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  1. Personally I like a golfer who can do this when executing a great shot. I don't see it as a sign of arrogance at all. I see it as a total self acknowledgement of a shot struck well.
  2. I'm not coordinated enough to do that. LOL
  3. Lol, I never said that. Just that the cost of playing golf in Colorado IS getting ridiculously high. I have little idea of the cost in Florida. I’ll keep that a secret when I find out. I complained about the weather. No secret about that.
  4. Agreed. I'll take advantage of Fort Collins golf while I am able. Might be switching locales to a warmer environment later this summer. Golf isn't cheap where I am thinking of moving to but I can play year round on growing grass. AND, the Colorado WRX region group is by far the best out of all of them. The Florida WRX groups ..... not so much.
  5. The finishes back in the 50s were a glaze type finish, not a stain. While the original finishes were lustrous, they didn't allow the grain of the wood to show. One difference Dave Wood does that most restoration people don't is that he uses a fine wood engraving tool to bring out the stampings if needed. He has done this for many years and it helps that he has such a steady hand. He made the driver pictured below for Bernhard Langer to commemorate the 1993 Masters victory. Sorry for the low detailed image. It is the best I could find but I assure everyone the detail is incredible. The fine engraving technique eliminates the removal of wood around the stamping that picking often does. This produces cleaner and crisper stampings, as evident with this M43. I am to the point that I have maybe one or two woods I really desire to complete my collection. Either they will have perfect crown and sole stampings or very. very close to it. I know Dave will be able to bring that wood to top tier. I will have the fairway woods for both sets restored next year.
  6. I don't think Dave takes on many new clients either. I know he is wanting to taper down his work load. I am thankful I am a client that he will take work from. I am even more thankful he has become a friend of mine.
  7. I just received a few pictures from Dave for the restored M43 driver. I cannot say how amazed I am with the work Dave does.
  8. I just received a few pictures of the restored 693 driver. The sole plate was replaced and some metal needed to be added. While the added material is evident, the plate is better than the original and has deep stampings. The white scoring lines was Dave's decision and really showcases the driver and stain color so very well.
  9. This is my golf bag. I’m so glad to have it.
  10. Better iron play, more accurate approach shots into the greens. More GIR. No plans to purchase any equipment. No plans as usual due to frequent travel. Going to The Masters for a Tuesday practice round. Will play in the Atlanta area on the Monday the day before.
  11. My wife and are possibly moving to Palm Coast this summer. I am looking for a place to play but am not sure I want to join a club, although that is something I might consider after a year or so after settling down. What are the recommended golf in the immediate area. I know Jacksonville and Orlando are a little more than an hour away so I am looking to keep my golf local between St. Augustine and Daytona. Thanks in advance.
  12. I agree, great MacGregor blocks are showing up on a regular basis. Some can be obtained for a really decent price while others are commanding a higher price. I picked up a couple of great sets of MacGregors in original condition this past October on eBay. The set of 693s is a full set and the M43s are a set of 1-3. Both drivers are being restored by Dave Wood right now and he has told me they are outstanding and top tier. Patience is needed these days in finding great MacGregors. I have often taken a chance on some of my woods and so far have had every one pay off with restoration to where they turned out outstanding. I just love finding woods that have been neglected only to return them to top tier restored glory.
  13. Tom, this '52 M85TW is simply terrific. Bigger block head than a standard M85W and no lead under the plate. It is definitely one of the corner stone pieces in my collection and completes my quest for M85Ws. While I don't have a deep face/big block M85W like you do, I believe my trio of M85Ws stacks up against anyone's. Now if I could only find a corner stone 1954-1955 945W driver!
  14. I think you're right. I meant BeNi. My mistake.
  15. This is my Byron Morgan Epic Day putter. It’s about 350g and is such a terrific putter. What I love about this style is the release of the toe through impact. This one will never leave me and is one of the two Byron Morgan putters I game. The other is a DH89, an Anser style, in the classic shape of a Scottsdale Anser with the same long pipe neck as my Epic Day.
  16. The Ping Zing was made in Manganese Bronze only. The Zing 2 was made in manganese bronze, beryllium copper and stainless steel.
  17. The commercial and the acting didn’t have to be spot on 100% accurate to be hilarious. Kudos to TM and the playing staff for the reenactment. This was a nice Merry Christmas wish. The expressions from Collin Morikawa and Sergio Garcia were priceless. On a side note, my wife and I inherited a Leg Lamp from our former neighbors when they moved. We proudly display it out one of the bedroom windows during the Christmas season. Why wouldn’t we? It’s a major award!
  18. Before making a change try to choke down 1/2 inch to get a general feel how the driver swings. There’s no law that says we have to grip clubs all the way to the end of the grip.
  19. There have been 693s with 10 grooves made from the early 50s. These were the rare 693 big block drivers, a Unicorn of sorts. There was also a run of 693s made back in 1982/1983, not sure about 1984. A sure tell is the butterfly sole plate on the 80s reproductions. The 10 screw in the picture from @tstephen is the Unicorn 693. He’s got a great collection.
  20. Welcome to the persimmon wood craze. What makes the MacGregor woods of the 40s and 50s highly sought after is the old growth persimmon blocks and the unparalleled craftsmanship of these woods. Old growth persimmon is harder than younger persimmon. In the late 50s and early 60s old growth persimmon was harder to come by. The classic lines of the early to mid 50s pro line woods not only produced beautiful woods but the design was nearly perfect for form and function. Is is why the 693s, 945s, M85s and M43s of the 50s were played until the end of the persimmon days. The only two companies that made a ripple in the persimmon wood era of the 80s and early 90s was Wood Brothers and Cleveland Classics. I believe Wood Brothers made a series of woods as close to the 50s MacGregors in terms of quality of craftsmanship and quality of persimmon. While the woods made for NCW (Tad Moore) appear to be nicely made, the persimmon blocks simply don’t compare to the old growth blocks MacGregor used.
  21. Strike it level or just before level. This will impart backspin which helps the balls off persimmon woods get airborne. My ball strikes were always pretty much at the bottom of my swing, so level.
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