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  1. Dave didn't place that date, I did when I searched the EDO period. That is the date that came up on the reference I used.
  2. A period of Japanese art from 1615-1868 that inspired Dave Wood to create this finish. Dave refers to this finish as EDO.
  3. Steve, I have found some clubs on eBay. The M43T driver I just picked up was a driver and 3 wood for just under $100. I have sold the 3 wood so the driver is only $59.00. It has mad potential and could be a stunner. At this point I am only looking for drivers that are perfect, specifically MacGregors - 945W, 693 (prefer ultra rare completely solid block) or a pro line MacGregor Ben Hogan. These don't have to be in original unrestored condition but they have to be original condition. There are not many woods these days that I am looking for. I have got pretty much all I want and now want
  4. I just picked up this MacGregor M43T driver. This one is in a bit rough shape but should restore nicely. The driver sits a bit closed so I would have the toe flared out a bit to sit square. Bulge and Roll is about 8 so redoing it to 9x9 would be relatively easy. The insert cavity would have to be altered a but to accommodate the flared toe. This would most likely remove all the beat up wood on the toe part of the face. I am contemplating whether I am going to have this done or move it.
  5. This is most of my collection as of now. There are fairway woods for 1955 MacGregor 945W EOMs and a custom order MacGregor Tommy Armour M43T missing from this picture. The M43T has been restored and is now in the bag since this picture was taken last week.
  6. Just received my 945W EDO finished driver today from Dave Wood. Such a work of art and a dramatic result of a brilliant restoration. Thanks Dave!!!
  7. Can You Deal With It - Duran Duran
  8. Love that EDO effect Tom. I especially love the All-American. I think we've caught Dave on an artistic period that he may not do for a while.
  9. Great to see a Colorado State University alum winning (being that I live in Fort Collins)!
  10. I was a DG S300 player but made the switch to Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff shafts around 2014 when I was 49. These shafts are about 114g so they're lighter but are similar to the S300s. They seem to launch the ball easier, especially in the long irons. The shaft is butt and tip stiff so I get consistency in dispersion yet the shaft is a bit softer mid section so I can torque the shaft. I tried to 105s and it was not a good fit for me but the 120s are absolutely perfect and are still in my bag today and performing very well.
  11. Thorn In My Side - Eurythmics
  12. I played 4 holes at Collindale Golf Club in Fort Collins this morning before I had to leave due to a personal situation I had to attend to. I had not played since August 25th and only have been to the range a couple/three times since. Double edged sword since I have picked up some work as of late. I was 2 over after 4 (double on #2, my nemesis hole). I had par, double, par, par before I had to go. I'll try it again tomorrow morning. Brrrrrrrrrrr.
  13. Children of the Moon - Alan Parsons Project
  14. The Killing Moon - Echo & the Bunnymen
  15. Thanks Steve. This was a set I got dirt cheap about 2 years ago because most of the woods were in really rough shape. There was potential with the driver. I took a chance and Dave worked his magic again. I also had my old gamer 945W restored. I'm not sure you ever saw that one but I think you may have. Here are three pictures of the last persimmon wood I gamed before my 975D.
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