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  1. Well since the Tour has a no inside the ropes policy for media and this policy will continue at least thru March (most likely longer cuz of Covid), I don't see much "range footage"! Greg
  2. Even if that was true, at least at Cobra he’s #2. At TM he’d be like #6 Greg
  3. Look thru the photos from last week. There’s a few photos of his bag Greg
  4. Anyone notice that it looks like there’s only one Cobra Rev 33 iron in Rickie’s bag as of yesterday Greg
  5. Not the same company. Photo-Concept will have their website up in March. Greg
  6. The company’s name is Proto Concept out of Japan. Endo forged Their website should be up an running around March Greg
  7. They are not allowed to publish or share the report, though they can use some of the stats in their ads. Greg
  8. Highly doubt it. No inside the ropes access, not allowed to handle the pro's golf equipment Greg
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