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  1. try the big bertha awsome hybrids great shaft too!!
  2. Clubs, balls all that jazz is tough to make a perfect test, so saying his test is flawed is like saying the sky is blue. We know the honest real answer, its an impossible task, but the fact that OP tried something to validate his opinion is worth more than some people that come in here and just blast away without doing their own test and validate their own opinion. Personally I appreciate other peoples opinion because sometimes...you learn something new..... who knew the world was round....for years it was flat....and the universe doesnt revolve around earth? I thought it did.... who would
  3. anyone compare the vice pro to the snell ?? any diffrence?
  4. i might have to try the b330 black box ... i agree for some reason i alson get better results with ball not meant for me my SS is low to mid 90's and lower compression balls for some reason dont go as far as the ones that are not meant for me . weird i guess ill go try the b330 see what happens.
  5. topflite d2 feel /distance great balls for the price
  6. nice review !! might need to invest in some i play the cs 16 but if these are longer there ill gladly try them . and the neon lime looks really cool!!
  7. i tried switching to a non urethane golf ball like e6 ,topflite gamers and d2 series callaway ss and many others . and even though they do go a little straighter not much i find i still lose strokes around the greens with the balls rolling off or chipping to far , i feel not confident when chipping with a non urethane ball so im back to srixon xv just my though on the matter ..... i still suck by the way!! :fool:
  8. how do the 50 compare to the SS?? as far as distance?
  9. anyone play these 2 balls ?? does one outperform one or the other any feedback would be helpfull..
  10. just got a dozen of the rush gonna put them up against my topflite d2 feel!!
  11. I play the TF d2 feel great ball but intrested in the PInnacle rush anyone compare the 2??
  12. I got M2 and was struggling with it at first ,then cut 1inch off grip end and BAM!! Long straighter bombs!!!
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