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  1. That’s what I remember too
  2. You can't buy a putter from the custom shop anyways
  3. Oh yes, the good ol' internet troll argument. Nice try and very classy commentary. Cameron gets the comments he gets because of his own doing. Hello old Friend Scotty has always acknowledged TP Mills and Karsten was inspiration for much of what he did. But it is never enough for some people, they will always hate. They will have stories of how Scotty has wronged them or their friends. Every story has 2 sides and people will choose to believe what they want. Some people call Scotty Xexor as if it is some kind of derogatory name. The name comes from Scottys early names on tour. In the late 80's and early 90's cast Ping putters dominated to PGA tour. Scotty was out there trying to get players to try milled carbon steel putter heads. Many people believe the carbon steel has a more consistent feel and performance when compared to cast. Owing to the fact that cast putter heads sometimes contain air pockets that effect feel and performance. Tour players would give their cast gamer to Scotty and ask him to copy the putter in the new milled carbon steel he was pushing. The nickname Mr. Xerox came from the players on the PGA tour. I don't know how he personally feels about the nickname. As to the headcover if you look at it you can see there are differences if you want to. If you look at the world through colored glasses it is a GD exact duplicate. How dare he.
  4. They say all publicity is good. Good for Sean and good for Scotty. People have been hating on Scotty for a long time and he just keeps rolling along. I guess he doesn't need any internet trolls approval to do what he does.
  5. Pretty interesting. I have never seen that weight kit before
  6. Ok nice thanks. I'm wanting to see the new Futura line. Any idea what time of year they release these usually? Early spring
  7. If eBay doesn't suspend the Seller they are not doing their job. 3 times this guy has done this !! IF Ebay suspends the seller they will be losing money. Ain't going to happen
  8. Sunday, October 14th at Rustic Glen Golf Club www.rusticglen.com Home of the Midwest Cameron Crazies Your all invited 10:30 AM Shotgun start The TCC Pink Ribbon Challenge is an event with an open invitation to everyone to come out and support the Pink Ribbon. Members from across the world will gather all month long for a day of friendship, fun and golf during Breast cancer Awareness month, October. There will be events different days all month long. There will be a Cameron putter sold with a special headcover to help raise funds. All the profits will be donated to the Val Skinner Foundation. http://valskinnerfoundation.org/pdf/2015LIFE-PreRls.pdf COST: $60 includes Golf and Cart, Lunch and Prizes and a donation for the Pink Ribbon Send me a message if you have questions or are interested in coming. We play individual golf. There is no prize for first place, no pressure to perform. We do a blind draw to make up 2 teams and the bet is always an autographed $5 US or Canadian bill.
  9. The great thing about the game of golf is you don't have to be good to have fun. You already proved that. I see lots of golfers that get better and it doesn't look like there having any more fun than when they were hackers. Part of the "fun" of golf is being able to laugh at your bad shots. More to laugh about when your bad. my 2 cents
  10. I have a group on FB TCC pink ribbon challenge I will have 2018 info on there soon
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