure if it will go in play since he probably hasn't done any prior testing. Greg
  5. I'm not sure. I heard about the gender reveal party causing a fire but never heard where it was located. There's one fire about 75 miles SE of Napa and one about 50 miles N-NE of Napa. Greg
  6. I apologize for the fuzzy photos. They were taken 25 minutes to an hour after sunrise but the smoke and fog made the sky look like it was still night. I'll try to get some better photos later today when he finishes playing. If this stuff doesn't blow out by tomorrow, the 7:20am 1st tee time might not get off on time. Sergio tee'd off at 8am and it was still so dark you couldn't see where the ball was going once it was 10 yards off the tee.
  7. I would if I could but I’m not allowed to handle player’s clubs. These clubs are on an embargo so I can’t get clubs from the truck to photograph. I can only shoot the clubs when they are in a player’s bag. I asked Martin to hold the club so I could shoot it. Wasn’t able to get anything close to an address shot sorry Greg
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