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  1. I play a Maverick 11 wood which is 25 degrees then go to a 7 wood which is 21. Love the 11 it is my 180 club also works well out of the rough.
  2. I think the MMT is a stock option on the P770
  3. I just hit the P770 with MMT shaft and I bought it after hitting about 10 balls. Higher launch and spin with about the same distance (maybe 2-3 yards shorter). I picked up a 1000 RPMs and 1.5 degrees on the launch. It was one of the bast shaft head combos I have ever hit. Cant wait till they come in.
  4. Callaway 11 wood 25 degrees ... been playing them for years! Goes 180 yards, High launch easy to hit. Current version is Mavrik ... wish they made a 13 wood LOL
  5. Just switched from EF to MAV. Found the Mavrik easier to launch on the SIM ball flight seems 10% higher launch. Shaft is the stock evenflow riptide REG works great - high launch without ballooning. Another plus is the color ... I like the orange better than the lime green.
  6. Tested all of the Mavs against my Ping G410 plus. Ping was the same distance and way more forgiving.
  7. I go from Apex 6 iron - 165 Callaway 11 Wood - 180 Callaway 7 wood - 195 Callaway 5 wood - 210
  8. Played a few rounds .... love this shaft ... thinking about getting the red for my fairways.
  9. I just did a driver fitting at club champion and ended up with the best numbers from the C6 blue. I have average swing speed 90 MPH for driver and this shaft seemed like the perfect balance between easy to load with good control. Head was Ping SFT G410 - Helps with my block right miss. I just got it deliver and will report back when I get it on the course next week.
  10. They are TT Elevate 95 Reg You are good to go with those shafts. PUREing will do nothing but make your wallet lighter! Thanks for all of your thoughts!
  11. Thanks all. I am going to have all of the swing weights measured then play them for a while and see what I like. Then have them adjusted. I will probably pass on the pureing.
  12. I had a driver fitting at club Champion and had a chance to measure the swing weights of a few of my irons. My 6 iron was D4 and my 9 iron was D2. The club fitter suggested retooling all of the irons so they are consistent at D2 and Pureing them at the same time. So my question is are the swing weight differences a big deal and should i go through the expense of getting them fixed?
  13. I was able to hit the Alta CB but not the Tensei ... I am putting off buying anything until my local shop gets the tensei in the fitting cart.
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