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  1. Is the Slope System a license agreement between USGA and the course such that the course must be a member of USGA (or local/regional golf association) in order to be part of the handicapping system? It's that way in Canada, where courses that are not members of Golf Canada/provincial golf association do not have legit course and slope ratings and scores made on those courses cannot be posted.
  2. Yes, I understand all of that. However, in the past, even when DMD were not permitted by the Rules (only by Local Rule), the rules of handicapping permitted posting of scores made using DMD. Since nearly every laser DMD now includes "slope" or slope-adjusted yardage, I wonder how many golfers turn it off in casual rounds that are posted for handicap purposes? I would suggest that doesn't happen often, but could be wrong.
  3. Look at that section of the Handicapping Rules. It is a scenario where a player was dq'd from a competition for using slope and hence that score should not be posted. It doesn't sound like a ban on posting scores where slope reading DMD was used, but your reading may be different.
  4. When we're standing on the tee box arranging a game for the day, we never talk about handicap index, only about our course handicap ("handicap") from the tees we will be using. In our "competitions" everyone plays from the same tees, so "handicap" always means course handicap. If I were to say my handicap is 6.2, everyone would look at me wondering what the heck I meant, and someone would ask the obvious, "Thaaat's niiiice, but what's your handicap?"
  5. I thought that I read that "bumping the ball" was permitted by Local Rule at the course he was playing? Of course, adjusting the posted scores for net double bogey is required; if he only posts gross double, that likely results in a lower score posting and potentially a lower handicap. I believe that the Committee in charge of the competition has the authority to assign him a handicap, as opposed to barring him from the tournament? After such handicap assignment, he may choose not to enter.
  6. I'm different, when I ask someone their handicap, I'm referring to their handicap from the tees being played today. I don't really care about their handicap index, and doubt that they could correctly state it. This is a Rules forum - apparently both Rules of golf and rules of handicapping. Both of these sets of rules require specific terminology and definition. In order to be clear, the correct terminology must be used, otherwise confusion abounds.
  7. Not in my opinion. The rules of handicapping provide a resolution for scores to be posted on holes not completed, including not holing out. In the groups that I play with, very few actually hole out in our casual play, even though we' may be competing against others (individually or in groups). Tournament play is a different issue. We concede a few putts because we want can't afford to be accused of slow(er) play and want to get in before the beer runs out!!
  8. I guess we need to be more explicit in our posts - if we mean handicap index, we should say that; if we mean course handicap, we should say that. Just saying handicap doesn't refer to either, imo.
  9. And, as you know, the rules of handicapping cover issues of not finishing the hole (ie, not putting out).
  10. This is not a Rules of golf issue - it's governed by the rules of handicapping. They are two separate sets of "rules", which I'm sure you understand.
  11. Not sure that I understand your statement above? A player's handicap changes between tees based on the course rating, slope and par. Shown below are my handicaps for the various tees on our course, not the difference in handicaps. (I play nearly exclusively from the whites) Tee Rating Slope Par Hdcp Expected score Mens GOLD 73.6 130 72 9 81 Mens BLUE
  12. Agreed, particularly about the required scrutineers. Such educational tools, even the final exams, never have perfect wording.
  13. Glad we're on the same page. BTW, I don't consider the USGA quiz questions/answers to be part of the Rules or an authority on the Rules. Like the mapping summary, they may not be entirely complete or accurate.
  14. This whole discussion started out as being "on the green", and has become focused on your multiple choice question. I maintain that "provided nothing is pressed down" is essentially irrelevant on the putting green. Yes, there are exceptions that cannot be pressed down, but there are things that can be pressed down, so saying "nothing can be pressed down" is incorrect.
  15. But 8.1b(10) permits removing sand and loose soil. I'd be hard-pressed to differentiate removing from pressing down, with, imo, removing over-riding pressing down. Remember, choice a) in your multiple choice question didn't specify sand or loose soil, it said "anything", so, even if your position were correct, it doesn't include all parts of "anything".
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