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  1. This thread needs to end and end now. Because I am becoming tempted!!!!
  2. I would bet BDC will put too much pressure on his long game and will not contend. Never know but sometimes insane length isn't what wins majors. He seems to have some issues as of late with majors and galleries.
  3. I can definitely agree with Happy Gilmore. I don't agree with Animal House. Animal House was a different kind of humor as the humor in it was a bit more developed, maybe a bit juvenile, but a bit more sophisticated. Happy Gilmore and movies like that are stupid humor aimed at the cheap laugh. Sad regarding the lack of respect for nature. Those who treat nature like their personal garbage can are absolute morons who don't deserve this great gift. Hollywood ..... I don't even want to talk about that cesspool. Those of us in our mid 50s also remember a different time and h
  4. I game a TM M3 440cc 9.0° tour issue driver (9.9° actual). I have a Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6S shaft in it. I have not drove this well with a driver since the early 2000s and don't look to replace the M3 anytime soon.
  5. Driver: Taylormade M3 440cc 9.0° (Tour Issue - 9.9° actual) 3 wood: Taylormade M4 small head 15.0° (Tour Issue - 15.1° actual) 5 wood: Taylormade Sim2 Max 19° (Tour Issue - 19.1° actual) I need to keep working on the 5 wood to see if it is staying in the bag. Not sure yet or if I'll go back to my 2 iron hybrid.
  6. Sounds like a change of home course to Collindale is in need!
  7. Then it's a matter of perspective. Can't teleport Jack in his prime to today with advanced equipment or teleport the top, say, 50 players today to play against those pedestrian golfers of the 60s-80s. Bummer since we'll debate about this to the end of days.
  8. If recycling the grip is the goal it probably will not happen with double sided grip tape. That is how I had installed my GripmasterUSA/BestGrips leather slip on grips from 2006 through late last fall. I have never been able to remove one of these grips either with solvent under the underlisting (using solvent and grip removal blade) or with compressed air (up to 100 psi). I now use painters tape to build up what I want and grip solvent. I had used rubber cement along with it but now don't. Then I use compressed air (~50-60 psi) to blow them on. The solvent allows for positioning the sea
  9. Since it was conveyed that the shipment would happen the next day after receiving the money absolutely not. Unless communication was set up prior to the sale that shipment would happen at a later date all purchased items should go out no more than a day. If an unfortunate event happens that may delay shipment the buyer has every right to know about that. Most buyers would be understanding of an unplanned crisis. At the worst case the seller should refund the purchase if they cannot ship the item immediately. I travel for a living and if I sell something that I cannot send immediately du
  10. Really???!!! Let's see, Jack was second in 15 of 19 some fairly talented golfers, certainly a little better pedigree than YE Yang. Jack took second to some decent golfers, in their own right. Arnold Palmer twice (1960 US Open as an amateur, 1964 Masters), Lee Trevino four times (1968 US Open, 1971 US Open, 1972 Open, 1974 PGA), Roberto DeVincenzo (1967 Open), Gary Player (1968 Open), Johnny Miller (1976 Open), Tom, Watson four times (1977 Masters, 1977 Open, 1981 Masters, 1982 US Open), Seve Ballesteros (1979 Open), Hal Sutton (1983 PGA). Jack did take second to Tony Lema (1964 Open),
  11. The term "Hating" is such an overused term these days. Honestly it borders on absolutely ridiculous and irrational. Just because someone doesn't care or like someone or something doesn't mean they hate that person or thing. In my day we used the term hate for a more visceral reaction, not because we don't care for something. Today's social media has moments of being a drama queen on steroids. With regard to Patrick Cantlay, I like that he is all business and focused to be the best at his craft and that he is rather good at golf.
  12. I don't think this is weird. I'm contemplating taking out a wedge and go back to my normal gapping for PW, GW and LW. That would be 13 clubs to me due to not carrying a 3 iron.
  13. Of course I reapplied for 2022 Masters badges. I will always apply for Masters badges as long as the Masters Tournament committee offers this avenue to badges. The email essentially said 2020 ticket holders who weren’t selected for the 2021 Masters would receive their same day badges if they reapply in 2022. It is clearly stated. I guess I don’t know what your missing. “Ticket holders will also be given the opportunity to purchase the same tickets for the 2022 Masters Tournament. To claim 2022 tickets, you must complete a 2022 ticket application at Masters.com during the applica
  14. I’ve got PW, GW, SW and LW (46, 50, 54, 58). Still not sure I need 4 wedges as it has not really provided any benefit I can tell. I may bend the GW back to 52 degrees (as it was originally) and take out the SW to have PW, GW and LW (46, 52, 58).
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