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  1. Definitely. Go with a classic design. MacGregors were the Cadillac of persimmon woods so why not emulate the best.
  2. I am having my DH89 redone with the "Tai effect" done and the finish redone in matte blue oil from the brushed blue oil it is in now. I am also adding stamps to the bumpers and weight of the putter head on the sole. Since I am not selling the putter I am thinking of putting my name on the bumpers. I will have a new shaft put in so I can save the Salty Mid Plus cork grip on the original shaft. I have a never used Neumann calf skin leather wrap (in outstanding condition), a paddle underlisting and grip cap that will go on the putter. I will build up the underlisting a bit.
  3. My DH89 is about to go back to Byron Morgan for a bit of refinement. "Tai effect" to be done and adding some stamps. Probably going when "DH89" on the left bumper and "GSS" on the right bumper. Also the head weight will be added to the outer end of the toe. Sole to remain clean. Then again, since I'm not selling the putter ever I am considering putting my name on the bumpers. If I do I'd have it done like the last picture (not my putter), same font. Hmmmmmm To name or not to name? That is the question.
  4. I started the year playing a Taylormade Tour Preferred ball (2016 model). I am down to my last 3 of these and have started a transition to Taylormade TP5 (2020 models). I picked up 3 dozen TP5 2020 practice balls in AAAAA condition and will use these for the next 2-3 years or so ........ maybe. I could put them in my shag bag and use them for practice as well.
  5. I prefer a putter with around 4:30 - 5:00 toe hang since I have a moderate gate stroke. A putter with toe hang allows me to release the putter naturally leading to my hands being passive. Generally a mallet is face balanced and that seems to go against my gate stroke. Now there are mallets with toe hang but this leads me to a mental issue in that I just cannot stroke this type of mallet, even though there is toe hang to allow release, because of a mental image I have for mallets. My hands seem to become active with mallets even when they shouldn't be. A blade is what my minds sees as natural and what my stroke needs to be fluid and let the hands be passive. If anyone isn't sure, this only proves what kind of head case I really am!
  6. I have been using a 2 Iron Hybrid since the early 2000s so my set composition was driver, 3 wood, 2 hybrid, 3-PW, GW, LW and putter. I tried a 5 wood earlier this year and I wasn't able to get used to it. Maybe I didn't give it enough time but I am comfortable with the 2I Hybrid and happy with the shots I have for this club. So for me the 2I Hybrid will stay as the bridge between the 3 wood and my longest iron (currently a 4 iron at 22°).
  7. To me the 621JT irons look like a modified version of the 620MB. The 621JT definitely has no offset, or maybe very minimal negative offset. Otherwise the head looks very close to the 620MB.
  8. I have three Joe Powell drivers that I got from John after the buyout. I am sending one back to John and have two others, including the one attached the picture of. I have one that looks like a 945 EOM. I am contemplating moving that one and keeping the DSP.
  9. Update: My Taylormade M4 3 wood (small head) is still in my bag and working well. I replaced my Taylormade M3 440cc 9.0 degree (actual 9.9 degree) has been replaced with a Taylormade 300 Mini 11.5 degree driver (set to 10.2 degree). I am still working on the ideal setting and shaft combination but believe I have it set up ideally for me and it is just as long, or longer, than my M3 and easier to hit. Biggest issue is my crappy golf swing right now and correcting a couple of swing flaws. I can't blame the driver and 3 wood for those issues.
  10. Joe Powell Golf made the Titleist woods. I have a Joe Powell driver that has to the very same insert as these. Here is my Joe Powell DSP tour made driver as reference. The font of the sole stamp is the same font.
  11. I asked for this long neck. I don't like plumber's necks. Too many angles to my liking. A friend had a putter like this at an outing I was at back in 2014 and I really liked it. Byron made the putter how I asked from flow neck, shaft offset, stamps and finish. I would say the biggest differentiator between Cameron and Morgan is the accessibility of Byron Morgan. Then again I can understand with Cameron and not having the masses having direct access to him. Scotty Cameron is a brand onto itself, figuratively and literally. I do say that I like the old Cherry Dots, like Tiger's. This was done for weighting not looks and it took off because, well, it was Tiger Woods. I do think the Cherry Dots and Circle T has become too much. I also like the old Circle T putters when they were stamped and were done for actual tour made putters. Thank TCC and a few high end, high volume collectors for having the Circle T craze go nuts. Personally I would rather have a Circle L putter.
  12. Not everyone who says Cameron copied Karsten Solheim or TP Mills is a hater. This is the most over used term on the internet. Ridiculous is what it is. The fact is that Cameron did many of his redesigns from these two great designers, so did a lot of other companies and small putter makers. Solheim was probably the greatest innovator of putters in the putter design arena, by far. That said, I don't hold it against Cameron to add his design elements to the Anser, TP Mills One, or Kia Ma's mallet design. Good for Cameron and good for any other company who did this as well. With regards to a Cameron redesign, I think the American Classic VII (the intended Inspired by Phil Mickelson that never happened) is one of the best works he did and a putter that I can certainly appreciate. I have owned an original 8813 putter and believe Cameron's version is simply stellar. That said some of Cameron's inspiration comes from other sources, like Leica Cameras (as it is rumored). Who cares, Cameron designs putters, Byron Morgan designs putters, Tyson Lamb designs putters, Bob Bettinardi designs putters, as do a lot of other companies. Good for all of them. At the end of the day people should buy what makes them happy and play golf.
  13. Like this one? .... Of course I wanted something to acknowledge this was made by Byron Morgan. I am sending my DH89 back to Byron to add "DH89" and "GSS" on the bumpers and have the top line rolled. I might add the head weight on the toe (end), This putter is at 352g at the moment. But getting back to what you were saying, Byron leaves the stamping to the buyer and I originally chose minimalist.
  14. The difference is that unless you're a top touring pro or top ranked amateur you cannot pick your markings or stamps on a putter from Cameron. With Byron Morgan it is the buyer who chooses what markings or stamps Byron puts on. Byron offers a putter and lets the buyer choose everything about a putter from specs, weld necks and marks and stamps. Not fair to lump Byron in this category without acknowledging this.
  15. Was this the inspiration for the 3 red cherry dots?
  16. The putter is authentic. I can't tell if the face is original or not based on this picture. It appears that the face has a circular milling pattern but this could be the angle in which the picture was taken. The original finish should be a fly milled pattern across the face (from end to end). A close up picture of the face would be helpful. The finish is appropriate (Oil Can). If this putter was restored I would bet BOS Golf did the finish as the Oil Can is spot on. My guess is that this putter is in original condition and is in absolutely outstanding condition. The head cover is not original to the putter. These had simple black Art of Putters head covers that were from the late 90s.
  17. I can agree with that. Like I said, to each their own. If a person is happy with what they are able to obtain and use then all the better.
  18. Maybe but it's a well engineered watch.
  19. The course should have sent a marshal to the tee box and let the group coming in know there is a delay. This way the marshal can take the flack for this and diffuse the situation before these idiots started to think of stupid ideas like hitting into the wedding party. Good grief, it is just a game and a slight delay isn't going to hurt anyone. Many people are all to into themselves to he genuinely happy for someone on their wedding day.
  20. Maybe for some, but not for others. I can see a custom putter being in the very low 4 figures depending on what is done, what material and the time it takes to produce it. I am meaning between $1,000 and maybe $1250. Anything more than that I will leave to others. To each their own is what I believe. Look at it this way, someone can buy a Timex, Seiko, Casio wrist watch and it keeps great time and will last a long time. Others may prefer a Rolex sport watch (like a GMT II or Submariner). While the Rolex keeping time isn't quite as accurate as the more inexpensive watches previously mentioned, how it is built and designed suites some people and there are some who love the status. Who's to say what that is except for the person who buys it. To each their own. Then again I have never purchased a putter for 4 figures, even very low 4 figures. Watches .... well, that is another story and I am not into status.
  21. Hopefully we will play golf together before that. That might be the year that my wife and I move down south where we can escape the snow for good. Texas, namely the Houston area, doesn't have as good a regional community as the Colorado golf community. This group, by far, is the most active group of all the regional groups.
  22. I prefer an iron number as opposed to loft. The exception are the wedges (GW, SW, LW) which loft numbers are fine. I bend my irons to a specific loft and gap them by 4 degrees. I know what the lofts are from my 4 iron through LW and know how far I hit my stock shots for each one. For me it is just easier to pick a number than to look at the loft then figure how far I hit that club. Of course if it were the other way around I would have adapted to loft than number. As it is, iron numbers are what I am used to and what I prefer.
  23. Weir also used a Cameron putter. A limited edition came out to commemorate the win.
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