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  1. Looks like there will be some changes with the 14 (no notch, touch ID). I contemplated whether or not to upgrade but phone performance is critical for me. My XS is a warranty replacement and we know refurbished units are sent. To be honest I am not overly impressed with the XS over the 8. My issue with my 8 was battery life as the battery needed replacement. That said, 13 Pro Max it is for me.
  2. My current phone is an iPhone XS and it is seeing the end of it's days. The antenna inside the unit has been performing worse and worse as of the past 6 months and I am near the limit of the storage this phone can take (256G). I use my phone as an iPod (over 12,000 songs on it) and have some movies stored on it, my go to movies, when I fly on business. That said, since my iPhone there have been two models and now the 13 makes a third. I plan on upgrading to the 13 Pro Max and plan on the 1TB option. The best part of this is that I can write much of it off, if not all of it as a business device. Anyone else planning on upgrading and if so, why?
  3. You remember Spock sometimes lost his sense of humor, yes. Maybe I am Mr. Spock.
  4. The MG3 is intriguing to say the least. If my GW doesn't work out I might be looking at a 52 degree MG3 in the off season.
  5. Lost me on the reference. Do you mean I'm logical and the slam job on Cabrera isn't logical?
  6. And what does that matter? What Cabrera did has no effect on me. I fail to see what this has to do with the subject matter.
  7. Whether Cabrera is in jail or not doesn't diminish his talent or the fact he won two majors, almost 3 during Tiger's reign.
  8. My takeaway is still a bit inside, but not as bad as it was earlier this year. Still have work to do on it as this is causing an ever-so-slight over the top move in my swing which I don't like. This is producing a straight to slight fade with my golf shots as of late, instead of a straight to slight draw I was hitting before this year. That said, with the Ventus Blue Velocore 5S (45.75") this was the impact pattern after this morning's range session. After about a dozen balls. This was after 3 dozen balls. The second picture is harder to see towards the toe but the rest is visible. I had one bad swing which I caught on the toe of the driver. It produced a slight draw at my target but about 15 yards shorter than with the center strike drives. Swing speed was low today for some reason, around 93mph - 95mph. I am working on a few things, including takeaway and downswing transition with legs and hips driving the swing.
  9. It's funny you put this picture of Tiger up (2019 Masters). Brooks Keopka was in contention before succumbing to Tiger's steady play and charge. Nicklaus had that ability to psychologically affect golfers into making mistakes as does Tiger Woods. Loved seeing the patience and charge by Tiger during the 2019 Masters.
  10. I, too, love the Scratch 1018 wedges and their straight leading edge. There is something about a straight leading edge that screams hit me!!! I game a 58° DS and a 50° that is bent to 52°. I have a backup 58° DS so this wedge is the odd wedge out. It is for sale.
  11. No, but Jimmy Walker, Danny Willett, Gary Woodland and Shane Lowery did. Keep in mind Angel Cabrera and Zach Johnson did win two majors and aren't slouchs.
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