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  1. For Sale Only. Ping Sigma G Tyne H putter 35" Headcover included in excellent condition $100.00 Fourteen C112 9 Degree Driver with Tour issue Oban Kyoshi White 75 Gram X Flex $120.00 will not separate. Great Condition.
  2. What does the counterbalancing do? More weight to slow overactive hands? It started with jack Nicklaus putting weight under his grips to balance the club and help with the release of the club head without the need for hand manipulation. Look at all the new putters that have counterbalance mechanisms as part of the grip. It cost about $30 a club and it does work. These clubs have nearly $1500 into them and are in really good shape.
  3. Don't really want to do that. Best I'll do is reduce to $500 without the counterbalances. New buyer will have to regrip themselves. These sticks were professionally rebuilt. They should be kept intact.
  4. D3 to D4 without the Counterbalance. Looks like 16G weights.
  5. Have a rarely used set of Ping i200 irons 4 thru U wedge. Set was professionally installed Dynamic Gold S400 120 shafts to a 38.25" 5 iron. They have been counterbalanced and have a D1 SW for all the numbered irons with D2 for the wedges. lambkin grips with 2 wraps. $550.00 shipped
  6. [quote name='KDMullins' timestamp='1331662955' post='4499981'] RBZ head sold. Both shafts still available. [/quote] Do the shafts fit into an R11S. Maybe a stupid question.
  7. I have been playing the ONOFF irons for about 3 months now and I love them. Was fortunate to find a set for relatively cheep and had Joe Kwok put in some Shimada shafts in them. They are soft feeling and forgiving. Distances are slightly longer then my previous set but this could be due to the stronger lofts. They are more of a midsize head but not too much offset. I would recommend them.
  8. Can we throw Dan Guerrero into the sale. I don't want him picking the next coach for both football and basketball.
  9. [quote name='magilla97' timestamp='1313372671' post='3485908'] He plays CG7 Tour irons. [/quote] My Bad. They are CG 7 tours. I play Cleveland so I am not trying to knock them.
  10. [quote name='Russ757' timestamp='1313370343' post='3485745'] Well they just won a major... that should help name recognition.... [/quote] He wore the hat but did anyone else notice that Keegan was gaming the Taylor Made MC irons. Sure looked like it with the slow mo in the bunker. I have the CG16 tours and they are nice but spin way too much for me.
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