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  1. Kenny Harms, Kevin Na’s caddie posted photos for this years Cameron Hula girl cover on his Instagram page Greg
  2. Keeping secrets and not repeating what the players might say around me is why I continue to have the access I have. I appreciate the comments and offers for buying me drinks but I don't drink. Though offers to buy me ammo will get my attention. Thanks and y'all stay safe. Happy New Year! Greg
  3. My guess is the players are happy but I'm sure the agents are always looking cuz that's how they make money. Greg
  4. It will be interesting to see who signs a contract next Greg
  5. Here's his driver and the settings from Friday's Pro-Am Greg
  6. ere's the best shots I could get of Charlie's bag yesterday/. Ask about doing a WITB but was told in a few years. Greg
  7. Joe has left the bag with me, with the putter while he went to lunch so I could shoot the WITB before. That was a long 20 minutes waiting for him to come back Greg
  8. Not sure if y’all are serious?? Orlando is in the Eastern Time zone and no idea what TGC has planned? sorry Greg
  9. Correct. no Tiger today. Suppose to be in the Pro-Am tomorrow at 9 am Greg
  10. Or you could just look at Brendan Steele's WITB here on Golfwrx since the photo that allgolfequiment uses are the photos I took of Steelie's bag at Silverado. Greg
  11. The developer who bought San Luis Rey Downs, owned property near Sacramento (I think) that had wetlands. In order to develop that land they needed to make a wetlands land swap, so they allowed SLR Downs to return to it's natural state. Sad to lose a course and sad that the people who lived above the golf course weren't allowed to buy the course and keep it running as a course. Greg
  12. My father played Golfcraft Continentals woods and irons and was on their staff when he was an assistant at San Luis Rey C.C. (later Downs) in Bonsal, Ca. He was friends with Mr. Woolley and we used to visit the factory in Escondido. I still have his Continental "glass" shaft irons. Greg
  13. Cameron Rep had these, though a lot of the time there are putters that players have returned cuz they're not going to use the putter. Greg
  14. 1 of 1 framed The 30th Ryder Cup Matches @ The Belfry 1993 - Tom Watson, Captain & The 31st Ryder Cup Matches @ Oak Hill 1995 - Lanny Watkins, Captain team posters. No signatures but I put this together, along with the daily results on the plaque. $300.00 each + shipping, packaging & insurance of $100.00 = $400.00 each (both for $750.00) CONUSA Only Ben Hogan Print "The year of the Triple Crown" - U.S. Open at Oakmont - 1953 #634 of 950 $400.00 + shipping, packaging & insurance of $100.00 = $500.00 CONUSA Only Buy all three for $1000.00 Thanks Greg
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