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  1. That's a 1 of 1 and cost a few $1000.00 to make so it may be a while but you never know. Greg
  2. There was a contest to design a new bag to be used this week. That’s the bag that was chosen. I think after this week it will be auctioned off for charity Greg
  3. In my opinion, all black paint fill for a murdered out look and no flange line and that putter would be even more amazing Greg
  4. Can't shoot hand helds and that's not from Brooks. Walk by shots are okay. Greg
  5. Since these are 2 new attempts to get it exactly the way Matt likes it it’s no longer a one off. Greg
  6. The Titleist golf ball rep told me Jordan has switched to the new Pro V1 x ball. First time he’s switched golf balls in 5 years The photo of Michael confirms it
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