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  1. That’s a beaut! That’s the version I was looking for but couldn’t find any.
  2. Well, QB6 it is. Found a good deal on one so it’s headed my way. I’m a big fan of putters with deep back flanges. These are still on my radar, Mizuno M Craft Type IV Taylormade Patina Del Monte SS EVNRoll 2 and 3 Cleveland Frontline 8.0 Going to keep my eye out for deal on one of those.
  3. I was always told 1.25”
  4. I zeroed mine out putting the scratch line on zero. To do that I had to adjust the gold weight to get it spot on. It doesn’t move freely, had to use a little force to get it to move but at least now it’s calibrated.
  5. Whoa...I’ve got some heavy swingweights... ...oh and the gold weight is moveable. I think that it’s made to move to counter different set ups. So you move it instead of adding lead tape.
  6. Thank you so much for sharing how to zero out and all info...much appreciated.
  7. Hello, So I’ve had this il’ swingweight scale I purchased years ago used. It didn’t come with a manual as it’s pretty straightforward to use but... I have always wondered if the measuring point is the end of the weight or the “scratch” on it. Here is a picture. Is it a D2 or D3? Yes I know...who cares about one SW point but this is merely out of boredom and curiosity. Also, the weight looks that it has shifted a bit. Is this normal?
  8. Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated.
  9. F2 on my Low Tide played at 35”. There’s a “bit” of tungsten powder in the shaft. I like heavier feeling putters.
  10. Hi gents, Anyone out there have experience with these two putters? Im curious to know which of these two has the longest back flange. Also, which did you prefer and why? Thanks in advance, Coheed
  11. I also think the type of swinger plays a big role. I’m digger and play on medium to firm conditions. If you’re a sweeper or play on soft conditions; you might be safe.
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