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  1. I went thru a dealer. I would go with 303milled or Infamous Shank. Im sure there are others, but those are the 2 I am familiar with. g luck. Thanks! I went with Jimmy at 303. Great communication so far. Much better than the last Machine I ordered in 2015. Thank you !
  2. Another custom Machine before paint was added to the site line.
  3. Couple new Megalodon's and some Medallions headed my way.
  4. Any interest in a Bettinardi as trade bait for the machine ? Jimmy
  5. Which eBay seller was suspended ? Jimmy
  6. wow.....thought for sure you would of received your refund by now Irishgolfer14. My name is mentioned above and I would like to say I had nothing to do with this transaction. Jimmy
  7. Tyson if your reading this thread. I need a Gretzky headcover ?
  8. The cover is real they were a bunch of them 500 plus all Made in China
  9. Hi- I have several size 35" House of Fleming Belts available that I've sadly outgrown. All belts are 1.5" width and have been worn sparingly. Hope someone here can use these beautiful high quality belts. Pricing is listed in order of the belts pictured. Straps are all size 35" and 1.5" in width. Prices include shipping in the CONUS Python $175 Python Purple Belly Cut $200 SOLD ! Python Baby/TIFF Blue $175 Black Polished Stingray $150 Yellow Polished Stingray $150 Black Lizard Red Stitch $100 SOLD ! Two Tone American Alligator $350 Predator American Alligator $450 (Skin chan
  10. Does anyone know the actual head weight on the NP2 DB ? Thanks in advance ! Jimmy
  11. I appreciate the comments :) Jimmy
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