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  1. Chris, how far is 7i going? Love the swing by the way. Congrats on the weight loss.
  2. Just wanted to wish you best of luck. Thank you for sharing your story with us the past few years. I’m sure it was a difficult decision. But i’m equally sure you will find success in whatever career you choose. Congrats on being brave enough to make the attempt!
  3. I’m kind of surprises your handicap is 13 with so many good scores. The handicap as you know is a reflection of potential rather than actual score average. I don’t know what the particulars of your course are however. I do know that I would be encouraged by the low scores rather than frustrated by the high scores as I think you can knock out the high scores with practice. You keep shooting half your scores in low 80s and you will be single digit soon!
  4. Tour tempo John is a great guy and very knowledgeable. By the way the frame counter app is like $2 so you can record your own swing and see if your tempo is getting off without waiting for the analysis.
  5. I don’t think of them as similar at all. D4d is way way way longer than efficient swing. It’s almost impossible for me to conceive that there wouldn’t be something for everyone in D4D, regardless of how many lessons they have had, how many other videos they own etc etc. D4d is an insane bargain. Efficient swing is crazy good bargain, but just different presentation.
  6. I have the prizm. I wish I had gotten prizm dark. Not dark enough in afternoon but certainly helps in late afternoon. I’ve also got Maui jim. I’ve also got ray ban. For me I have a more pronounced 3d effect with ray ban but too dark. The Maui jim is good. I like the Oakley’s best for following ball flight in sky. I actually think Maui Jim better for slight subtleties in green but by a whisker. I normally don’t hit the putt that precisely so the nuance is lost on me. :)
  7. Good luck tomorrow Monte! Still pulling hard for you!
  8. > @MonteScheinblum said: > What a novel idea :smiley: > > and it’s a better wind shot. I know i have heard this somewhere before. Perhaps more than once.
  9. Could you link the model you use and a picture of how you use it?
  10. > @Fireballer said: > Ive never been a big video guy, but I think Im gonna pull the trigger on one of Montes videos with the Memorial Day sale. For those that have both, do I go D4D, or efficient swing? Isnt D4D basically a full swing video? It depends on what you are looking to get out of it, and how you learn I think you can’t go wrong with either. If you aren’t already a very highly skilled player, i think efficient swing is an excellent start. But in terms of value, hard to say D4D isn’t better (it’s way longer). Both are incredible values however. I would say even one key
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