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  1. I got tired of having 3 or 4 gloves hanging off my bag trying to dry when playing. I know this sounds weird, but I don't wear a glove anymore. I've got GP cp2's on my woods and Lamkin rel ace on my irons and they both work well. What I do use is a rosin bag. For me this is a better solution.
  2. There are many at my course that love them (from scratch to whatever), I am not one of them. To me they feel terrible. This is why you really need to try them for yourself before you make that decision.
  3. Funny how what is junk for one is gold for another. I played I20's for several years and they were wonderful, like lasers at the pins. Being the d*****s I am I sold them. Haven't found anything since as good for me. Ah well, welcome to Golfwrx!
  4. I am also 70+ and have tried many GI irons. The attraction is to keep your long irons useful, but the trade off is less control on your short irons. I view that as a bad trade off, they call them scoring clubs for a reason. To me, the reality is I've just had to say goodbye to my long irons and move into the world of many headcovers. Whether it's hybrids or fairway woods is user dependent.
  5. I compared the sand wedge to my Vokey sm7 56F. Both are really nice out of the sand. The Vokey was better around the green but the JPX was better for those touchy feely shots pf 30-60 yds from the fairway. I seem to have a lot of those so the JPX wins. I just got the JPX 60 and it's really easy to hit. I've not played a 60 for years but this one is money.
  6. callaway xr16 w/fujikura evolution shaft - we are BFF
  7. 919 Hot metals up north and AP1's down south in the winter
  8. Another vote for the 7wd, Tried many hybrids and the 7wd for me is just more versitile and consistent.
  9. Who remembers the pod:
  10. Perfect Practice putting mat and new 60* wedge
  11. I've played this spring with 2 wedges and just went back to 3. I just found it easier for me to rely on the 3rd wedge instead of massaging a shot with one of the other 2.
  12. My i20 irons, really miss them.
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