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  1. Making the trip to Golden Ocala Golf Club in a couple of weeks to play a 4 ball event...haven't been there before but understand they just went thru a course renovation. If anyone has any pics/reviews of the course (specifically post reno) I'd love to see/read them. Thank you!
  2. Picked up my Blueprints from the builder today w/ the Steelfiber 110 S installed... He put in the heaviest tip weights he had but couldn’t get the swingweight back to where I had them w/ the PX LZ 6.0s...so he added some lead tape, not a big deal. Took them to the course & played 18 as well as putting in some range time...I really like them. They feel better to me & I was hitting every iron very solidly. Didn’t notice any real yardage difference and ball flight was pretty similar...maybe slightly higher...although that could be due to the lead tape placement (it
  3. Thank you to all for the replies/thoughts/etc...I went & hit the i110 S & found them to be very similar #s to the PX LZ 6.0 so I'm going to have them installed in my Blueprints and give them a go. I'll post my thoughts on them after they're installed and I get a chance to play them.
  4. I’m a + handicap 39 year old currently playing PX LX 6.0s in my Ping Blueprints (4-PW) & also in my Ping wedges. My average driver SS is 105-108 mph. I’ve been thinking about going to a lighter shaft to hit the ball a little higher & maybe gain a few yards. I hit a demo club the other day that had the Aerotech Steelfiber 110 S in it & it felt really good (indoors & no launch monitor). Now I’m wondering what I could expect as far as differences between these 2 shafts? Pros/cons/differences/etc? Any & all info/thoughts would be greatly appreciated
  5. Brand new in box pair of Jordan Trainer ST G white/black size 11.5 $450 shipped
  6. So how would the IO compare to the LZ...besides it being a little lighter?
  7. Can anyone tell me how the Jordan golf 6 fits in comparison to some of the other releases? I haven’t had/tried on the 6 & trying to figure out what size I’d need... From my personal experience, I’m the same size is the ST G Trainers, 11s & 3. I’m a half size smaller in the 5s & 13s & I could probably size up 1/2 size in the 9s. Thanks!
  8. Jordan Trainer ST Golf, white/black, size 11.5, new in box. $400 OBO shipped usps priority.Nike Lunar Command 2, white/black, size 11 wide, new in box. $100 OBO shipped usps priority.Nike FI Flex, white/black, size 11.5, new in box. $75 OBO shipped usps priority.Tensei Orange, 60x, Ping g410 adapter (left handed), built to play 45.25” by WRX dept. Ping 5L round grip w/ 2 extra wraps (3 total)...hit maybe a dozen balls. $95 OBO shipped usps priority.Oklahoma State stand bag by Team Effort, brand new. $125 OBO + actual shipping cost.
  9. Good morning and thank you for the reply... Yes, I've been trying to move the ball up a little in my stance...I think it's helped but I do feel like I'm reaching for it a little. I've decided to give the Ventus Black 6X a try...can't wait to get it.
  10. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. I have a steep angle of attack (1-1.5*) so even though my SS hovers between 108/110, reducing spin is paramount. My current setup is the Ping G 400 LST 8.5* in the big minus... Based on my research & feedback I’ve got from a couple of people I think the Ventus Black would be a good fit for my Ping G 410 LST 9* head...I’m just debating between the 6 X & the 7 X. Maybe even tip the 6 X a little? I’d like to get a little more speed from the lighter weight 6 but I don’t want to add spin to do it.
  11. I would also like to demo the Ventus Black 6/7 X shaft in my Ping G 410 LST...if anyone can help me out I’d appreciate it. i have the Fujikura Tour Spec Atmos Black 7 X in my Ping G 400 LST which gives me good numbers...so I’m thinking the Ventus Black would work for me as well.
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